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We will generate an identifier for this test. The easiest check to determine which you have is to look at the size of the ZIP archive. Year of Birth AD: The modern name of the most specific location where your ancestor was born. If you are only certain of a new world country, please use it. Check that the map pin corresponds to the correct region before submitting the form. Any additional information you would like to share publicly about the known ancestry of this tester.

Dropbox users please ensure the download link ends with a 1 instead of 0.

The Big Tree. Alex Williamson The data for this tree come from NGS sources including the BigY test at FamilyTreeDNA, the various tests at FullGenomes as.

This allows the file to be directly downloaded. If the file size is larger or you are experiencing connection time-outs, please use a shared link from a service such as Dropbox or Google Drive. Both of these services offer free online storage for files up 2GB. Many testing vendors also offer a sharing URL that can be pasted into the shared link. As the legal owner of this data, or their proxy, I agree that this data can be used as per the Data Policy shown below.

Submit Data Policy This policy was created to balance the rights and privacy of individuals, with the benefit to the whole community of gathering information for their research projects.

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We have tried to ensure the safety and privacy of any personal data, including data likely to have significant medical relevance, or which can identify a specific person. At the same time, we have tried to retain enough information that test results are useful for research, meaningful for close matches and can be cross-referenced against information on other sites.

The following is the Policy agreed to on upload of data, between Submitters of that data genetic testers or their designated proxies and the Project.

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The Project is defined as those persons with administrative access to the data archive, or successors thereof. Submitters give the Project free license to analyse the genetic and ancestral data they submit, and publicly release semi-anonymized, filtered analyses of that data, and any associated meta-data found in the public domain.

Released genetic data is to be limited to calls assigned to the Y-chromosome. Raw DNA sequencing data e.

Tests are publicly identified by the meta-data supplied on submission, i. Project members may request that public reports anonymize all or part of this information to an internal project identifier instead.

Such requests should be made by e-mail before submission to prevent public release of information. Submitters or legal data owners have the right to request that their raw data is removed from the data analysis at any time. However, since we release a reduced set of data into the public domain, we cannot guarantee these data are removed from external sites once the kit has been analyzed.

The Project may contact Submitters about specific queries regarding their data, using the e-mail address supplied on submission. Sharing of e-mail addresses with any third parties will only be done with Submitters' consent. Minor updates to this agreement may be necessary, e. As of 19 October , the list of project administrators is:

We will generate an identifier for this test. The easiest check to determine which you have is to look at the size of the ZIP archive.

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YSEQ Group If you are R-DF21/ S and have tested...
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YSEQ Group If you are R-L/ S and have tested...
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Alex Williamson Somehow Allowed To Speak to Famous People

12 Feb The results of these new Big Y tests...

{REPLACEMENT-(Зайцев.нет)-(web-climat.ru)}This is a large table, currently supported only in Google Chrome. Full report condensed version showing the individual calls made for each SNP in each test comma-separated variable format. This is a larger file than most spreadsheet packages can open. Newer post circa versions of Excel and Gnumerics should work.

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