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How To Put On & Hang Up Your Uniform

We have three main types of uniform construction: Washable/Ultra-Light ($), Lightweight ($$), and Traditional ($$$). These three constructions each have their.

Current Director In , Dr. In March of , Dr. Percussion Instructor Dr. Jon Weber is instructor of percussion at the Michigan State University College of Music, where he teaches applied percussion lessons, percussion ensemble, salsa band, and the award-winning Michigan State Drumline. He has held this position since The percussion ensemble, with Weber as co-director, was selected to perform at the Percussive Arts Society International Convention. He has presented clinics throughout the United States, and in the summer of presented clinics and a recital in Colombia.

He is the percussionist for the world fusion group The Nomads and served as a percussionist for various salsa and fusion bands. In , he founded the Michigan State University salsa band, Salsa Verde, which performs throughout Michigan; he still directs and performs in this ensemble.

He currently plays drumset with the Michigan salsa band Orquesta Ritmo. Weber taught the Michigan All-State percussion program at Interlochen from — He has also taught percussion and the drumline at Oklahoma State University. University and NBA Drumlines have performed his percussion arrangements and compositions throughout the United States, and in — he arranged the front ensemble music for NorthCoast Academy. Instructors and Graduate Assistants Working directly under the director are graduate assistants and various instructors.

Instructors are typically paid positions and their duties include visual, colorguard and percussion. He has instructed the band since The position of visual assistant is held by long time instructor Jon Schwarz, an alum and former trumpet section leader.

He has instructed since Graduate assistants are graduate students from the MSU College of Music who arrange music, design drill, rehearse music, and teach on the field in preparation for halftime and pregame shows.

Administratively, graduate assistants conduct challenges and auditions. Drum Major s Drum Major Ian McNabb performing the traditional drum major backbend during pregame Typically, the Spartan Marching Band has only one drum major for the entire ensemble. However, in years when the drum major is a graduating senior there are two, allowing the new drum major to have one season of apprenticeship.

Auditioning for drum major requires attending instructional sessions by the current drum major, culminating in a one-day event with the director making the final selection.

The drum major and band president are the top ranking student leaders in the organization. Gameday responsibilities include leading the pregame show and performing a backbend, a hallmark of the Spartan Marching band. The longest running, and most well known, to hold this position is legendary broadcaster Tim Skubick: In , following the regular season, Skubick stepped down from the role.

Peter left after just one year to pursue a job in broadcasting out-of-state. From through , Radio broadcaster Tim Kiesling was the Voice of the band. In Peter Clay, TV and radio broadcaster and former Tuba in the band, returned to the role and is the current voice of the band. This practice is open to the public and is a great way for those who cannot attend the football game to see that week's marching band show live.

That said, with a noon game, early morning rehearsal can be just that; early. Concert on Adams Field Before all home games the band performs a free concert on Walter Adams Field formerly Landon Field next to the music building.

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The concert usually begins 1. The Series "The Series" is the name of the percussion cadence "street beat" used by the SMB for parade marching. It is composed of seven different cadences strung together in series in march tempo. The co-composers are Merritt Lutz and Joel Leach. It was finalized in Each cadence has a unique set of maneuvers specific to each section—the tubas, for example, will have horn flashes during one cadence, while the trumpets will perform different horn flashes during another.

The Series is extremely intricate and requires hours of practice in addition to regular pre-season rehearsals by new members to memorize their section's moves. It uses a full high step throughout with the exception of the drumline and the color guard , and combined with the intricacy of the upper body movements and vocals, is one of the most physically demanding and uniquely recognizable trademarks of the SMB.

This is the cadence used as the band marches to Spartan Stadium each game day. Thousands of fans line the Kalamazoo Street bridge to cheer on the band as they march to the stadium. It was established in or 51, with the physical marching steps invented by trumpet player Herb VanDyke of Muskeegon. The cadence drum part origin is not known. Performed at beats per minute, the kickstep is a run-on routine choreographed in eight-count segments with horn, knee , and hand accents on counts two and four.

The kickstep is a highly strenuous physical routine which requires intensive practice and conditioning. Spinning the "S" This is a drill move performed by the Spartan Marching Band during the pregame show while playing the Michigan State University fight song.

While playing the breakstrain of the fight song, marching band shifts to a hollow Block "S" formation, with the final shape popping up and charging down the field at the exact moment that the chorus of the song begins. The four-man "squad" drill that is unique to the Spartan Marching Band causes the "S" to appear as though it is being "spun" as the marching band shifts to position. The 7-up As the Spartan Marching Band plays the fight song during parade marching and the pregame routine, all of the instrumentalists and auxiliary performers execute an eight-count horn swing with an accented upward movement on the 8th count.

New members learn this maneuver as a "7-up", counted as such: Visitor's fight song A Big Ten tradition, during every pregame show the SMB performs the opposing team's fight song upfield towards the visitor's section. In Spartan Stadium and wherever the band travels, from Hawaii to arch-rival Michigan, the SMB considers it a point of pride and respect to play the opposition's fight song with the utmost musicality. The show varies by year and is a favorite among the student section.

Postgame Show After every home game, the Spartan Marching Band takes the field one last time to perform selections from the day's halftime show. In addition, the band often performs a favorite postgame tune, usually Carlos Santana's " Everybody's Everything ". If the visiting team's band is in attendance, they may also participate in the post-game concert if their schedule permits.

Measuring guide. This is how to measure yourself correctly: Get someone to help you so you can measure more exactly. Keep your shirt and trousers on and. Read more...

Postgame shows traditionally end with MSU's alma mater and fight song to round out another Spartan football experience. After the postgame show, the band may march the Series out of Spartan Stadium to Demonstration Hall, then leave formation to gather together for the final tradition of game day. Postgame Dismissal Here, after words of wisdom, kindness and correction by band director, members of the SMB sing the alma mater, MSU Shadows, a cappella, in four-part harmony.

After dismissal by drum major s , the official game day traditions are complete. If the visiting band is still present at this point in the day, an informal reception may follow and the percussion sections of both bands often join in an impressive drum off that is always a crowd favorite.

Big Ten Flags This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. January Learn how and when to remove this template message The Big Ten Flag Corps is a pre-game and parade tradition in the Spartan Marching Band that was added in Members carry large banner type flags on lance poles, which salute the fourteen universities in the Big Ten Conference.

The section consists of dedicated, hard-working, and athletic individuals who carry out unique traditions that exhibit the style and form of the Spartan Marching Band. Preseason Drills Preseason drills begin 10 days before the beginning of classes. During this week, new members can spend over hours practicing.

Percussionists arrive ten days before the start of classes, followed by section leaders, squad leaders, and the drum major s for classroom leadership training. New members arrive next, receiving detailed fundamental instructions, and the remaining veteran members arrive last. Typically, music and field rehearsals begin at 8: New members of the SMB are required to attend "freshmen orientation" sessions and rehearsals inside Demonstration Hall for 3 or 4 evenings from 9 P.

Preseason Drills end with a lighter schedule on the day before classes start. A practice "march to the stadium" usually occurs not in uniform on the Monday before the first home game, followed by an in the stands rehearsal to end preseason drills. Memorized music The Spartan Marching Band learns a new halftime show for every home game of the season.

All members are expected to have their music memorized by Thursday of the week of the game. Any member, despite rank in the block, may be pulled out of a show for that week for not having music or the marching drill memorized. Full-sized flip-folders are never used. All freshmen and veterans assigned to a new part must play all the MSU bleacher cheers and pregame music for their section leaders from memory by the end of Freshmen Dress Rehearsal, or forfeit their place in the block, becoming an alternate.

Owen Reed , with words by coach Barney Traynor. After marching to Spartan Stadium, the band gathers near the tunnel leading onto the football field and sings before lining up for the pregame Kickstep entrance. It is always played during the Pregame performance. MSU Shadows is also sung at the end of game days, after marching back and usually performing for the sizable crowd of band fans.

After the final home game of the year after the seniors sing the infrequently-sung second verse, the content of which is about one's love for MSU remaining after graduating. MSU Shadows is also featured prominently during the annual Alumni Band Reunion Day, during which band alumni gather from around the world to perform at halftime during a home game.

Sparty Watch Sparty Watch is a band-sponsored event beginning Monday night before the University of Michigan game and ending the evening after the game. The football coach has been known to show up with food for the hungry band members camped out in the cold. High School Band Day High School Band Day was a long-running tradition in Spartan Stadium where high school bands from across the state were invited to perform during a home game halftime.

The first Band Day was held on November 6, In its heyday, the event gathered more than 3, musicians. After nearly forty years, the tradition ended in Then for a brief period, the SMB hosted the popular "Spartan Invitational," a field show format exhibition where HS Bands from across the region performed for thousands of appreciative fans, as well as for select adjudicators from across the country.

The event was no longer feasible as Spartan Stadium went back to a natural grass surface. Away games The full Spartan Marching Band will travel to one or more away games per year, depending on proximity of away games and invitations to travel. Travel to the University of Notre Dame and the University of Michigan have occurred regularly throughout the band's history.

Bowl games The Spartan Marching Band enjoys a long-standing tradition of traveling to bowl games.

Current Director In , Dr. In March of , Dr.

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