Buddy Guy's Legends

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The Rolling Stones come to Buddy Guy's Legends

Chicago, IL Good authentic southern comfort food with live blues music to enjoy. This is a great place to go for authentic southern food. The fried okra is one on my wife's favorites and she said it was the best she ever had. The red beans and rice were as good as any we had during the time we lived in New Orleans.

In fact everything we had to eat was wonderful. The live music was the initial draw and it did not disappoint.

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The guy that played was proficient and had some interesting banter about the history of the songs, the people who wrote them and the influence of blues. Definitely worth another visit next time we are in Chicago. I thought it was so good! It had the right amount of blue cheese and wasn't overpowering the burger. The meat tasted good. It wasn't juicy but it had a lot of flavor.

It was so good. I wouldn't recommend it. It didn't have any flavor. I felt like I was just eating bread and lettuce. The overall experience was good. The server wasn't too attentive. I was so thirsty and didn't get a refill of water.

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They had someone playing on stage. It was so cool. It's good for groups. Cool way to just chill The place is ok. The music is great. Local, regional and national blues bands are the best of the best. Monday is open mike night, but this is not high school karoke. Come January, Buddy Guy himself takes up residence and performs a number of shows I forget offhand how many each week. Reserve and pay in advance, take yer chances on the Chicago weather. The rest of the year, when he's not touring, he will show up impromptu and treat the audience to a vocal tune or two and schmooze with the customers - the ones who buy his kitsch.

Area very safe, just in South Loop, south of the LaSalle financial district and near the big hotels. Live late evening shows usually start at 9: Check the website or call. And the kiddies have to go. Check website for the rules. That's just the way it is. Regardless, of all this, they are providing a quality venue for blues musicians to keep them employed and the blues alive.

Now for the DownSides. The times I have gone, I can't recall talking to anyone from Chicago. They have come from as far away as Australia. Half to a third at other places. New construction, immaculately clean, but not that funky juke-joint atmosphere like other Chicago clubs. But it's for tourists who want to be safe in Chicago and have something to talk about when the return home. Just to take a quick piss. If you are drinking beer, that adds up.

It is absurd for any bar, especially a blues place. This place is nice, but it ain't the effin' Ritz! Just don't make eye contact and quickly snatch a paper towel from the wall dispenser. Knock off one star just for that annoyance. Even for me, who demands and expects full, undivided attention from the waitstaff. But they do get busy and backlogged, probably in the kitchen.

That has never been a major problem for me. Order before your glass runs dry. Order before the kitchen closes. Distant, not particularly friendly or welcoming, but no confrontations or hassles. Not spectacular, but good and consistent. I am not so much into the Cajun stuff with its focus on seafood which predominates the menu Buddy is from Lousiana , but others like it.

Cajun is not that common in Chicago. Food itself is reasonably priced and plenty filling. You won't leave hungry. That is a major plus for me and sadly too often a rarity for other businesses.

I think some of Buddy's family is involved in running the place. Still photos ARE allowed; some staff is not trained in house rules. If you need seating, get there early. Sometimes only standing room left. Those closings are prominently shown on their website main page. Regardless of when you sign up. It's a judgement call, and it's all theirs. So don't kvetch if you don't get on. Forget the celebrity worship.

There are a LOT of lesser-known names on the Chicago Blues scene who will give you just as good a blues experience or better as Buddy Guy himself. The manufactured hype has taken hold. Get out and support all those local blues musicians as well as those playing the Chicago jazz clubs. All in all, a Must-Go, at least once. If you are a tourist, you will be in good company. If you are local, try it once and judge for yourself.

Or try it twice. Any place can have an off night. Serving size was very generous. The service was pretty stellar. They seemed to work as a team which was nice to see. The okra was probably my favorite part of the dish.

Found this place by total chance. We were walking along the Lala festival grounds and needed a break. Anyway, We saw the sign for "Legends" from a block away. We decided to check it out and it was a fantastic 2pm decision.

Upon entry were saw a very open space with seats at the bar and many tables. There were several tables occupied maybe 8 in front of the musician. He was super chill, a mix of blues and jazz playing an electric guitar acoustically and singing in his rich, deep voice. We sat at the bar and had 2 tap beers and a shot with the bartender.

Buddy Guy's Legends. Buddy Guy Residency. Prostate Cancer Awareness. Copyright - Buddy Guy's Legends. All Rights Reserved.

Her name escapes me now, but we talked about our experience in graduate programs. I believe her Master's degree was in a psychology-related field. Anyway, she was totally relatable and fun to converse with. The entire establishment was very clean and relaxing.

I loved the decor, many autographs and photos. But what really made for the fantastic experience was the customer service! The opening act starts up around 9: The music is wonderful - classic Chicago-style blues that has the audience out of their seats for most of the set.

And on the night I dropped in, the club's legendary namesake was in the house - perched at the end of the bar to talk with patrons and sign autographs. Meeting the man Eric Clapton once dubbed 'the best guitar player alive' was enough to make for an unforgettable evening -- but throw in some great music and cold brews, and my visit to Buddy Guy's Legends became one of the highlights of my week in the Windy City.

It was opened in by blues musician Buddy Guy who still owns the club and who still makes regular appearances, performing a month of shows each January. The club has hosted blues greats such as Stevie Ray Vaughan , and Buddy himself.

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Buddy Guy's Legends has a great menu of Louisiana-style cajun...
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{REPLACEMENT-(Зайцев.нет)-(web-climat.ru)}Chicago, IL Good authentic southern comfort food with live blues music to enjoy. This is a great place to go for authentic southern food. The fried okra is one on my wife's favorites and she said it was the best she ever had.

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