Death of Azaria Chamberlain

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Coroner's inquests The initial coronial inquest into the disappearance was opened in Alice Springs on 15 December before magistrate Denis Barritt. On 20 February , in the first live telecast of Australian court proceedings, Barritt ruled that the likely cause was a dingo attack.

In addition to this finding, Barritt also concluded that, subsequent to the attack, "the body of Azaria was taken from the possession of the dingo, and disposed of by an unknown method, by a person or persons, name unknown". Investigations continued, leading to a second inquest in Darwin in September Based on ultraviolet photographs of Azaria's jumpsuit, James Cameron of the London Hospital Medical College alleged that "there was an incised wound around the neck of the jumpsuit—in other words, a cut throat" and that there was an imprint of the hand of a small adult on the jumpsuit, visible in the photographs.

In , a third inquest was conducted which failed to determine a cause of death, resulting in an "open" finding. The cause of her death was as a result of being attacked and taken by a dingo. Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton The Crown alleged that Lindy Chamberlain had cut Azaria's throat in the front seat of the family car, hiding the baby's body in a large camera case. She then, according to the proposed reconstruction of the crime, rejoined the group of campers around a campfire and fed one of her sons a can of baked beans, before going to the tent and raising the cry that a dingo had taken the baby.

It was alleged that at a later time, while other people from the campsite were searching, she disposed of the body. She claimed that Azaria was wearing a matinee jacket over the jumpsuit, but the jacket was not present when the garments were found. She was questioned about the fact that Azaria's singlet , which was inside the jumpsuit, was inside out. She insisted that she never put a singlet on her babies inside out and that she was most particular about this.

The statement conflicted with the state of the garments when they were collected as evidence. All witnesses claimed to believe the Chamberlains' story. One witness, a nurse, also reported having heard a baby's cry after the time when the prosecution alleged Azaria had been murdered. He also cited an example of a captive female dingo removing a bundle of meat from its wrapping paper and leaving the paper intact.

Lindy Chamberlain was convicted of murder on 29 October and sentenced to life imprisonment. Michael Chamberlain was found guilty as an accessory after the fact and was given an month suspended sentence. However, in February the court refused the appeal by majority.

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The final resolution of the case was triggered by a chance discovery. In early , English tourist David Brett fell to his death from Uluru during an evening climb. Because of the vast size of the rock and the scrubby nature of the surrounding terrain, it was eight days before Brett's remains were discovered, lying below the bluff where he had lost his footing and in an area full of dingo lairs. As police searched the area, looking for missing bones that might have been carried off by dingoes, they discovered a small item of clothing.

It was quickly identified as the crucial missing piece of evidence from the Chamberlain case, Azaria's missing matinee jacket. The prosecution had successfully argued that the pivotal haemoglobin tests indicated the presence of foetal haemoglobin in the Chamberlains' car and it was a significant factor in the original conviction.

But it was later shown that these tests were highly unreliable and that similar tests, conducted on a "sound deadener" sprayed on during the manufacture of the car, had yielded virtually identical results. For example, it was reported that Lindy Chamberlain dressed her baby in a black dress. This provoked negative opinion, despite the trends of the early s, during which black and navy cotton girls' dresses were in fashion, often trimmed with brightly coloured ribbon, or printed with brightly coloured sprigs of flowers.

In the wake of these attacks, it emerged that there had been at least documented dingo attacks on Fraser Island. Most were against children, but at least two were on adults. The child was dropped when her father intervened. After interviewing Cole on the matter, police decided not to reopen the case.

He claimed to have the ribbons from the jacket which Azaria had been wearing when she disappeared as proof of his involvement. However, Lindy Chamberlain claimed that the jacket had no ribbons on it. His bride arrived at the ceremony in the car and his father, Michael Chamberlain, said that he was proud the couple had chosen to use the car which was the centrepiece of the case.

The Northern Territory coroner officially amended her death certificate to show that the cause of death "was as the result of being attacked and taken by a dingo".

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Lindy and her second husband lived for a time in the United States and New Zealand but have since returned to Australia. Items include courtroom sketches by artists Jo Darbyshire and Veronica O'Leary, camping equipment, a piece of the dashboard from the Chamberlain family's car, outfits worn by Lindy Chamberlain, the number from her prison door, and the black dress worn by Azaria.

John Bryson 's book Evil Angels was published in , and in , Australian film director Fred Schepisi adapted the book into a feature film of the same name released as A Cry in the Dark outside of Australia and New Zealand. This miniseries was based on Lindy Chamberlain's book of the same name.

Before hanging up the phone Bart says, "Hey, I think I hear a dingo eating your baby". It also was referenced in the Rugrats film The Rugrats Movie when, after the children go missing, a news reporter briefly asks Didi if it was true that a dingo ate her baby.

Coroner's inquests The initial coronial inquest into the disappearance was opened in Alice Springs on 15 December before magistrate Denis Barritt.

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