How to Use System Restore in Windows

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Recover permanently deleted files without software in WINDOWS 7 (Subtitles - English/Hindi)

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About System Restore System Restore is a built-in tool which can be used to roll the system back to a previous known good state.

When the system goes wrong, the first thing comes to mind is to restore the system to the previous good state. However, there is still some doubt and misconceptions about what System Restore can and cannot do.

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What can System Restore do? System Restore regularly creates and saves restore points on your computer by using a feature called system protection. It allows you to restore Windows system files, registry settings installed on your system, programs, to an earlier data. If you have corrupted system files, then restoring your system to a previous time may help you to get your system back and running. Any programs installed after the restore points will be uninstalled.

System Restore will also affect Windows updates. Any installed updates after restore points will be uninstalled. What can System Restore not do? Even you have uploaded a few dozen pictures and documents, it will not undo the upload.

Although System Restore may remove a program you've installed, it will not delete the files you have made through the program. You may still have another question: System Restore will not delete or clean viruses, or other malware. Doing a system restore will not help you anything. It is better to install a good antivirus software.

System Restore can be restore deleted files.

After learning what System restore can and cannot do, you may get a clear idea that System Restore will not remove your personal files. That is to say, your personal files will not be affected by System Restore. How to recover deleted files with system restore points Windows creates backup files automatically from time to time.

Deleted files can be easily recovered with backups. To restore files, make sure you have backups created before. Follow the steps shown below: This will opens a new window. In this new window, click on the Previous Versions tab present at the top. A new menu appears which has several backups at different times. Select the backup which you want to restore by clicking on it. Once you select the file, click on the Restore option. A message appears asking are you sure you want to restore the data.

A better way to protect everything on your computer System Restore does help you restore your Windows system files, programs to the previous state, however, it cannot be used to restore your personal files. Beside, restore points are created on the corresponding volume, once the hard drive or system crashes, the restore points will also be deleted.

To protect your computer better, you should find a powerful backup and restore software. It supports to create system backup, disk backup, partition backup, file and folder backup. This software allows you to create incremental backup, which saves you much space. Click Backup, and then System Backup. It will automatically choose source partition for you.

At Step2, choose another location to store your backup. After setting, click Start Backup. Click Backup Options, Scheme to have some more advanced settings.

If you want to protect your whole disk, you can use Disk Backup feature. If you want to backup personal files only, just use File Backup feature.

Further tips and knowledge about System Restore Part 1: What System Restore actually does is it helps you to restore your computer's system files to an earlier point in time.

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How To Recover Deleted Folders On Windows 7 Without Any Software

That is to say, your personal files will not be...
Disk Drill knows exactly what to do to recover deleted...

{REPLACEMENT-(Зайцев.нет)-(}By Julian Prokaza Last updated: This works like any other folder, so just open it, select the file you want and click the Restore option.

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