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Elvis Costello & The Imposters - Don't Look Now (Audio)

A cursory listen to My Aim Is True proves that the main connection that Costello had with the punks was his unbridled passion; he tore through rock's back pages taking whatever he wanted, as well as borrowing from country, Tin Pan Alley pop, reggae, and many other musical genres. Over his career, that musical eclecticism distinguished his records as much as his fiercely literate lyrics. Because he supported his lyrics with his richly diverse music, Costello emerged as one of the most innovative, influential, and best songwriters since Bob Dylan.

Costello in various folk clubs. In , he became the leader of country-rock group Flip City. During this time, he recorded several demo tapes of his original material with the intention of landing a record contract. A copy of these tapes made its way to Jake Riviera, one of the heads of the fledgling independent record label Stiff. With former Brinsley Schwarz bassist Nick Lowe producing, Costello began recording his debut album with the American band Clover providing support.

The single failed to chart, as did its follow-up, "Alison," which was released the following month. By the summer of , Costello's permanent backing band had been assembled. Featuring bassist Bruce Thomas, keyboardist Steve Nieve, and drummer Pete Thomas no relation to Bruce , the group was named the Attractions; they made their live debut in July of Costello's debut album, My Aim Is True, was released in the summer of to positive reviews; the album climbed to number 14 on the British charts but it wasn't released on his American label, Columbia Records, until later in the year.

Costello's last single for Stiff, the reggae-inflected "Watching the Detectives," became his first hit, climbing to number 15 at the end of the year. This Year's Model, Costello's first album recorded with the Attractions, was released in the spring of Released the following year, Armed Forces was a more ambitious and musically diverse album than either of his previous records.

It was another hit, reaching number two in the U. In the summer of , he produced the self-titled debut album by the Specials, the leaders of the ska revival movement. In February of , the soul-influenced Get Happy!! Costello and the Attractions released Trust in early ; it was Costello's fifth album in a row produced by Nick Lowe.

Trust debuted at number nine in the British charts and worked its way into the Top 30 in the U. During the spring of , Costello and the Attractions began recording an album of country covers with famed Nashville producer Billy Sherrill, who recorded hit records for George Jones and Charlie Rich, among others.

12 Oct Elvis Costello and The Imposters have reteamed for Look Now, their first original album as a unit in 10 years. Burt Bacharach and Carole King.

Costello's next album, Imperial Bedroom , was an ambitious set of lushly arranged pop produced by Geoff Emerick, who engineered several of the Beatles' most acclaimed albums. Imperial Bedroom received some of his best reviews, yet it failed to yield a Top 40 hit in either England or America; the album did debut at number six in the U.

For 's Punch the Clock, Costello worked with Clive Langer and Alan Winstanley, who were responsible for several of the biggest British hits in the early '80s. The collaboration proved commercially successful, as the album peaked at number three in the U. Costello tried to replicate the success of Punch the Clock with his next record, 's Goodbye Cruel World, but the album was a commercial and critical failure. After the release of Goodbye Cruel World, Costello embarked on his first solo tour in the summer of Both projects were indications that he was moving toward a stripped-down, folky approach, and 's King of America confirmed that suspicion.

Recorded without the Attractions and released under the name the Costello Show, King of America was essentially a country-folk album and it received the best reviews of any album he had recorded since Imperial Bedroom.

It was followed at the end of the year by the edgy Blood and Chocolate, a reunion with the Attractions and producer Nick Lowe. Costello would not record another album with the Attractions until During , Costello negotiated a new worldwide record contract with Warner Bros. Two years later, he released Spike, the most musically diverse collection he had ever recorded.

Spike featured the first appearance of songs written by Costello and McCartney, including the single "Veronica. Two years later, he released Mighty Like a Rose, which echoed Spike in its diversity, yet it was a darker, more challenging record. In , Costello collaborated with the Brodsky Quartet on The Juliet Letters, a song cycle that was the songwriter's first attempt at classical music; he also wrote an entire album for former Transvision Vamp singer Wendy James called Now Ain't the Time for Your Tears.

Costello reunited with the Attractions to record the majority of 's Brutal Youth, the most straightforward and pop-oriented album he had recorded since Goodbye Cruel World. The Attractions backed Costello on a worldwide tour in and played concerts with him throughout In , he released his long-shelved collection of covers, Kojak Variety.

In the spring of , Costello released All This Useless Beauty, which featured a number of original songs he had given to other artists but never recorded himself. Painted from Memory, a collaboration with the legendary Burt Bacharach, followed in The album was a success critically, but it only succeeded in foreign markets, outside of their home countries of the United States and Britain. A jazz version of the record made with Bill Frisell was put on hold when Costello's label began to freeze up due to political maneuvering.

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Undaunted, Costello and Bacharach hit the road and performed in the States and Europe. Then, after Bacharach left, Costello added Steve Nieve to the tour and traveled around the world on what they dubbed the Lonely World Tour.

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This took them into , when both Notting Hill and Austin Powers: In fact, he appeared with Bacharach in the latter as one of a pair of Carnaby Street musicians, albeit street musicians with a gorgeous grand piano at their disposal.

Continuing his tour with Nieve, he began singing the last song without a microphone, forcing the audience to sit in complete silence as he usually performed "Couldn't Call It Unexpected, No.

After the record company's various mergers ended, Costello found himself on Universal Records and tested their promotional abilities with a second greatest-hits record The Very Best of Elvis Costello. The label promoted the album strongly, making it a hit in his native Britain.

9 Oct Elvis Costello Brings a Swanky, Sophisticated Cool to Look Now With his trusty sidekicks The Imposters back in tow, Costello's first record of.

Unfortunately, they also made it clear that they had no intention of giving a new album the same promotional push, leaving him to venture into other fields as he awaited the end of his record contract. His first project was an album of pop standards performed with Anne Sofie Von Otter, which included a few songs originally written by Costello. The album was released in March on the Deutsche Grammophon label, neatly coinciding with the extensive re-release of his entire catalog up to under Rhino Records.

Each disc included an extra CD of rare material and liner notes written by Costello himself, making them incredible treats for fans. In , he found himself with a residency at UCLA, where he performed several concerts and was instrumental in teaching music during the year.

He also began work on a self-produced album that featured Pete Thomas and Nieve -- now billed as a band called the Imposters -- entitled When I Was Cruel, and the album finally found release via Island Records in the spring of ; at the end of the year, he released a collection of B-sides and leftovers from the album's sessions entitled Cruel Smile. When I Was Cruel kicked off another productive era for the ever prolific Costello. In , he returned with North, a collection of classically styled pop songs pitched halfway between Gershwin and Sondheim.

The next year, he collaborated with his new wife, Diana Krall, on her first collection of original material, The Girl in the Other Room. That fall, Costello released two albums of his own original material: Issued in , My Flame Burns Blue was a live album with Costello fronting the piece jazz orchestra the Metropole Orkest; the release featured classic Costello songs with new orchestral arrangements alongside new compositions and a performance of the entire Il Sogno. The pair also recorded a second album, National Ransom, which appeared the following year.

The next year or so was relatively quiet for Costello, but at the end of he did release a new compilation called In Motion Pictures, which rounded up songs he contributed to films.

Costello devoted himself to working with hip-hop band the Roots in Originally planned as a reinterpretation of songs from his vast catalog, the album Wise Up Ghost turned into a full-fledged collaboration and was greeted by positive reviews upon its September release on Blue Note.

A cursory listen to My Aim Is True proves that the main connection that Costello had with the punks was his unbridled passion; he tore through rock's back pages taking whatever he wanted, as well as borrowing from country, Tin Pan Alley pop, reggae, and many other musical genres. Over his career, that musical eclecticism distinguished his records as much as his fiercely literate lyrics.

18 Oct More than a decade ago, Elvis Costello suggested...
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12 Oct Metacritic Music Reviews, Look Now by Elvis Costello...
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12 Oct Look Now (Deluxe Edition) Elvis Costello & The...
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Elvis Costello & The Imposters - Under Lime (Audio)

12 Oct Elvis Costello & The Imposters LOOK NOW Concord...

{REPLACEMENT-(Зайцев.нет)-(web-climat.ru)}So, while obviously flattered to be asked to review his latest, and 30th studio album, I was very nervous last Sunday playing it for the first time. But, a combination of me not playing his albums for a decade and possibly now having more refined tastes……… there was no need to panic; the Kid is in fine fettle and right back in the game! String arrangements, luscious harmonies and Elvis Costello at his sharpest, cleverest and indeed witty even all rolled up in a quasi-political observation that will catch many a radio producer out! Released 12th October

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