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Savage Man Fights Wild this happened..

Robb Ramshaw , The rest of us are just critics in the Peanut Gallery. Yet they would prefer to posture than attack. It will often growl, roar, or stage a false charge to avoid a fight.

But let's start small. We'll assume the Grizzly is on the small size and is as tall as the worlds strongest man, Brian Shaw, who is 6'8" and weighs lbs. That would be like Mr. Shaw was fighting his twin, except the twin was armed with 10 knives the size of you fingers. Could the unarmed WorldStrongestMan defeat the clone? Include the fact that the average grizzly bear weighs lbs twice as much as the WSM and has the natural strength to rip open car doors.

Bear Power He also has a Bite strength of psi stronger than a tiger's bite and powerful enough to crush a bowling ball. Without a weapon or 10, Mr. Shaw has almost no chance. But I'm just a'Saiyan Thank you for your feedback! Your feedback is private. Is this answer still relevant and up to date? As shown by the other answers, humans are too weak and defenseless without tools against a grizzly bear.

A grizzly bear has claws like knives, not to mention a psi of at least pounds when it comes to biting. There have been grizzlies decapitating moose even! Strike Force of a paw-swipe? In fact human can be easily be killed by an animal lower rank than apex predators given one on one fight no weapons. Be it wolves, apes, snakes, eagles, even hornets. Because human invents tools and weapons and became too much dependent on it.

Without tools and weapons maybe human evolved having razor claws and fangs and titanium strength skeletal system.

30 Mar As shown by the other answers, humans are too weak and defenseless without tools against a grizzly bear. A grizzly bear has claws like knives, not to mention a .

Razor sharp claws and fangs that can deliver up to psi of crushing power. In a hand to hand combat the bear is armed with claws the human is not. If the strongest man is a zookeeper he stands a chance.

Even assuming the strength levels were equal, the grizzly bear still has superior weaponry.

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Like Robb Ramshaw depicted, a grizzly bear has jaws that can exert 1, pounds per square inch; enough to crush a bowling ball. Also, paws more than twice as big as a normal human hand, with claws about 3 inches long. This gives him attack options from three different angles. Now, take away the strength equality and recognize that a bear can exert the strength of men with minimum effort.

I would not want to see what a bear could do if it used ALL of its strength.

It includes only physical size and muscle brawn. Grizzly Bear vs Man male Grizzly bears:

Absolutely not. Now its possible a man may frighten a...
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A bear attack is an attack by any mammal of...
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Native Americans fighting a Grizzly Bear, painting by George Catlin....
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14 Feb Can a human and a wild bear have...
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Man takes grizzly attack selfie

They encountered grizzly bears mainly in buffer zones between the...

{REPLACEMENT-(Зайцев.нет)-(}I mean what do you do in situations like this? A Lucky Escape This pair of mountain bikers were out for a ride near the resort of Jasper when they were charged no fewer than three times by this massive female grizzly. Luckily, the first biker managed to cut off the trail to safety, and the second had time to reach his bear spray.

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