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Please feel free to send any suitable items and I will be happy to post them. There are some Australian bus links at the foot of this page. You can see it on Google Earth. I have had no luck trying to find out its details and wondered if you have any ideas. She is sitting in a field just off the highway to Port Stephens.

I doubt that we'll be seeing much more of this bus! Fortunately he also spent a bit of time taken pictures for the Classic Buses Website.

This one shows an apprentice-built model of Mercedes Benz O No. The original bus seems to have come to grief by falling into water. Garth says "I caught basking in the sun". It wears the blue and cream PTC livery of the s. It has a capacity of passengers, which was a record high in Hong Kong at that time. It's currently preserved in Sydney and a model of it is available for sale in the Museum's shop. Many thanks to Garth, as always. New to a company in Oxley NSW and it looks to me like a late s model , it had been used as a school bus, then owned by a church, and finally a mobile home.

It had no seats, and the steering wheel and column had been removed. Although a Pepsi advert on the back is not clear in this photo, the hooks are for transporting pushchairs. Thanks to Garth for sharing an interesting discovery.

The seller said it dated from and had one spring missing as well as the steering wheel. Unlike the majority of UK domestic sales of the CVG6, most exported chassis were 8 feet wide, and that's the case with the Adelaide batch. But the other first three of the original batch didn't go that way, and No. Garth also sent me a page from the original maintenance record for this bus dating back to It reveals that it "Arrived overland from Sydney" on 30 May , was put "Into traffic" on 30 May and was involved in a serious collision in Apparently it has been wearing the registration There are some surviving Adelaide trolleybuses but, as far as I know, this is the only remaining Adelaide MTT motorbus, so it's an important relic.

Thanks very much to Garth for sending the picture. Mat says "This bus used to run around the Gold Coast. It's in a pretty bad state but was going away to have a full restoration and be used as a team tour bus on the Sunshine and Gold Coasts. The couple that own it also have an English pub. Thanks for the news, Mat. Anybody know which Sydney Regent it is? The Daimler company built approximately units of the CC bus chassis between to This restored vehicle is chassis number CC There are only two known Daimler CC buses in the world - this one located in Wagga Wagga and one in England that is missing its engine.

Features of the Daimler CC bus include: In Australia, this is the oldest restored British-built commercial vehicle on the road. The Sydney Bus Museum was formed in at Tempe in south Sydney, but in the premises became a working bus depot and the Museum needed to move. That process has been huge, and only now is the splendid new facility at Leichhardt, about 3 miles west of the city centre, able to open.

A special preview day for invited guests took place just before Christmas and the official opening day was on 1 August , after which it opened to the public on the first and third Sunday of each month. It is hoped that the frequency of open days can be increased over time. So at last visitors can once again see the Museum's superb collection, including Sydney Regent seen above, which has just undergone a painstaking total restoration by the team. Many thanks to Garth Wyver one of that team for sending me the photo and the info.

There are quite a few Clippers in the country, and even a Flxible Clipper Club of Australia but we've never featured one on this website, so thanks to John for the chance to put that right. Built in , it is now part of the Sydney Bus Museum collection. Thanks very much to John for sending the pictures. Garth is a volunteer at the Sydney Bus Museum now moved to new premises at Leichhardt, about 3 miles west of the city centre and not yet open to the public.

He kindly keeps me advised of news from the collection, but this vehicle was actually spotted at Blackheath NSW, about 50 miles north west of Sydney, and just a short bush walk from Garth's home. Clearly an AEC Regal, its proof of identity was revealed when Garth chatted up the owner and got inside the vehicle now a mobile home up on blocks , which has the number painted in the cab, along with a ComEng body plate dated Apparently the bus was at Kurragong before coming to the Blue Mountains.

It will run, but has a leaking radiator and brake problems. This surely has to be a preservation candidate! Thanks very much to Garth for his research and photography. How can you resist walking over to take a look at this lot? Nicholas says; "Bus Preservation Society of Western Australia has a severe lack of storage for its collection.

This panoramic view of buses in external storage taken by Colin Davison shows buses held for future restoration or as spare parts donors. These are all outside of the area leased by the Society. Whiteman Park administration is comfortable with nine buses held outside, but not as many as we have. The Society needs more space, particularly covered accommodation and volunteers to restore and maintain the collection.

6 Jun Are you searching for used transportation vehicles, MAN bus/Coach? Contact directly the seller of the MAN bus/Coach. Click on an image or.

Bedford SB - restoration project. Leyland Panther - spare parts. Foden PVSC - spare parts. Guy Arab III - spare parts. Ex Fremantle 22 and MTT Mercedes-Benz OG articulated bus - spare parts. That's a mouth-watering sight.

Thanks Nicholas for sending the image and information. It was acquired by United Automobile in as No. Exported in the s it became a caravan, and wound up in Tasmania. We moved the bus on a flat bed truck in March from Tasmania to Melbourne. We modified our carport area and built a garage to restore the bus in at our house.

As far as we know, the bus was purchased direct from Lincolnshire in the latter part of by a Mr Rose who then shipped the bus to Hobart, Tasmania. It was driven 12 miles from the Hobart docks to Cambridge where it was converted into living quarters for himself, his wife and four children.

. Johnny English: If you wanted to kill me, you would've done so already. Until we meet again. Read more...

They lived in the bus while Mr Rose built a house on a newly acquired block. In The family moved away and the bus was offered to the Tasmanian Transport Museum who declined it because it had no local historical significance. But the curator of the museum knew of a fellow founder member who had been chasing the bus for years and, once contact was made with Mr Rose, he had four days to move it, before it went to scrap.

There is no explanation for moving an old bus half way round the world just to live in it for two years. All we can think of is that Mr Rose now dead must have had shipping connections and possibly got it shipped for next to nothing. In there were no old buses for sale in Tasmania but a tram body from Hobart could have been picked up quite cheaply, as many were. The intention is to restore to working order the chassis by and rebuild the body by , in time for its 90th birthday.

It was never operated in Australia as a bus so will be restored to a s condition with its Leyland-built front entrance seat body as Lincolnshire Road Car Co number We will be working closely with the LVVS who have been extremely helpful and supportive of this project. We are quite happy to keep you updated with progress on the restoration. My thanks to Peter and Helen for letting me know, and I certainly hope they do keep me informed.

As you can see, it's in a bit of a state, but its rarity makes it a significant find. Coogee-Spearwood Guy Arab No. Metro showed interest, but didn't buy it. The fleet during this period included products from Leyland, Brockway, Mercedes and White. A rare colour picture of Coogee-Spearwood No. Nicholls offered the business to Metro again in and , but still without success. A scheme whereby Metro would sell their Armadale operation to the W.

Government Tramways, enabling Metro to concentrate on the western and southern regions and to acquire Coogee-Spearwood as part of the consolidation nearly worked, but the Government declined. In the company was restructured as the Coogee-Spearwood Buses Pty. None of the ex Coogee-Spearwood buses were known to survive until No. The discovery of No. An early aim of the group was to preserve at least one example from each of the operators that were taken over by MTT.

So the decision now is whether to recover this essentially derelict - but unique - bus in its entirety, or use it for parts. Many thanks to Nicholas Pusenjak for his assistance with this item and provision of photographs, and specific acknowledgement to Graeme Gugeri for his fine article in the April edition of Rattler the magazine of the Bus Preservation Society of Western Australia which provided much of the information.

After being acquired by MTT in the body was almost entirely rebuilt, and the bus was based mostly at Redcliffe. Finally withdrawn in it passed to Cliffs Robe River Mining for use at their facilities in the Pilbara area.

Please feel free to send any suitable items and I will be happy to post them.

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