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Henry Rollins Interview on Skeptic Tank with Ari Shaffir

Supplied Henry Rollins with Adam Briggs, one of the subjects in Rollins' new interview series 'Tough Conversations' "I attempt to slow time down by packing it full of stuff so everyday feels like a knotted rope being pulled out of your nose. I hate when you think "wow, time flew. I want it to be more eventful. I'll later transcribe the answer and post it on Twitter , telling people that the man is "a force of nature". The punk rock renaissance man, the stage and screen polymath, is in Australia on what he estimates is possibly his 40th visit to the country "high 30s, at least" for an interview series called 'Tough Conversations' , a partnership with Mercedes Benz where he travelled nationwide, talking to Australians from Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore and surfing champion Mick Fanning to rapper Briggs and ordinary farmers, about what it means to be "tough".

Sitting in a Sydney hotel, dressed simply in grey combat boots, blue trousers and a grey shirt, topped off by his crewcut hairdo and arms full of iconic tattoos, Rollins stills cuts an imposing, well-built figure at age Jumping in a ute with just a bag of clothes and traversing our wide brown land for weeks on end might sound like a daunting task for many, but for a guy like Rollins -- who has a house in Los Angeles, but says he rarely spends more than 72 hours at home at a time before packing a rucksack and heading to Lima or central Asia or the Middle East or through Europe on his latest assignment, whether that be acting or interviewing or his celebrated speaking tours -- it's just another day.

A life of travelling, from the back of vans as frontman of legendary hardcore punk band Black Flag, to trekking solo through wartorn corners of the world or treading the boards on the stages of the most renowned venues on the planet today, means his answer when offered a new freelance job is "give me 48 hours to make sure the windows are closed, I'll pack a bag and go. I like a full schedule, I like to be overworked because it keeps me in line.

When you sign on the dotted line and you must report to the place and do whatever you said you'd do, I go "cool, I'm on four hours of sleep, it's gonna be a long day so let's just make it amazing" and I get right into it. People say Foo Fighters leader Dave Grohl is the nicest man in show business.

Rollins -- who cut his teeth in the same Washington D.

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When my schedule is empty, it leads to depression. A few weeks in Australia shooting 'Tough Conversations', then straight onto another TV shoot in the USA, and then "either screen work or an insane sleepless month of book editing to get this damn book off my desk. It's enough to make you either yearn for your own comfy bed, or to pull out your passport and jump on the closest plane going anywhere. But right now, Rollins is amped up -- he seems to exist in a perpetual state of energy and positivity -- on the 'Tough Conversations' project, and getting to spend time tapping into the Australian psyche.

This is in no way a put-down, but I've been all over the world and I've never seen a country with so much football, sports, vigorous male things.

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They were way more intense than I thought they were going to be. Not screaming, but getting really into it. I was asking some of these men 'what is it with you guys? I got right into it and they got right back at me about it, they all said 'not onboard with it, we've got to change'. We're trying to understand, is Australia moving forward?

Is the idea of toughness and male culture changing in this country? He speaks fondly of his time with Mick Fanning, with farmers and ordinary people, but his most endearing words are saved for a wheelchair rugby team he spent time with, and Indigenous rapper Adam Briggs, half of celebrated duo A. Rollins was particularly chuffed by a shirt presented to him by Briggs, a reinterpretation of Black Flag's iconic four bars logo containing the Aboriginal flag.

A post shared by Senator Briggs senatorbriggs on Mar 6, at As we head into an uncertain future under President Donald Trump, I asked Rollins if he thought the world would see a creative explosion in protest as we saw under those s politicians, or the Bush administration in the early s -- it was the trend predicted by Briggs when we spoke to him in , just days after the Trump election, when he said "I think rappers, punk rockers and comedians are set for a few years.

He's so politically aware, and unafraid. He gets right in your grill.


You can like him or dislike him, agree or disagree, but he won't quit. I really like it. I really like that guy," he gushes. Black America understands black and white America, but white America doesn't understand black America.

You'll get great books like Ta-Nehisi Coates. It'll be comedians being funny some of the time, but right all of the time. We're seeing that already with comedians as the truth-tellers, the Stephen Colberts of the world, they're really getting to it. The comedians are like 'no no, he is a bastard.

It's funny and it's pathetic and here's some facts. I just don't think rock does that anymore. I tried to paraphrase it, or pick out a few good lines, but I thought a reader might get more out of the entire answer, in full, as he spoke it to me.

The fact I'm insanely curious and I have nothing to lose, because I'm not afraid of dying. It's gonna happen, today or next week. I attempt to slow time down by packing it full of stuff so everyday feels like a knotted rope being pulled out of your nose - it's memorable. I want it to be more eventful, so when I travel, I don't go on vacation - I come back about eight pounds skinnier, hopefully with no intestinal parasites.

I try to live eventfully. I come from the minimum wage working world, wearing an apron and serving food. I know that world very well. I lucked out by getting in a band, and from there, into film and voiceover and television and writing. I was raised by a mom who always had National Geographic magazines in front of me. I went to the Smithsonian museum all the time, where you see whale bones, a picture of the pyramids. Like, you think I don't want to go to that? I've wanted to visit the Sphinx since I was like six.

I've seen that thing - it's smaller than you think it's gonna be. I've been there at least three times and stood in awe at Giza. The world is my oyster. This thing with Mercedes Benz, I feel like I won the lottery with this. Like 'they want me? Thanks for letting me'. It's not money, it's not fame. It's curiosity, it's anger, angry that I want to know stuff and angry that life is short. I can feel my body is changing.

I'm almost 60, I know I look 27 to you, but I feel it's harder to get up the stairs, harder to climb up hills, so I gotta strike while the iron is hot because 10 years from now, I don't know what my body will be like and I don't know if I'll be able to take a backpack and hit central Asia for six weeks like I did a few years ago. The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts , Android , Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts from. It will also be broadcast on Channel Ten in coming months.

Supplied Henry Rollins with Adam Briggs, one of the subjects in Rollins' new interview series 'Tough Conversations' "I attempt to slow time down by packing it full of stuff so everyday feels like a knotted rope being pulled out of your nose. I hate when you think "wow, time flew.

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{REPLACEMENT-(Зайцев.нет)-(web-climat.ru)}Then omg it is the man him self! The stories are great, this podcast is a gem! My new favorite podcast by Andrew Jakeobs I've been a Henry Rollins fan since the mid s and he is my favorite spoken word artist of all time, so needless to say, I am absolutely elated to see that he now has a podcast. Heidi May, Henry's assistant for the past 18 years, does a wonderful job co-hosting this terrific podcast.

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