Chaos, Unity and Rock n’ Roll: In deep with Low Cut Connie

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Low Cut Connie - "BEVERLY" (official video - censored)

In deep with Low Cut Connie May 19th, 9: He holds his phone towards me so I can see the pictures too. Maybe too much detail. They depict band members and friends — including legendary Philly drag queen Needles Jones — in all their glory, drinking together, dancing together, showering together and kissing each other.

There were gay people, straight people, young people, old people, black people, white people, men, women and a blow-up sex doll named Derrick. Only Derrick seems a bit taken aback by the whole ordeal.

Diane (Don't Point That Thing At Me) Lyrics: Why won't you hear me while I'm sayin'

But you can see these photos for yourself. The vicious cycle of vitality between the unhinged, demand-you-get-up-and-dance sexual power of Low Cut Connie and the unfazed, beguiled audience created newfound energy like a nuclear fusion reaction, breaking down the fourth wall between the two parties like a bulldozer in lates Berlin.

Except this was no party — this was a motherfucking celebration, man. From time to time, people would clear a circular spot right in front of the stage for couples to dance. Now is as good a time as any to introduce the guys onstage that night: Rinz is the newest member of Low Cut Connie.

Russia, we're coming back to you! As promised, here's more info on our upcoming shows: July 26 - Moscow, Russia @ Moscow Arena (Tickets. Read more...

He plays bass and was hired when former Low Cut Connie member Dan Finnemore left the group more on him later. He also plays in another local band called Satellite Hearts. Scotton was the former bassist, but became the full-time drummer when Finnemore left so Rinz could play bass. He wrote a song for the new album, which he sings lead vocals on. Donelly holds down the rhythm guitar parts, and joined the band soon after Everhart.

The front man who plays the piano and sings lead vocals. A post shared by Low Cut Connie lowcutconnie on Oct 9, at He had been wearing them until the sun set about an hour ago. He maintains a too-cool-to-care, sedated personality that would make Arthur Fonzarelli weak at the knees, yet not in a pretentious way.

Throughout our conversation, he made a point to say hi and smile at every child and dog that walked by. This was a hot topic of our conversation, especially because of the day we met up: Exactly one week after the election of you-know-who. What side are you on? Where are you from? The optics of it are very bad. Will that influence his songwriting in the future?

A different demographic of people. The band is clearly talented. It was the first time Weiner had seen Everhart since he had gotten a new tattoo on his arm. Weiner responded saying that it was too late — the album cover had already been printed. The publicist let the band off the hook. Yes, that part is true. Weiner was performing that night as Ladyfingers, his pre-Connie solo project. After the performance, the guys met, chatted a bit, and exchanged contact info.

After the gig in Birmingham, Weiner got stuck in a freight elevator with Finnemore, where they hit it off and became close friends. His best album as Ladyfingers, he said, was the last one, called Open Your Robe. They made plans to record the next coming summer. While he was able to find bar work and DJ to make extra cash, it was hard for him to make ends meet financially.

At one point he even worked for Mambo Movers, but his international visa simply prevented him from being able to make a comfortable living wage.

This way he could take back his old job in Birmingham as a college film studies professor. Up until Hi Honey, Weiner and Finnemore were the two main faces of the band, both of whom each wrote and sang about half the songs.

But there was a problem: As it turns out, playing in a Philadelphia-based band while simultaneously residing in Birmingham, England is a hard thing to do. Being a college professor, Finnemore would typically get summers off, which left gaps for Connie to do the bulk of its touring.

And you know what?

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Both are doing quite well, actually. Finnemore still has Swampmeat, although the name has since changed to Swampmeat Family Band. You should buy the album and listen to it when it comes out. Part 2 will be released either later in the year or sometime in Weiner sees the record as a new beginning.

Me leaving the band would be the band is over. There is no band. Losing Dan was a rallying point for the rest of us.

It means now we can really dig in. Now we can go make this band more successful and now we can go reach a shit ton more people with our music. Sometimes you find yourself in a struggling long-distance relationship, and sometimes you find yourself sitting in the middle of the Italian Market looking at pictures of naked people at a Low Cut Connie music video party.

In deep with Low Cut Connie May 19th, 9:

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Low Cut Connie on Audiotree Live (Full Session)

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