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Palm ‎– Samples (2014) FULL ALBUM

I was put onto Palm a few weeks ago by a friend and die-hard fan. Palm produces beautiful sounds in simple ways. What attracted me most to Palm was pinning down the evolution that I began to hear in their music.

Trading Basics was Palm figuring out the elements they liked and experimenting with them. Shadow Expert is that satisfying-as-hell moment where you can hear Palm pulling the elements that they love together and essentially bottling up the essence from their post-graduation writing period. Listen for yourself and read their take on it below. We recorded it a year and a half ago, but a lot of it was written before that.

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This one was a bit more concise and spent more time editing the material. I think it was a good step forward compared to the first record. We were more direct with our song writing and I think we made more melodic songs too, which was something we wanted to do.

Just because of the nature of your music and maybe the people that you are. We mostly play new stuff. I feel like the material is maybe more diverse and more deliberately constructed. We talked a lot about what we wanted the next record to sound like. Who is young Tony? We all kind of struggle a little bit with interviews as well. Well I guess being a journalist you think about this kind of small details a lot and try to decipher it. We think about this shit, but not in terms of the audience.

I think most of us are nostalgic people as well. But not necessarily in terms of band mythology. The new stuff is much more realized in my opinion. I feel like the EP was a stepping stone to get there. It was finished for over a year before it came out. When we were writing that material, we had just graduated from college and we had no conception of what any of this meant.

We had been on one tour. We had to relearn material to play it live.

Palm booking north america: booking europe: mattpcopley Rock Island, released 09 February 1. Pearly 2.

To the audience who has only heard trading basics it sounds like a lot better Palm to me. Our instruments and playing live takes. Just sounding like what you sound like in the practice room but cleaner. Tell me about the learning curve of playing unfamiliar instruments together and was there a learning process together?

First and foremost it was about communication with each other. A lot of what we were doing was making a bunch of racket. Going into weird tunings and jamming a ton. Everyone does that but eventually you shave off shit and sculpt something. When you came together was it learning together? But I feel that more so than the technical development we just learned together how to, less about making music but rather how to do shows and not totally blow it.

When we first played I used to played really quietly and the amps were really loud Eve: The vocals were really quiet. We would just tell the sound people, keep our voices really low in the mix and bust out amps up because we were insecure. No real talking to or addressing the audience. I have terrible drum form Kasra: I ask because you have a very unique synchronicity.

We were a really bad band for a really long time. I definitely recognize when we were getting more of a signature vibe. It was more in the song writing than in my playing, personally.

I felt that we were developing at the same time in terms of songwriting. And make it one specific thing. We all like different types of music and would not be averse to playing in other projects that sound nothing like we do.

Obscure tuning, more or less of a priority as the music developed? We have a little bit of a better understanding of standard tuning in general and at first I had none and going into them and a nice pretty chord came out we would work with that.

I think it started as a way for us the think outside of the box. After hearing you guys speak I feel as if your music just came into existence by a happy coincidence. Less and less the more time that we spend together. But when we first came together we all had different things and maybe if we all knew each other before we played music and were on the same page we would sound like music that already exists.

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That normally happens when a song is working out. Often the songs begin with me and Eve figuring out the basic melodic vocals and chords. Which can be frustrating but almost all the time I end up being like totally, into where they take the song. They essentially edit it and cut it up and do whatever to it.

As an entity, rather than these disparate parts. Can you describe the different between now and when you started playing together? Have you reached a pinnacle? I hesitate at fully answering that because the only way we can continue as a band is if something new is being invented. The thing I like the most about being in Palm is that I really admire musically and personally the three people I play music with.

In a sense Palm feels like a group of people that I can exploring making music with. Shadow Expert is out now on Bandcamp and Palm will be going on tour through July. Other articles you may like 1 month ago.

I was put onto Palm a few weeks ago by a friend and die-hard fan.

Shadow Expert by Palm, released 16 June 1. Walkie Talkie...
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