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The Devil Ain't Lazy - Pokey LaFarge (2013)

Heard on Fresh Air To mark the release of his seventh album, the singer-songwriter brings his acoustic guitar to the Fresh Air studio to sing some new songs as well as some of his favorites from the s and '30s. The first time I heard my guest Pokey LaFarge sing, it was on the soundtrack of the HBO series "Boardwalk Empire," an album on which contemporary performers do songs from the '20s and '30s, the era the series was set in.

Singing I'm in love. I'm in love with a beautiful gal. That's what's the matter with me. She don't care about me. His albums include a few old songs, but mostly, he does original songs inspired by early blues, country and western swing.

I figured I'd invite Pokey LaFarge on our show the next time he had a new album, and that time has just arrived. The new album, his seventh, is called "Something In The Water. Last week, when he was in Nashville, he went to a studio so we could record an interview.

He also brought his guitar so he could perform a few original songs for us as well as a few old ones that influenced him. But before we hear him perform solo, let's hear him with his band on the new album.

This is an example of one of his songs that's rooted in the Midwest, where his family has lived for generations. Singing Well, the lights are on. It's time to go - got to hit the stage for another show - knockin' the dust off the rust belt tonight. I started out all by myself, but I'm lucky now that I've found some help to knock the dust off the rust belt tonight. Have you seen what's happening around here?

If you ask most people, they don't care. But now is the time we have to do things right, so we're knockin' the dust off the rust belt tonight. It is such a pleasure to have you, and thank you so much for bringing your guitar with you. We are from St. I grew up in between St. Louis and Chicago, spent most of my time in Chicago, you know, so right in between two of the major Rust Belt cities, so absolutely.

It is - there's a point of pride to a certain extent.

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I want to ask you to perform a song for us. And this is an original song called "Close The Door," and it's about unaffordable medical bills after three weeks in the hospital. I hope this isn't from personal experience. Oh, thankfully no, but I'm sure that there's many people out there that, unfortunately, could relate. Singing Oh, close the door. Don't let that doctor come in. Lock it tight because I've got no money for that doctor tonight.

Three weeks I spent in the hospital left me with a stack of bills sky high. I'll never be able to pay them, I know. That's why I wish I would've stayed there and died. Yes, tell me why we must pay for the things that we need. Well, the doctor, he gets richer off me each day, and I barely have enough money to eat. That's why I'll never go to a doctor anymore, no matter how sick I get. No doctor will ever get my dough - why? That's Pokey LaFarge performing for us. And he has a new album which is called "Something In The Water.

How were you first exposed to that?

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Well, it was sort of coming to a fork in the road. And like Yogi Berra says, when you see a fork in the road, take it. I just kept following the signs. I certainly was being exposed to a lot of the same music that any kid would be exposed to at the time there in grade school, junior high, respectively.

And what was that for you? What were the hits of the time? You know, the same old - yeah. I mean, this is, like, mid-'90s, so you know, like, Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube and all different kinds of stuff. And I love that stuff, but as I started to really get interested in my own creativity - and I got to hear some early blues around 13 - you know, the real old blues and the acoustic stuff - just a guy and a guitar, you know, seemingly crying with his guitar and the voice and the guitar becoming one - that was the real big - that was the sign.

This is real music. And so then imitating gunshot from there and in all different directions. Can you play a few bars of a song like that - an early blues song that really got you going? He's so lonesome when your love not around when the sun go down. You've got this kind of trill in your voice sometimes that I really like a lot.

And very few people sing that way anymore. And I was wondering if that was something you had to work on or if you found that you naturally had that in your voice. Well, you know, there's a way that, in traditional jazz and New Orleans jazz with clarinetist, they would have to have this - they came up with this really whiny, you know, tremolo - vibrato-type style, and it's not Yeah, like Sidney Bechet. Yeah, was, like, my favorite soloist of all time.

But they had to come up with this vibrato to compensate for the poor quality of the clarinet, you know, just, like, literally warping in the humidity there in New Orleans. And I think - I don't know. Maybe it's the same thing with my voice.

I'm compensating for notes that I can't hit cleanly. I'm certainly not a trained singer. I'm just kind of following a feeling. Oh, I don't see it - I don't hear it as compensatory. I hear it as As being - in keeping with the period that inspired you when, I think, a lot of singers had that kind of vibrato or tremolo or almost trill. But you know, there's been some great singers even throughout - I mean, throughout the rock 'n' roll era and into now that are singing that way.

I mean, I even - I mean, like, even Tom Jones or, like, Morrissey, you know - they throw in this really cool vibrato. They just do it a little tighter, almost more like a, you know, a classical - more classical type way. Yeah, I guess - hopefully, I'm maybe just saying there's more of a difference, but I don't know if vibrato's certainly a thing.

Maybe you're saying the trill is more specific. And I think that it is definitely a big part of that - an influence from old singers, for sure. So you're a fan of Tom Jones? I love that song. Are you kidding me?

Close the Door Lyrics: Close the Door, close the door, don't let the doctor come in / Close the door and lock it tight / I've got no money for the doctor tonight.

If that tune comes on, I will definitely be fist pumping. It's so big laughter. It's so desperate laughter , yes. I'm a sucker for epic pieces like that.

Did you sing songs like that? I can't - it's, like, hard for me to imagine you doing that. I mean, I have a - I could play a tune that's sort of epic. I mean, if you listen to it on the record, it's more epic, but I could play a tune - a little bit of a tune that I wrote that's kind of epic. Singing Last night, I dreamt you were a glass of Rioja wine we drank on the first night we met.

You had to cross my tongue, trace through my veins. You could have gone with me on the morning I left. Oh, la meva maca senorita, you danced the sardana, bare feet on the floor.

And when you get tired, lay your head on my chest. Please hear my song. Don't you cry anymore. Oh, my heart is a bird that sings while you're gone the loneliest song that you've ever heard.

Goodbye, Barcelona - so glad I've been shown you. I'm leaving the land of the sun for the far north where I don't want to go, where the rain, it stops for no one. Yes, but I'm bringing a bottle of rum. That sounded terrific - really nice song.

I think this would be a great time to take a short break, and then we'll talk some more and hear more of your music.

Heard on Fresh Air To mark the release of his seventh album, the singer-songwriter brings his acoustic guitar to the Fresh Air studio to sing some new songs as well as some of his favorites from the s and '30s. The first time I heard my guest Pokey LaFarge sing, it was on the soundtrack of the HBO series "Boardwalk Empire," an album on which contemporary performers do songs from the '20s and '30s, the era the series was set in.

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Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three - Close The Door (Live on KEXP)

Lyrics to 'Close The Door' by Pokey LaFarge. Close the...
Pokey LaFarge - Close The Door lyrics. Close the Door,...



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