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Polaris - Lucid (OFFICIAL AUDIO)

We talk to guitarist Rick Schneider about the huge success so far and everything else happening with the band at the moment. I heard that you guys have been super successful as far as getting on the charts and all that so you must be happy about all this at the moment!

As far as it goes, it does make a lot of sense because it means you can get the release out a bit quicker, the launch window is a bit more brief and it also means you can move on to the next project a bit quicker as well. What was it this time around that you wanted to maybe achieve or improve on?

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I suppose it was that commercialbility, not like in a radio friendly kind of way but more like with our first EP when we dropped, it was a good release and were really satisfied with it but it was pretty much just Sydney based.

But with the kind of fanbase that we grew from that point, we thought, Ok this EP can actually drop out to pretty much Australia wide and even a little bit of an international kind of exposure as well. What kind of reviews have you been getting at the moment?

You just never know what to expect with genres and styles and what people are going to take. Or do you actually think about that kind of stuff? Not everyone writes the music, not everyone writes the lyrics but we all have our stamp of approval for lack of a better term and everything that comes out, we are all satisfied as a group. So we just hope that it finds that kind of collective appreciation as well through other people.

Yeah absolutely I think you are right and I think honesty in your own music is the best way to go about it I guess. Now one of the other big things we need to talk about is the Legion Music Festival which you guys got added onto just recently. So for us to be on 3 of those shows is just monumental.

Polaris. 49K likes. Management: Graham Nixon - Bookings: Ash Hull Musician/Band The Remedy Tour - Sydney.

What are your thoughts on the whole Soundave thing? Because obviously it was a huge issue when it happened but what are your thoughts on that whole thing? We just need the festivals to solidify that. As far as the Legion Music Fest is concerned, is there any particular bands that you are looking forward to checking out?

Yeah fingers crossed that it happens. Now you got your own tour coming up very soon, doing a few shows around Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and all that. What can the fans expect on this one? Are you planning on doing a headliner tour at some stage as well? We got something in the pipeline but nothing to really report on just yet.

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We just came over there as a one show trip but it was a pretty good time, it was actually pretty promising for our first time over in Perth. We were pretty impressed that people actually already knew and people were asking us to come back. Just as far as finances go, I think we gotta really weight it up especially with the whole launch of the EP so we just gotta see what our next best option is. But we definitely plan to come back as soon as possible.

We appreciate it as well, just to have the demand over there is a very nice thing to see.

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Just take us back to the history of the band, how did you guys first get together and what are some of your influences? So obviously having a steady lineup is a very healthy thing, you sort of work out what everyone does and that kind of thing?

As far as guitar players are concerned, who is your biggest influences on the guitar? Having a diverse influence shapes the music in quite . Your music is diverse in that you really have a fluent combination of the melodic stuff and the heavy kind of stuff. With having melodic parts and also heavy parts, it just allows you to kind of toy and have a bit more fun with it. Thanks for your time today and have fun on tour!

Thank you for your time as well, thanks for the questions and thank you again for the congratulations.

We talk to guitarist Rick Schneider about the huge success so far and everything else happening with the band at the moment. I heard that you guys have been super successful as far as getting on the charts and all that so you must be happy about all this at the moment!

Polaris POLARIS is a five-piece metalcore band from Sydney's south....
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logo Polaris (AUS). prev. next. Style Metalcore. Status Active. Formed...
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Polaris is an independent rock band that was formed as...
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Polaris - DUSK TO DAY [Official Music Video]

{REPLACEMENT-(Зайцев.нет)-(}You guys are smashing the scene at the moment, how does it feel? But apart from that we are just itchy to get out and play some shows for everyone. We are a bunch of quite particular guys so it took us a while to finish in the first place.

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