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The thing about these posts is that they mainly focus on the planning and deploying process and basically infers that everything was great forever and ever after. In my experience, all the interesting stuff happened after the setup processes were done.

Maybe it's just because I suck at networking, but maybe you do to? As it turns out, to get a UniFi network running at home you actually do need to care about a few things. I aim to guide you through these. Background Today most of my "network encounters" mainly comes from setting up virtual networks in Azure.

In terms of network equipment and WLANs, my aim has been to know as little as possible. One day, I was sitting on the balcony with my laptop and suddenly got fed up with my flaky WiFi. It was especially bad there since it was basically as far away from the AP could get without leaving the confines of my apartment.

I also noticed I was gathering quite a lot of network connected "stuff", with plans for getting even more of this "stuff". Being a software developer, I naturally wanted all of this to be built upon on a robust, solid and extensible backbone. My current LAN was simply not that. We got our fine specimen when we moved in 3 years ago. But how could you live like this? Well, I had the luxury of having at least one network outlet in every single room.

This has meant that I could use cables for most of my stationary devices, leaving WiFi dedicated to mobile devices. That said all my neighbors up, down, left and right all had their WiFi running and to make things worse I live close to a hotel with a HUGE amount of 2.

Safe to say not ideal "WiFi land" but I managed to trundle along by changing channels when things got too bad. As you can see below my WiFi was basically optimized for sitting on ye olde toilet.

This is not necessarily the worst of priorities for your WiFi coverage, in fact, it's probably why I never really got around to fix my WiFi. Things could, however, be improved for the rest of the apartment. Expectations I knew that to get a real speed boost meant going 5Ghz and the latest At work, our "go-to" network consultant had fairly recently deployed UniFi AP's all over the office and I really liked how easy they were to set up and manage, they were powered over the Ethernet cable yay!

The AP's are easy to place pretty much anywhere, in the ceiling, on walls or as we tend to do at the office leave them on the floor. Their stuff is also designed for enterprise use, which is quite a bonus. The main other option I looked at was going the Apple route Airport Extremes it felt a bit too "consumer", not as extensible, and those power adapters ughh! Obviously, I went with UniFi. Ubiquiti gear is also pretty cheap, especially when thinking of it as enterprise grade.

Now, in the end, I ended up spending a lot more than expected but that's another story. Reaching close to my network pipe max in download speeds over WiFi Mbps download Easily get to above speeds as LR means long range, which sounds good. To me, it certainly sounded a lot better than the cheaper "Lite" version. A bit naively I thought, You don't want to get the cheapest version, do you. Turns out I should probably have gone with the Lite. The LR is a bit of a safe choice.

It's aimed more towards large open spaces while still being very flexible and a good bet in most scenarios. For example, if the amount of AP's you can deploy is limited, coverage rather than speed for both 5 and 2. When going strictly for The choice of LR was by no means a deal breaker, however, the money I spent on a better AP would probably be better spent on an extra AP instead. I ended up getting two of these AP's.

To power them the plan was to put an 8-port switch in the closet where my service fiber comes in, then bridge the old crappy all-in-one and let the PoE switch handle the switching and power distribution to the network outlets that needed it, via the patch board.

Planned network topology and hardware placement. Turns out Ubiquiti has an 8-port switch where half of them can supply PoE. It's called the Switch 8 60W. Great, so I got that as well. This also meant that I could manage my switch from the same interface, which is nice. Please ignore the small one for now! Installation So ready to take on the world with my new networking purchases.

Again, there are plenty of blogs about the setup of UniFi gear.

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Still, I like to stress how elegant this is Within a few mins I had stuff like this in the UniFi controller: Network topology, with clients.

Wifi signal strength map, OR could also be bungie. In terms of hardware, Ubiquiti doesn't leave you disappointed either. The switches feel very solid and the AP's even though they weigh next to nothing also feels qualitative.

The packaging of everything is also very good. This is how it looked when "Deployed". Result So now that I had my new shiny WiFi up and running I, of course, started running some speed tests. Instead of a stable network, my clients lost their connection left and right and many times could not get a new IP lease. Of course not, but it took a while for me to figure out how to get to Wifi Supremacy. Troubleshooting throughput In the quest to reach my expectations I had to leave one of them behind.

Yeah not so much. Below is basically an account of my thought process for troubleshooting this low throughput. Channels The first thing to check of my troubleshooting list was of course channel interference.

My trusty tool for this is WiFi Analyzer. As previously mentioned, I live in a fairly new building, we all moved in at the same time and we all got the same crappy 2.

This meant the 5Ghz spectrum was very clear. This is generally the case compared to 2. Since we all remember our physics, the higher the frequency of radio waves the more it behaves like visible light. Visible light among other things does not pass through walls. On behalf of all WiFi users living in condos I like to curse the person that decided that WiFi should use 2.

Channel analyzing was a continuous process during the whole troubleshooting phase of course and most likely will be forever and ever. I think this is pretty good! Get your expectations right The perception of Reading up a bit more on WiFi speeds I quickly found out that someone back in the day must have realized that WiFi speeds suck and decided to pretend WiFi is Ethernet.

The somewhat Ethernet comparable 5. One of the many differences between a Mbps WiFi connection and a Mbps Ethernet connection is that the Ethernet connection is Full-Duplex, that means you can both send and receive Mbps at any point in time. Or if you will send and receive at half that bitrate 50Mbps. Now, it would convert gigabit Ethernet to WiFi speed notations, we would have Mbps. In short, WiFi is not Ethernet without a cable. This does not mean that you should cut your expected speeds in half, but it shows there is more to WiFi throughput numbers than meets the eye.

The worst offense in WiFi throughput notations though is to actually combine the different radios bandwidth to give you the number on your WiFi device box. There are multiple different speed "rates" for One would think they are meant to be indicative of throughput you can expect from an AC AP. This is not the case, they are exaggerated as hell.

Can you expect to get Mbps download speeds out of AC? Start by removing the 2. Which is not a given. Ubiquiti gear has never been about performance". It did not help explain my sucking throughput but at least I realized getting download speeds nearing my pipe max Mbps is not going to be as easy as I thought. Ubiquiti does a great job at explaining this on their website, but retailers often do not. Here is a good video on the subject: Forgive my ignorance, but Power over Ethernet never excited me much.

I basically thought it was one standard.

Good day all, I upgraded from on my NVR appliance to and from then I have been having non stop low bandwidth warning on all.

Therefore my next thought was my problems might have something to do with PoE, maybe the AP's where not getting enough power. Watt is going on here? The UniFi port configuration for PoE switches is watts going on! There are actually two IEEE standards My thought was first that I screwed up and might have broken these AP's or that it might have something to do with the bad speeds.

The thing about these posts is that they mainly focus on the planning and deploying process and basically infers that everything was great forever and ever after. In my experience, all the interesting stuff happened after the setup processes were done.

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