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A Perfect Circle - Judith

DatheR 0 Thank you for posting this. I watched their dvd which can be played with commentary by MJK. He explains the song meaning, which is very similar to what you said. It is about a person that is close to or in love with someone who is dealing with an addiction or dying.

This person refuses to admit that there is a problem, or that anything is wrong. Anyway, thanks for not posting idiotic ideals or ignorant generalizations.

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For those who are lost, guess you have to get used to thinking about things creatively and not the obvious way. This is why i personally started listening to music that isnt mainstream bullshit. I am one that likes to learn, sharpen the mind and not take the easy way out. This is why he says things like ignore the smoke. Just act like he never knew, the smoke was never there, he never found out.

He's saying to call an optimist because in the situation he is not optimistic. He has no faith in it. People generally jump straight to "drowning" figuratively or metaphorically when someone turns "blue". Truth is, they are turning "blue" because whatever he found out is killing her. Its ruining her in every possible way. Not only for herself but also how he viewed her and now he cant ever look at her the same.

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The lyrics reference which substaintially agrees with what im saying is that he says "Such a lovely color for you". Basically saying, "Sure, go ahead, great idea. Basically just letting it be because hes so disgusted he just doesnt care anymore and hes quite sure, pestimistic, that it will not ever be the same between them.

When he says, "Mistook their nods for approval", that was actually speaking for her, and she just assumed he was ok with it, or not bothered, and she went and continued.

So he ignored how aweful it was, never confronted her, and just smiled like everything was perfect.

DatheR 0 Thank you for posting this. I watched their dvd which can be played with commentary by MJK.

A Perfect Circle · Weak and Powerless/Blue; Blue Lyrics. Blue...
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Blue Lyrics: I didn't want to know / I just...
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A Perfect Circle - Weak and Powerless



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