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Real Age Of The Americans Actors

More Articles December 07, Actors often play roles well outside their wheelhouse. Whether a sweetheart plays an evil villain or an adult perpetually portrays teenagers, gigs demand the ability to pretend. But one of the most impressive masks an actor can wear is a foreign citizen pretending to be American. Most of the actors and actresses on this list have covered up their natural accents for several roles. Some even adapted the accent and culture of a specific U.

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Here are 15 foreign actors who tricked us with their vocal skills. Australian and British Actress Isla Fisher grew up in more than one country.

Fisher was born in the Arab country of Oman to Scottish parents, and lived in Scotland for a time before settling down in Perth, Australia. This actor got his big break in The Wire. This actress found her niche with action roles.

Dutch Actress Famke Janssen has a unique accent. She moved to the U. Interestingly, she adopted a Russian accent for the part. Janssen rose to prominence as Dr. In each of these productions Janssen had an American accent. This badass biker was born across the pond. British Actor Charlie Hunnam only had a few gigs under his belt before he moved to Hollywood. Hunnam quickly picked up an action star reputation, starring in films like The Ledge, Deadfall, and Pacific Rim.

It was a bit more difficult sorting through the men (Editor's Note: compared to the women) to come up with a 10 “best,” “current,” and “American born,” Hollywood.

Legend of the Sword, using of his natural accent. This model-turned-actress got her start in Europe. She appeared in a few French films before scoring roles in American productions such as Troy and Wicker Park. While primarily appearing on the big screen, Kruger starred in FX crime drama The Bridge for its two-season run as a Texas police officer working with a Mexican detective.

The Brit began his career on stage and in a few BBC novel and film adaptations. However, he got his big break as Matthew Crawley on Downton Abbey.

In one episode, Stevens plays a British version of the character, but is thoroughly convincing with both accents.

Australian The Australia native began her career down under, known for her role on popular soap opera Neighbours. While fans know the character for her New Jersey-New York dialect, Robbie sticks with a non-regional American accent for her adaptation. This household name is not actually American.

26 May A list of actors and actresses that most people believe are American but Jim Carrey, Canadian-born and a U.S. citizen since , is an actor.

British It can be hard for actors in the U. What may also help? A less British surname. This might be how Andrew Clutterbuck got the stage name Andrew Lincoln.

Lincoln acted across the pond for years, appearing in films such as Love Actually. As Rick Grimes, Lincoln is the only constant in an ever-changing cast of characters, receiving critical praise for his portrayal. She picked up roles quickly after settling in the states. In fact, she eventually completely adopted her U. In , she continued her role as Elizabeth North on Scandal. This breakout star tricked audiences everywhere. Though writer and director Jordan Peele is the subject of much of it, star Daniel Kaluuya won his fair share of fans for his portrayal.

In Get Out, the actor finally got to show off his American accent. Hearing this actress speak without a Boston accent is surprising. Australian Australian stage actress Yael Stone has both a unique name and origin story. Before moving to the U. Her character quickly became known for her distinct accent, which was thought to be a mixture of Boston and Brooklyn.

For fans who have only seen her on the Netflix hit, hearing her native accent can be a jarring experience. British Charlie Cox began acting while living in the U. This show was the first of the Marvel projects on the streaming network, beginning quite a phenomenon.

He also plays the character in the miniseries, The Defenders. Irish Actress Ruth Negga was actually born in Ethiopia, where her father was from. She was raised by her Irish mother in Limerick, Ireland and began her career with U.

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The actress finally gained the recognition she deserves as the star of historical drama Loving, which earned her an Oscar nomination for Best Actress. Negga has continued to deceive us with her southern accent on Preacher, having jumped ship from Marvel and made her way to the DC TV world. This actor makes it hard to tell which accent is real.

Australian Actress and singer Toni Collette was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, but fans of her most popular works may not know this. Dating back to , Collette was nominated for an Oscar for her role in The Sixth Sense, kicking off her tenure in American cinema. She received acclaim for turns in popular U. But perhaps her most significant role is the lead in Showtime series, United States of Tara, where she played the many different personalities of a woman with dissociative identity disorder.

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More Articles December 07, Actors often play roles well outside their wheelhouse. Whether a sweetheart plays an evil villain or an adult perpetually portrays teenagers, gigs demand the ability to pretend.

2 Jul Although these celebs were not born in the...
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These actors/entertainers were either born in the US to one...
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This is a list of notable Russian Americans, including both...
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13 Canadian Celebrities You Thought Were American

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English-speaking celebrities born in Israel, Ukraine, Lebanon, Japan, Bulgaria, and...

{REPLACEMENT-(Зайцев.нет)-(}While famous actors and musicians are often known for growing up in certain places, or living there when they first gained fame, many were born in cities and countries that rarely come up in interviews. For example, Nicole Kidman is Australian, right? Sure, but she was born in the U.

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