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How To Train Your Dragon

Prayers by harrypanther reviews Modern AU. A man kills a stranger defending himself in a robbery. Another man takes the blame. Give his daughter a home. How to Train Your Dragon - Rated: They grew up together, but will they end up together too? While being only dressed an oversized jumper, leggins and mismatched socks. Also, it was 2 am. For as long as she has worked at the Diner, the auburn-haired guy has been coming in, regular as clockwork.

One day he stops coming. When he returns, something is different Christmas approaches and Astrid Hofferson, perennial grump, finds herself helping a homeless man and getting more than she bargained for. When Astrid gets invited over for Christmas, Hiccup becomes obsessed with making it the best Christmas ever.

T - English - Romance - Chapters: Hiccup and Astrid are having a normal conversation on the phone, or so Astrid thinks. He was different from others. Throughout his journey, from being nothing to everything, he learns about something unbelievable. He has no idea about his family history, their origin or their purpose. He was born for a purpose, a purpose only he can fulfill.

With the help of @megtoons @furydiver and @rafxsulfuslovestory I finally finished my modern Hiccstrid for you @haddock-the-third with the Green hoodie of.

Her competitive behavior made it hard for anyone to get too close to her but she but she never thought that being stuck with a boy in the same hospital Ward for two weeks would make her care so much about him.

Growing up rich, Astrid Hofferson has been forced to attend many boring dinner parties. The only thing that makes them bearable is her friend Hiccup.

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Maybe he even makes her enjoy them. StormChaser is now online. Unfortunately, one hot summer day, he accidentally left his six-year-old son in the backseat of their car. Luckily, a sixteen-year-old girl named Astrid Hofferson came to Hiccup's rescue. Astrid by BlueBubblegumBubble reviews A series of texts showing how Astrid deals with the loss of Hiccup during the year after his untimely death. When Hiccup's wife Astrid was expecting their first child, he knew there would be many challenges coming their way.

He just didn't expect Astrid to turn into a thief. She watches him change after the loss of his leg, and their relationship changes along with it. The only problem is the time limit: All semester, she's had her eye on an auburn haired boy that sits in front of her.

Now, during the last class before finals, she'll finally make her move. Cover image is my own creation for the purpose of this oneshot. But one can only fight with their heart for so long.

Modern astrid. Modern astrid. Visit. Discover ideas about Modern Disney Characters. Stella by Astrid the Valkyrie of House Hofferson. Astrid would make an.

Bring her along this weekend, and prove it to everyone. Lost for any other ideas, Hiccup asks his best friend to pretend to be his girlfriend, just for a day.

What could possibly go wrong? Fast forward five years and while home for the holidays, she and her family run into said guy—and she has to convince him to play along with her years long lie.

However, it is not focused on the usual 'Hiccstrid' which had overwhelmed and clogged this AU. It is rather focused on master Tuffnut Thorston mostly aswell as other characters. I hope the originality is good and sparks an interest. Straight A student and resting at the top of the high school food chain without a care of what anyone thought of her.

But when she is paired up with the only person that is smarter then her for an English project, she finds herself questioning what she really wants in her life. Rated T for swearing and suggestive themes.

Prayers by harrypanther reviews Modern AU. A man kills a stranger defending himself in a robbery.

damn that anon for throwing me back into modern HTTYD...
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Modern AU. Christmas approaches and Astrid Hofferson, perennial grump, finds...
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3 May Modern HTTYD. . biggest crush on Astrid Hofferson,...
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Astrid Hofferson - Mad hatter

{REPLACEMENT-(Зайцев.нет)-(}A smart and popular girl in school, but winning her heart isn't going to be easy as he thought. But, when certain events occur both Astrid and Hiccup will discover more about each other, along with their true feelings. Friendship, love, and loss.

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