The Blue Album 1967*1970 (DVD IMPORT ZONE 2)

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Music DVD Collection (Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, U2 + More)

Paris match (パリス・マッチ) is a Japanese pop-jazz band, consisting of Mari Mizuno (vocals) and Yosuke Sugiyama (music). Their name is based on a. Read more...

Yellow Submarine has also become a children's favourite. Long before Pixar, this funny little film directed by George Dunning pulled off the trick of simultaneously appealing to both kids and their parents.

View credits, reviews, track listings and more about the Japan DVD release of Complete Video Album & by The Beatles. Blue DVD One. , Strawberry Fields Forever. , Penny Lane. , Sgt. Pepper's Lonely.

View image of Credit: Alamy I should know: I was raised on it, courtesy of hippie parents and a beloved grainy VHS I must have watched hundreds of times. For the uninitiated, the movie tells the story — such as it is — of Pepperland, a peaceful place full of gardens and bandstands, 80, leagues beneath the sea. Flowers and foliage curl and multiply in eye-popping hues. Flat outlined figures look like Aubrey Beardsley drawings on acid.

Watercolour shading on landscapes and plants lends an unsettling beauty. And there are also suitably mind-blowing op-art style sequences — the seemingly infinite black-and-white sea of holes still freaks me out. Animation, in general, does possess an almost unique power to be, well, strange: Yellow Submarine realises the full potential of all that. I love the moment where a monstrous sucking beast hoovers up first other creatures, then the background, then his own body.

Alamy Still, Yellow Submarine never gets too dark: But kids, too, are drawn to its kaleidoscopic nature, and easily follow the dreamy, free-associative approach to storytelling.

Amazingly, the poet Roger McGough was brought in to brush the script up, and to give the humour a home-grown Liverpudlian character. But Yellow Submarine arguably the first to explicitly do this. The music is a key part of Yellow Submarine, although its pertinence to the plot is often airy at best. Alamy Not that there was much new music: Hey Bulldog is a banged-out bit of fun from John Lennon, although it nods towards the harsher direction of the White Album.

Getty Images The fact that The Beatles stuck cast-offs on the soundtrack is indicative of how casually they took the movie. The band were concerned, apparently, that an animated film would be too childish and naff — there was a Beatles cartoon series in the US they loathed — but instantly came round when they saw the final film. They liked it so much, they even recorded a larky little live cameo to go at the end certainly the worst bit of acting in the film.

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Even for their own kids, Yellow Submarine was the perfect introduction to The Beatles.

Visit is a re-edited version of renowned documentary filmmaking team Albert and David Maysles ' 16mm documentary What's Happening!

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Trailer: The Beatles - The Magical Mystery Tour (Restored for DVD)

The Beatles '1' was originally released in and quickly became...

{REPLACEMENT-(Зайцев.нет)-(}It's a broad synopsis of the Beatles' career admittedly some of it dodgy footage, it is utterly unauthorised but here's the thing. For these few dollars you might get a pre-teen into this game-changing band, albeit through some secondhand videos and lots of arrogant greybeard talking heads in placesd God, that Alan Clayson is an insufferable fckng arse!

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