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Dead By Daylight Survivor

This is a co-op game that is meant to be played in an isolated fashion.

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Survivors are not intended to be able to consistently communicate with one another, the evidence of that being the complete and utter lack of survivor communication tools within the game itself. The moment you jump on a VOIP program aka voice chat with a group of your buddies, you completely destroy a very intentional communications boundary that the entire game is based upon.

The current state of the game reflects this inherent design contradiction. With high level and grouped play, only a handful of killers and perks are viable, and participation in that high level meta often requires survivors to all be communicating fluently with one another. With low level and ungrouped play, nearly everything is viable, and some of the meta perks are actually overbearing at lower levels because they attempt to compensate for the inherent contradiction in DBD's design the deliberate lack of in-game communication tools being bypassed by third party programs.

This leaves us with a very messy situation. While extending the benefit of VOIP to all players as an in-game function would certainly even out the meta and give the developers an even playing field to balance the game from at all levels of play, it does destroy the atmosphere that DBD's developers have very deliberately set out to create. I wholeheartedly understand their reasoning for not wanting to implement VOIP.

So what can we do? Let's analyze what information VOIP actually allows players to communicate to one other, and then add the communication of that information via in-game mechanics to DBD without actually adding VOIP to the game. The most successful end result of this implementation would actually make VOIP for SWF redundant, because that same information is being relayed to survivors via in-game mechanics instead. It's a win-win -- people can hop on VOIP for SWF to throw some banter back and forth, but it's not required, and thusly the playing field of the metagame has been evened out without sacrificing the atmosphere DBD has worked so hard to build as it's signature.

25 May AI mode should be a thing for people who's internet is not working at the other actual people, not against an AI Killer or Multiple AI survivors.

I don't intend to outline a neat list of suggestions, I'm just trying to get the ball rolling on discussion of this subject, as "adding-the-effects-of-VOIP-without-actually-adding-VOIP" is a difficult goal to accomplish! Here are a couple of spitballed examples to get discussion started: Survivors, while being chased, could make fairly consistent and loud directional noises of fear! The survivor's status icon who is being chased could also change to indicate that they're currently engaged in a chase.

Survivors, while hanging on a hook, could have very clear communication tools to indicate whether or not the killer is nearby. I realize that this exists in a certain fashion with the community's "hook gymnastics", but it needs to be made into an actual mechanic to avoid any confusion.

The perk "knock out" should actually blacken the survivor's screen entirely and disengage all sound, so that they can't communicate otherwise over VOIP that they're being picked up, where they're being carried, etc.

A messy suggestion but it is a clear example of how to tweak existing perks to compensate for the "workaround" that VOIP represents in spirit of the main point of this thread. The map boundaries could shift and change as generators are completed to prevent survivors from becoming too familiar with their surroundings as the game progresses.

I strongly believe that once this hurdle is overcome the game's meta will actually pan out much more smoothly, instead of the constant state of band-aid perks and killers that are being lumped in to satisfy the requirements of high level grouped meta, often to the frustration or detriment of lower level ungrouped meta.

This is a co-op game that is meant to be played in an isolated fashion. Survivors are not intended to be able to consistently communicate with one another, the evidence of that being the complete and utter lack of survivor communication tools within the game itself.

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[Dead by Daylight] #1 Run! Run just run away!!

All sorts of tricks and treats are abound in 4v1...
Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical, multiplayer (4 vs 1)...



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