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Drowning Pool "BODIES" Live 9/18/2015 @ Whiskey Dick's Saloon in Goldsboro NC

Please sign in or register to post comments. The credits are listed incorrectly, it should have been Dave, not Jason.

I seriously doubt you did, I don't ever recall Davey talking about Noah from Arizona. Nor do I recall Dave having a "huge" cocaine problem.

Either way, you didn't know him well enough to speculate He was a kind and caring person, even to people like yourself. Coroner reports don't lie, but spreading lies definitely hurts the people who love Dave. Randy from Rio De Janeiro, -Question about the video. Was the metal patient a member of the band?

David from Vallejo, Cahaha i played this on my skullcrushers awesome!!! I think it would be cool if the song was played during a zombie massacre. Horace from Las Vegas, Nvone hit wonder, but what a song to be remembered for. I want to slam my head into a wall whenever I hear it. I might have bain bamage by now. Lew from Dallas, TxDave had a heart condition, and, like a lot of people with a heart condition, it caught him by surprise. I actually had auditioned with Drowning Pool right before they met Dave.

They were rehearsing at Universal Rehearsal in Dallas at the time. I lost their contact info and was never able to get back in touch with them, but I still have one of their demo cassettes laying around somewhere they gave me to practice with.

They met Dave shortly thereafter and I ran into the guys here and there before they hit it big at the time, I was forming the band I'm now fronting - Coilback. They are all really nice guys and it's sad Dave died because to me, Drowning Pool isn't the same without him. Tyler from Washington, LaThis was a amazing song that we played a lot when we got Gears of War2, it fit 2 perfect. We memorized the entire song note by note in 3 days. My step-mom booted us out of the house because we scared the hell out of her.

I like this song. My boyfrined got me to like it. Jarett from Bellingham, MnOK!! Dave Williams died in on tour he was found dead in his bus dead..

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Dave did alot of drinking I do not think he did drugs he probly did them once or twice but not addicted.. Drowning pool had alot of good songs "Bodies" for one which means parting in a pit not death or anything I thought that what it ment.. Anyway Dave dident know he had the heart problem.. Daves 1 dream came true he buyt his parents a house Mike from Falmouth, MaR. Drowning Pool absolutely rocked when he was their vocalist. Since his tragic death it really hasn't and will never be the same.

Sinner will be the album the Drowning Pool is Defined by and will overshadow all of their future work. Still, this is one of my favorite songs of All Time and that will never change. Tracie from Not Telling, MsWho gives a deleted what Dave died of he was a good man a real razor person so leave it at that its bad enough we lost him! P Dave williams forever you will live on Mike from Petersham, MaSorry for the weird grammar at the end of my comment.

Mike from Petersham, MaThe Virginia Tech thing just happened and I was listening to the radio and the DJ was talking about it for a bit and then she looked at her playlist. I didn't plan this. I'm sorry to anyone who can't find humor in dark places but this was the funniest thing I heard this. Sarah from Hull, Englandi know it says this song isn't meant to have a deep meaing but to me it brings up ideas of concentration camps and the jews in the shower chambers and how theres nothing wrong with them yet they're still being punished.

Joel from Lawrence, KsAs if we don't have enough violent songs already. Still, I will listen to Drowning Pool when I am really pissed off. Amandass from Buckley, WaYeah, this definately is a song to mosh ass to and trash something I would feel kind of upset hearing something like that if a family member had been killed by terrorists.

Al from Nz, New ZealandRip dave, the new singer makes em sound like another seether or like puddle of mudd with 7 strings Adam from Poplar Bluff, MoThis song was featured in just about every movie trailer in I didn't actually like this song, but I did like DP.

Dave actually died from an undiagnosed heart condition cardio-myopathy. I just checked out your site and think that may sound about right.

Man, what a shame!! I first heard Bodies on a video at http: The music is perfectly set to the vid or vice versa but the second I heard it, I was hooked. I just found out early this morning while surfing about the band that Dave died.

I didn't know much about the band. Now, what I'd love to know is a cold, hard, factual link of how I can find out his actual cause of death. I only ask because I read, first, that he drowned in his vomit, then that it was heart failure. Can anyone tell me where to find it out for sure? Nothin but steers and queers, huh? Drowning Pool threw that out the window!!

Jay from Lincolnshire, EnglandTo nick, dave died by drowning in his own vomit, i have made a site dedicated to him and drowning pool, please check it out www. It's a great tune for when your having one of those days or when you want to get pumped up. Chris Owens from Belfast, Irelandi think the song is about psychotic and homicidal thoughts. Vince from Philiadelphia, PaTo me this song is about completly loosing it and blowing everyone away.

Not that I would ever want to do that though But yeah, its realy about the mosh pit.

Bodies is a song by the American rock band Drowning Pool and also is the lead single from Considered a nu metal song,

Regardless of any bad habitsthat Dave Williams had struggled with during his life,a heart defect eventually caused Heart failure. The rumor of a cocaine induced heart attack shouldn't be propetuated,because it's simply not true. He left his mark in this world that's for sure.

Paul from Pueblo, CoThis song is meaningful to some but yet again its is just a good song to others people dont realize that it does not have subliminal messages like some think so. Yeah this song is great. I love the old drowning pool before Dave died.

Now I don't think they are so great because there is only one original member left Jesse from Magna, Utthis song is supposed o be deep and meaningful. The whole cd is. If you out it all together it is about Dave and he comitted a sin. He doesnt want pity and he wont tell you what the sin is but the whol;e cd and title is aoubt him doing a sin and more about that sin.

Bodies Lyrics: Let the bodies hit the floor / Let the bodies hit the floor / Let the bodies hit the floor / Let the bodies hit the floor! / Beaten why for (why for) / Can't .

This cd is full of meaning. SOme of us need that music ear. He died of massive heart failure due to continuous extreme on-stage movement combined with daily heavy drinking sessions. They both eventually took their toll.

How horrible this band will probably be only a one-hit band now. Does anybody know how he died?

Please sign in or register to post comments. The credits are listed incorrectly, it should have been Dave, not Jason.

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82-Year-Old Man Covers DROWNING POOLS "Bodies" on Americas Got Talent!

Let the bodies hit the floor / Let the bodies...
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