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ultrasound wrong?? 17 week its a boy

24 Aug I was told boy at one gender scan and girl at another, so *someone* is wrong. We aren't sure who yet since my kiddo wouldn't participate at the.

Up to 10 women out of will get told that they're having a certain gender, only to have a kind of jack-in-the-box surprise at the end. Despite these percentages, there are stories upon stories on the web of women getting told that their baby would either be a boy or a girl, only to discover the opposite a couple of weeks later or even at birth.

How early the gender screening is performed, the baby's cooperation, and the expertise of the tech are all tremendously important. Basically, your lucky stars need to align just right for you to not get the wrong result. And the vast majority of pregnant women laying in the chair, waiting to find out the gender, will indeed get the correct answer. Jes Jackson, an Australian birth photographer, snapped this incredibly candid picture of Koto Nakamura.

Throughout her pregnancy, the new mommy had been expecting a beautiful baby girl, only to deliver a beautiful baby Understandably, she was speechless at the turn in gender, saying, "I thought everyone was joking, I lost words and I couldn't believe it until I saw his bottom.

Had to had follow up scan at 32 weeks - it was a boy.

Has anyone been told it was a girl and baby turned out to be a boy? My first early ultrasound at 15 weeks she said a girl and hes all boy.

We will forever ruthlessly tease my son when he's old enough to know we are joking that his penis was too small to be spotted by a doctor. And this isn't really something a kid would want to test mom about Stories of wrong ultrasounds are plentiful on baby boards, but it's this shocking tale that's truly unique.

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During the pregnancy, the happy couple had finally settled on naming their baby girl "Charlee", only to discover during her birth that "she" was actually a "he".

Quick on their feet, they named the new baby "Bentley" and decided to surprise the grandparents by asking Nana to change the diaper. A hilarious moment then ensues as the grandmother discovers that she will now forever need to beware of getting spritzed with a potential fountain when changing the baby's diaper.

In case you missed it, boy babies being like fountains when uncovered can be found in the 15 Biggest Mistakes When Changing and Feeding Baby. Arguably, this new grandmother's reaction is right up there with the 15 of the Best Grandparent Reactions to a Pregnancy Announcement. Eileen's story serves as a great reminder that sometimes mothers "just know": I had this strange feeling that they were all wrong and that I was having a boy. I didn't buy anything pink because I just felt like he was a boy.

I found out on my 34 week 3D ultrasound that he was a boy. The nurse was so surprised that I had been told by 5 scans and 2 different doctors that I was having a girl! I was relieved because I knew it was finally right. It can pretty much happen any time. This includes buying, washing and carefully folding all the new baby clothes baby is going to need. Full on shower with a truckload of pink, and they found out about two weeks before he was born that he was a boy.

I know I was! Yet, Andrea from Momfessionals, was chill as a cucumber. Thinking she already had everything figured out, she casually chatted with her doctor, until her world got turned completely and irrevocably upside down: We casually chatted as she began her measurements, starting at the head and working her way down.

We talked about that sweet little profile, the cheeks, etc. I thought she was just being talkative and when she goes, "well We spent the next 5 minutes double, triple and quadruple checking. She was shocked as we all were and even had to buy something from a nearby store for him to wear home, as it didn't seem fitting for him to wear that pretty dress home!!

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We all know how expensive those hospital gift stores usually are.

Up to 10 women out of will get told that they're having a certain gender, only to have a kind of jack-in-the-box surprise at the end.

ultrasound pics where they were told Girl earlier, but it...
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22 Apr I know U/S techs have said
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Boy or Girl?? Ultrasound performed Live on 'The Doctors'

1 Sep As the sonographer paused the ultrasound scan and...
I am 37 weeks and expecting a boy! I cant...
19 Jun You need to go see Jenn's post from...

{REPLACEMENT-(Зайцев.нет)-(web-climat.ru)}Ooooh, now we're interested Lots of the mums on our forum have experienced sonographers using this method when they have scanned them. Within the NHS this method is generally used as part of determining sex at the scan everyone is offered at around 20 weeks.

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