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Goo Goo Dolls Name Guitar Lesson

For me it's on a very personal note: I loved her dearly. She loved me just as much. We would tell each other everything and help each other out. I wanted to propose to her but never came around to doing it. I regret it so much to this day. We would talk about having a family together. How our children would look, where'd we live. All as we lay together, her head on my chest.

Then I left for the Army and didn't propose to her. At the time she was living with her divorced father who, after she read the letters, threw them away because he told her to stop "dreaming" that we'd be together. I was gone and deployed to Afghanistan. We don't belong to no one that's a shame"- She had grown up in a broken home with an abusive drunk father that would usually hit her mother. She had to learn how to take care of herself more or less.

She felt she didn't belong there. She didn't deserve to be there. And I won't tell no one you're name. For us telling each other our names was getting to know each other. She would always come to me when things got bad and I wouldn't tell anyone the real things that were happening in her life. I wouldn't tell no one her "Name". I would make sure I would do anything to make sure that if she needed to talk to me I'd be there.

The past is never far"- Later on she got married and had a daughter with an abusive husband. She is now divorced. She had to deal with the scars of her childhood and the past of her relationship. I took my scars of being away from her in Afghanistan. And knowing that she had gotten married.

It hurt me a lot. But i would still be there for her when she needed to talk to me, even if it was just by laptop or sat phone. Did you get to be a star? She thought that in that marriage she would be shown what she truly was. As beautiful and bright as a star. That wasn't the case. Again I was there when she needed me. Listening to her cry on the phone. And there I was fighting for my country trying to become my own star with honor.

But even when i got lost in the customs of the Army she would always remind me that I still loved her. Even though she was married and divorced she admitted that she still loved me and missed me: And that extent that I would go to make her happy. Now there's nothing to believe and reruns all become our history"- She had her first daughter at 19 making it hard be a young mother.

She had to grow up fast. After her first marriage she tried it again. She had another daughter with that husband who was also a jerk and asshole that i wanted to beat the shit out of. She is currently finishing the divorce with him. Again I was there when she cried, when she missed me, when she wished so bad for me to come home And I won't tell no one you're name"- Most of the time I would talk to her I would be coming back from guard duty or patrol exhausted as hell, going to go listen to Pandora on my laptop in the barracks.

This was usually the time that I would talk to her cause of the time difference. Again I would just keep what she told me to myself.

I told her that I still loved her. But i don't need the same. It's lonely where you are come back down.

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And i won't tell them you're name"- I loved her and missed her everyday i was over there and still do today i still talk to her. I would die for her and for her daughters. All i had wished was that there was some way to convince her to "come down" from the life that she had so that if she ever needed to tell me her "Name", her secrets, her fears, her love, her dreams, that i would be right there just as we were before i left; with her head on my chest, with her daughters forever as a family.

And I would never tell a soul But no matter how much i wish this i must understand that i should make her happy most of all. Even if that's not with me.

I will miss her and love her for the remainder of my life.

For me it's on a very personal note:

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And even though the moment passed me by / I...
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Written in the early 's, and featured on the album...
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Goo Goo Dolls - 12 - Name - Live at Red Rocks

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With Goo Goo Dolls, Johnny Rzeznik, Robby Takac, George Tutuska....

{REPLACEMENT-(Зайцев.нет)-(}Lyrics Lead singer John Rzeznik wrote this about his childhood. He sings it to his sisters who raised him; both his parents died when he was young and his father was an alcoholic. The line, "We're grown up orphans who never knew their names" reflects his past.

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