Good Charlotte interview - Joel and Benji (part 1)

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Good Charlotte - The Anthem (Video)

Edit Joel and Benji barely finished school and did not go to college or university. They had wanted to drop out of school and devote all their time to Good Charlotte, but they struggled on for their mother's wish for them to finish. In , Joel found out that he wasn't going to graduate. He took a night class "with all the pregnant girls," Joel says, to get his credits.

He succeeded in graduating when he was supposed to. Robin was a devout Christian. The twins grew up in a strictly Christian household. Josh had introduced them to rock bands like Rancid and Social Distortion, but in the beginning, their mother was very strict about 'punk' music and had restricted her children to Christian music.

Joel Rueben Madden is the lead vocalist for the American pop punk band Good Charlotte, as well as a record producer, actor.

Once, after finding a poster of a punk band on their bedroom wall, Benji and Joel's mom quicky tore it down. He worked all sorts of various jobs, including work as a butcher and a housepainter. Though he worked daily and was an avid drinker, he still took the kids out for fun activities such as fishing on weekends.

Their mother worked at home, slaving away and trying to keep things as organized as possible. Money was always a problem for them, but on Christmas of , everything fell apart. On Christmas Eve, their father pretended to "go to the store" and just left. The family went through major financial issues.

Unable to pay the bills, they were soon evicted from their home and left on the streets. They had stayed in an old shack on neighbors' property, and after a while of being forced to live with nearby relatives, they eventually moved into a small farmhouse, but their mother Robin suffered from the autoimmune disease, Lupus, resulting in frequent hospital stays.

When she was not in the hospital, she worked as a receptionist and a haristylist. Joel and Benji were forced to work at a series of jobs, such as restaurant busboys and shampoo assistants at a local salon to help the family stay afloat. On top of normal teenage concerns, they worried about things like the electiricty and phone lines getting cut off or the car breaking down. We've always been sidekicks. He later had a cameo role in the film Fat Albert and in the film Material Girls with Benji.

He also had a guest appearance in the popular kids' show The Naked Brothers Band, in which he joined the band for a performance. The line is now defunct. The line is owned by himself, his brothers Benji and Josh, and their friend Tal Cooperman. The Madden brothers also front a production team called Dead Executives. The charity will create and promote an online registry to inspire the purchases of items for moms and their families in need.

He was brought in as a DJ to 'fill the void' in between presenters and other produced parts of the show. The organizers of the Awards felt that there was too much lull in the show and wanted a DJ to play music to 'keep the energy in the building.

On November 11th, he and Benji released a free mixtape called "Before the Fame: The Madden Brothers - Before Volume 1". It contains new artists the brothers were personally interested in.

Their brother Josh Madden helped to produce the mixtape. In November , it was confirmed that he will be a coach on the Australian version of The Voice. He will be living in Australia while filming the show along with his family.

They plan on staying in Sydney for a while, not just during the show. In December , it was announced that Joel and Benji are recording an acoustic album of some of Good Charlotte's older songs, which will be released somewhere in After a long period of tabloid speculation, Hilary's mother Susan announced their relationship in a June interview for Seventeen magazine.

In November , Joel and Hilary broke up. He started dating Nicole Richie in December Just three months later--in the midst of her DUI trial--Richie was pregnant. They now have two children: The couple confirmed their engagement in February , and married on December 11th, Twins Edit When Joel and Benji were kids, they had very similar voices. Sometimes, their mother still can't tell their voices apart. Joel continues, "With a quickness, she said no.

She didn't give--she didn't even give you the dignity of the 'O'.

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Joel starts out with, "There is no evil twin. Many of us are both very nice. If one twin is bad, it's because their an asshole, just like anyone else If you pinch me, Joel won't feel a thing. So, please, stop pinching me. That's just--" as Benji continues, "Crazy talk.

The Madden Brothers are an American pop rock duo made up of twin brothers Joel Madden and Benji Madden, both of whom are also founding members of the rock band Good Charlotte.

You can always trust me when I tell you I'm Joel. It could happen to anyone. And they speak together for the rest of the sentences, --"blows. Whoa, that was wierd. Benji finishes off with, "So, spare a thought, and another just like it, for twins everywhere.

Those guys are freaks!

Edit Joel and Benji barely finished school and did not go to college or university.

27 Aug Identical twin brothers and Good Charlotte bandmates Benji...
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9 Oct Joel Madden, left, and twin brother Benji of...
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Good Charlotte Interview

21 May Benji and Joel Madden break away from Good...
The latest Tweets from Joel Madden (@JoelMadden). |MDDN|GC|The Madden Bros|...
Joel Madden was born Joel Rueben Combs on March 11,...

{REPLACEMENT-(Зайцев.нет)-(}From left to right: In , at the age of 16, Joel Madden, his brother Benji, and a friend started their own band.

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