John Mclaughlin: when blue turns gold

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John McLaughlin & Katia Labeque - Zakir

Whether shredding on electric or simmering quietly on acoustic, McLaughlin's intensity and underappreciated versatility have nearly always kept his playing vital, and his best moments -- whether as a solo artist or bandmember -- represent some of fusion's greatest recordings.

McLaughlin was born January 4, , in Yorkshire, England, and began playing guitar at age McLaughlin formed his own band in , and recorded the excellent debut Extrapolation in early Later that year he moved to New York to join Tony Williams' groundbreaking fusion band Lifetime, and appeared on the classic Emergency! In , wanting to explore acoustic and Eastern music, McLaughlin recorded the classic My Goal's Beyond; he soon left Davis, and after one further solo album, Devotion, McLaughlin spent some time woodshedding.

He re-emerged in as leader of the Mahavishnu Orchestra, a seminal band that did much to define and popularize early jazz-rock fusion, as evidenced by the albums The Inner Mounting Flame, Birds of Fire, and Visions of the Emerald Beyond. Returning to spiritual preoccupations on My Goal's Beyond, he then formed Shakti, which fused acoustic jazz with Indian music over the course of three albums. As the '80s went along, McLaughlin experimented with classical-jazz hybrid composing; there was also a short-lived Mahavishnu reunion in the mid-'80s.

Remember Shakti is a quintet which combines elements of traditional Indian music with elements of jazz. The band consists of English guitarist John McLaughlin, and Zakir Hussain.

In the s McLaughlin continued to record steadily in both electric and acoustic groups. He signed to Verve, where he would remain for 13 years. Some of the more notable albums from that period include the acoustic Time Remembered: The drummer was also a part of McLaughlin's final album of the decade, Heart of Things, a furious bout of electric jazz.

The 21st century found McLaughlin in another nostalgic mood, releasing Remember Shakti: The Believer, a live set featuring the guitarist playing electric guitar with electric mandolinist U. Shrinivas, kanjira and ghatam player V.

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Selvaganesh, and legendary tabla player Zakir Hussain. While it wasn't a Shakti album proper, it nonetheless echoed that group's intricate and amazing rhythmic and harmonic breakthroughs.

John McLaughlin, Zakir Hussain, T.H.

The group toured and released Saturday Night in Bombay a year later. McLaughlin's Euro-classical-leaning Thieves and Poets appeared in Industrial Zen, released in , was a mixed-bag recording where the guitarist's ambitions ran wild. It was his final album for Verve. The final track on that album was entitled "Five Peace Band"; it served as the name for a supergroup assembled by McLaughlin and Chick Corea for a one-off world tour. The other members were saxophonist Kenny Garrett, drummer Vinnie Colaiuta, and bassist Christian McBride; an album of the same name was released in on Concord.

To the One, issued in , debuted his new 4th Dimension band, whose lineup included veterans of his other groups: This group became a collaborative, creative anchor for the guitarist, much as the early Mahavishnu Orchestra had been.

McLaughlin resurfaced two years later with Now Here This. The album featured the lone change in the 4th Dimension lineup as drummer and vocalist Ranjit Barot replaced Mondesir. Barot had collaborated with the guitarist on Floating Point, but was long established and celebrated as a film composer, music director, arranger, and vocalist. This group toured the world, and followed up with Now Here This in They were captured live on-stage during the last night of a tour at the Berklee College of Music; the set was released as The Boston Record in Over the previous couple of years, McLaughlin had been in communication again with longtime friend de Lucia in hopes of recording together.

The Spanish guitarist passed away in February of McLaughlin and 4th Dimension released Black Light in the fall of Among its tracks was the acoustic number "El Hombre Que Sabia," a tribute to the flamenco master. A concert album also featuring the ensemble, Live at Ronnie Scott's, appeared in That same year, McLaughlin embarked on what he described as a farewell tour, playing songs from Mahavishnu Orchestra's extensive catalog.

Whether shredding on electric or simmering quietly on acoustic, McLaughlin's intensity and underappreciated versatility have nearly always kept his playing vital, and his best moments -- whether as a solo artist or bandmember -- represent some of fusion's greatest recordings.

Find a Remember Shakti*: John McLaughlin, Zakir Hussain, V. Selvaganesh,...
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One of fusion's most virtuosic guitar soloists, John McLaughlin placed...
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John Mclaughlin & Zakir Hussain - The Wish



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