Oregon State's Johnny Hekker might be the most athletic punter in college football

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Oregon State's Johnny Hekker might be the most athletic punter in college football Updated November 24, at Oregon State's Johnny Hekker may be the most athletic punter in the nation. Certainly, he is the most versatile.

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OSU special teams coach Bruce Read thinks Hekker - who also serves as the team's holder on field goals - could play for the Beavers' basketball team.

Hekker uncorked the second-longest punt in school history, 74 yards, in the USC game, and he may need a few just like that one to help OSU , upset No. In recent weeks, OSU fans have watched Hekker not only experiment with an Australian Rules Football "Flip'' kick - the idea is to get the ball to roll dead near the goal line - but a 'oh, my, he's taking off with the ball!

The Beavers have also taken advantage of the fact Hekker was an all-league quarterback in high school and has a strong, accurate right arm. Teams have to respect the threat of a fake punt any time Hekker drops deep for the snap, because he's already pulled the play off twice, once against Texas Christian in the season opener and again last Saturday in the Beavers' win over USC.

In each case, Hekker threw the ball to gunner Jordan Poyer, looking more like an honest-to-goodness Pac quarterback than a punter.

Hekker played for the Oregon State Beavers football team while He was a four- year starter and finished his college career as.

Hekker can remember his freshman year, when his first college punt - at Stanford - was blocked. College is a lot faster. But Hekker was a quick learner. And as Riley said many times, "a terrific all-around athlete. Read sees unlimited potential in Hekker's leg.

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And he plans to keep taking advantage of his versatility. I think one year in high school,'' said Read. It just opens up what we can do on the punt team. After being special teams Most Valuable Player in the Sun Bowl in , Hekker was humbled by a forgettable performance in the Las Vegas Bowl that turned cartoonish in 50 mile-per-hour winds. But I've learned a lot from that. Learned a lot about the mental approach to the game.

I was flat for the Vegas Bowl and when that happens, it's not going to take you anywhere but down.

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Read said Hekker needs to learn how to relax, "because he's got all kinds of leg. He just needs to swing about three-fourths speed and that's all he needs to punt the ball 40 yards with good hang time. He said Read has given him the green light to just take off in those situations, but the first time he gets tackled short of the first down that green light is likely to turn red.

Coming out of high school, Hekker could have taken off for Southern Utah, where he was offered a scholarship to play quarterback. He said he has no regrets about trading in the glory of being a quarterback to become a fourth-down specialist. And a part-time passer on fake punts. And with all of the quarterbacks we have here, I'm actually grateful for my decision because I'd be pretty low on the depth chart.

Oregon State's Johnny Hekker might be the most athletic punter in college football Updated November 24, at

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Johnny Hekker and TASK 2013

Johnny Hekker college football profile. Johnny Hekker stats and statistics...
24 Nov OSU photo by Ethan EricksonOSU's Johnny Hekker, who...
Johnny Hekker. #6 P; 6' 5



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