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Norah Jones - Come Away With Me Album HD

When I originally made this prediction last month, I based my reasoning on three important facts: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis were among the most successful pop acts of this Grammy voting period, 2 scoring two no. This is important because the Grammys like rewarding success. It is the only nominee in the Song of the Year category that did not go to no.

Never in the history of the Grammys has a hip-hop track won for Song or Record of the Year. Do not familiarize yourself with any of this music. They went a combined 0-for But still, not a bad showing for the genre in the Album category.

Norah Jones - Come Avay with Me • BLUES • pliki użytkownika jacablues przechowywane w • 02 Seven years Norah web-climat.ru3, 04 Feelin' the same way Norah web-climat.ru3. 05 Come away with me - Norah web-climat.ru3 pobierz.

Even though Miseducation spun off three Top 40 singles, including a no. So, while the Grammys have historically displayed a willingness to at least consider that the sonic construction of a rap song might be worthy of its top Record award, this has not been typically extended to the creation of the song itself. Again, this seems extremely weird.

So much so that I suspect that even the people who vote for the Grammys will want to change their own history on Sunday. How significant will it be? Will it really mean anything?

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Jay Z has as many Song of the Year nominations as Hoobastank, 10 and yet Jay Z could pay to have the members of Hoobastank dropped into a South American rain forest and hunted like wild game by billionaires. This is as it should be. Awards never stick around as long as truly great music does.

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The Grammys do matter — maybe not as an arbiter of quality, but certainly as a signpost for the current state of the recording industry and unquestionably as a driver of sales or at least plays on streaming services.

Because the media inevitably focuses way too much attention on these empty, self-congratulatory displays, their professed importance becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, at least in the short term.

I plead guilty to this charge. A Grammy victory reiterates and amplifies trends in pop music that the Grammy voters see as worthwhile, which then makes those trends appear to loom even larger in the culture.

This has often been manifested by hip-hop artists denouncing the Grammys for being out of touch with the genre. In , not a single no. Critics get upset about how the Grammys do a poor job of honoring the musical vanguard. What the Grammys do is work from the rear, slowly pushing the baseline of musical stodginess in our culture forward. Consider that the first instance of a hip-hop artist getting nominated in a major Grammy category occurred three years after the Pillsbury rap. Then again, if Lorde wins, forget I said anything.

This article has been updated to remove an incorrect reference to Eminem winning a Grammy in This is my fallback prediction: October 1, , to September 30, The list grows slightly longer if you include rappers who were nominated for contributing to non-rap songs: There is no funnier band to reference in any context than Hoobastank.

When I originally made this prediction last month, I based my reasoning on three important facts:

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Norah Jones - Seven Years

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