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Patti Smith Group - Seneca

New music June 5, Smith recently spoke to Jordan Zivitz of The Gazette about the album. I spoke to you in , and remember you saying that you wanted to travel while making your next album I did a lot of travelling, yeah. Well, the thing is, I like my travels to be akin with my studies, and so when I started being smitten with Bulgakov and started reading a lot of Russian literature and then watching a lot of Tarkovsky, being very immersed in Russian culture, I got some jobs in Russia.

I went to Assisi, I went to all of the places that resonated in the story of St. So I do a lot of my tour planning around studying certain artists or studying the culture of certain areas. And as you see, we did a lot of travelling. It made me wonder, how much of your artistic strength does come from your band? Well, I have sort of two modes of working: I have a very solitary mode, which would encompass taking photographs, writing poetry and the other types of writing.

Most of my public life is centred around the band or individuals in the band. It was a very, very collaborative experience. But on Banga, it sounds like your most communal album. And we did them in large chunks: But we were always working, we were always reconvening, and we also had more material than we needed, and we chose the material that really seemed to work the best together. I mean, I actually cut out three or four of the songs that I wrote myself, just because they reflected my own sensibilities more than the sensibility of the band.

And there was unity all around. So every song, everyone was present. Whether they worked on it or not, or conceived of it or not. And we talked as a band, the four of us: What do you mean by the more musical one? But as a track, it started simply. And simultaneously, I was thinking about what our long piece would be.

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Because I like to have one long piece on the record. And I was starting to develop it in my mind, so I asked Lenny to build me a track. Laughs No, I love hearing about this. We usually go into the studio with some chord changes and then we just go in and improvise everything. But I wanted to try something different, so I had the band build me a track. So they built me a track, and then we put it away and we worked on the rest of the album. And when I was ready, after like two years of study about St.

Laughs I have a roomful of books that I distilled down into those 10 minutes. And when I was ready, I went into the studio, the band was there to give me encouragement, and I improvised my lyrics. I did two takes, and I think we used the second one. I have a very good friend in Italy, a very spiritual guy, who recited St. Is that Stefano, the one who guided you on your journey of landmarks related to St.

Seneca Lyrics: Oh chariot of insect / Oh crown of wind / Two royal leopards run with him / On a golden lead of tapered vine / Oh the blood sky, oh the blood sky.

And he has such a spiritual nature that I just asked him to recite St. A lot of the record is live: Nine is a completely live cut, with that beautiful improvisation by Tom Verlaine; Seneca is live; Banga is live. Talking about how a lot of this was live reminds me: I mean, even with the songs that are more influenced by Tony Shanahan on this album, I could see them taking off in various other directions live.

And when I say that about Tony, I say that to praise him. I sing, but almost everybody in the world can sing. But I am a performer. We all experience the night together.

And I go in to do a record with the same type of feeling. The idea is hopefully people will get a feeling that a human is present, speaking to them or singing to them.

Does that make sense? But perfection has its beauty. If you hear a perfect pop song or a perfect dance song that just carries you away and just makes you want to dance, that has its greatness, too. I wish I could. If I could, I would do it. And I like this record. I have to say, I really like our record. That has been my struggle. Because that was really the true core of that song. When I went in there to improvise, I went in to improvise the story of St.

New music June 5,

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5 Jun MONTREAL - On Tuesday, June 5, Patti Smith...
Seneca Lyrics: Oh chariot of insect / Oh crown of wind / Two royal leopards run with him / On a golden lead of tapered vine / Oh the blood sky, oh the blood sky. Read more...

5 Jun When the phone line clicked and Patti Smith's...
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Patti Smith and Lenny Kaye - "Seneca" - January 01, 2013

Video clip and lyrics Seneca by Patti Smith. Run, run...

{REPLACEMENT-(Зайцев.нет)-(web-climat.ru)}Photo by Vince Carlucci. She will also be participating in screenings of the film Patti Smith: She was here more than three decades ago, in , for a Patti Smith Group concert, and we were lucky to hear from a photographer who was there and captured some amazing images of Smith on stage. Joan Baez, Nico, and Joni Mitchell come to mind.

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