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Stone Temple Pilots - Pretty Penny

For those without comedic tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Stone Temple Pilots. Scott Weiland and Robert DeLeo were attending a Black Flag concert in San Diego one night in , supporting the legalization of Marijuana, when they took notice to each other and struck up a conversation. Eventually, they came to realize through this simple act of conversing that they were both dating the same woman. Upon further speculation between the two of them, they also came to the horrible revelation that the woman they were seeing was actually a transvestite.

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Immediately, moments before police raided the event, they left the concert, broke up with her, forced her out of town, and proceeded to take the deed to her apartment. Fearing they would once again be homeless when she came back to try and reclaim it some time later, they put their heads together, and came to the conclusion that, for their own safety and well being, they had to place a hit on her.

Which was equally successful. In the time following this incident, witnesses were able to place the two at the scene of the crime. In turn, Weiland and DeLeo were both arrested and jailed for six years. This is where they had an epiphany. While they were sitting in their jail cells, contemplating life, they were listening to one of the other inmates playing a harmonica. As Scott Weiland would describe years later during a lucid moment, "the feeling It was more powerful than any drug I had ever taken through the years.

And that's saying something". This is when they knew it was their destiny, their calling, to start a band. After making a phone call to drummer Eric Kretz, and Robert's brother and guitar player Dean DeLeo asking them to join the prison band, they began playing to their fellow inmates under the band name of Reverend Joe Black, and later Shirley Temple's Pussy. After the two inmates were released into the outside world, they realised a name like Shirley Temple's Pussy, while appropriate in the hardcore realms of prison, would not be acceptable by major labels, so they settled on the name Stone Temple Pilots.

The Pilots' depressing heavy metal - complete with sludgy guitars and distorted vocals - had no place in the s, and they failed to garner much success. The group was upset by this, and were planning on retiring when suddenly, in the early s, a bunch of homeless musicians from Seattle began playing similar music and became a success.

Stone Temple Pilots took their old songs and began roamin', roamin', roam around their native California state, playing their songs in the hopes that someone would find them.

Stone Temple Pilots (often abbreviated as STP) are an American rock band from San Diego, California, that originally consisted of Scott Weiland (lead vocals).

They did manage to become local legends in their place of origin, so much so that a certain San Diego vocalist called Eddie Vedder , himself a huge fan of the band, started a Stone Temple Pilots cover band. Unfortunately, he had to move to Seattle, where he wrote songs in the style of his heroes and sung like Scott Weiland.

Sadly for Weiland, Vedder's band got successful first.

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Hard Core Sex Offence and Purple Edit The Pilots were eventually discovered by a representative of Atlantic Records , playing on a street corner in Los Angeles for mere pennies, after which they went into the studio to record their first album, Core. The album was released on 27 September , on the same day as Alice in Chains ' second album.

Music fans were hugely thankful for getting two superior grunge albums on the same day - critics, however, lambasted STP for being grunge yet not being from Seattle, which they considered a grave sin. The Pilots' legacy was not tainted by the unimportant words of mere critics, however; directly inspiring a slew of other artists in the grunge genre, such as Seattle's own Pearl Jam , was just one impressive feat of the band.

One song from the album, "Creep", id often mistaken for a Nirvana song - frontman Kurt Cobain even committed suicide because he couldn't live up to Weiland's prowess, and felt guilty that people would associate him with such a superior band. The rest of the band even admitted to suicidal tendencies themselves, for lacking the technical proficiencies and inventions in melody that STP had crafted.

And while this has driven Krist Novoselic to largely drop off the face of the earth following Cobain's death, Dave Grohl continues to this day, with the Foo Fighters , determined to try and better himself.

Every attempt as of now has been in vain. The original album cover for Purple was a little less subtle. In , with others in the genre still collapsing under their own weight, STP were finding success with the formula that the band had crafted. The group went on a world tour to support Core. In the summer, the group were staying at a hotel in Brussels that they thought was superb, loaded with several crates of the fine local beer Leffe - the song "Lounge Fly" was in fact written about getting drunk with a hermaphrodite in this fine hotel lounge.

This was when Robert DeLeo, playing with a souvenir Belgian-flag lighter he bought, accidentally lit the room on fire. The group were forced to camp in a tent, where they wrote the song "Still Remains" about how sad they were.

The discography of Stone Temple Pilots, an American rock band, consists of 7.

Realising that this fine Belgian beer was granting them superb songwriting powers, the group wrote the songs for their album Purple. The exception is the lead single, "Vasoline", which was written while Robert and Weiland were still in prison, about using vaseline lubricant the duo will not disclose what they used it for.

The crew noticed that Brussels' main claim to fame is their unfathomable obsession with a statue of a naked cupid urinating, depictions of which are plastered all over the city.

The city's creepy obsession directly inspired the cupid on the album cover, although unlike the Belgians and even STP's contemporaries , they had the decency to keep their album-cover baby sufficiently clothed. Staying at the 1 slot in the Billboard charts until the release of their third album, the band were once again praised for their efforts by fans, their many contemporaries, and critics alike. On the downside of success, this is also the period where Scott Weiland added heroin and cocaine to his drug roster.

Further adding to the bands problems, one day in June , an anonymous tip came into the Los Angeles Police Department that he was traveling in a white Bronco, north on Interstate , with an alleged 48 grams of the latter in his possession. After giving way to a 35 MPH chase that expended the use of 20 police cruisers, Weiland was arrested, tried, and convicted.

He was then, following a plea bargain, sentenced to his first of many stints in rehab. He also formed a side-project called the Inglorious Bastards. They recorded one song for a John Lennon compilation entitled Lost Weekend: The Dead Beatle Collection. It was pulled from the record, however, after Scott realized, and was subsequently angered at the sheer notion that they would be paid in American currency for their contribution, and not in the china white they were allegedly promised and that Scott himself was rapidly and particularly becoming notorious over.

After the widely televised incident, which escalated at the end of the year in an appearance on The Jerry Springer Show , the band broke up on less than amicable terms

For those without comedic tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Stone Temple Pilots. Scott Weiland and Robert DeLeo were attending a Black Flag concert in San Diego one night in , supporting the legalization of Marijuana, when they took notice to each other and struck up a conversation.

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S.T.P is the seventh studio album by American rock band...
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Stone Temple Pilots is the sixth studio album by American...
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