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They Might Be Giants - Ana Ng - LIVE 1990

Interpretation 31 I originally thought that it was guy who thinks his true love is on the other side of the world, taking it literally. But one night, I realized what it meant.

It's about a guy who is in love with a girl, maybe she's famous, maybe he has never seen her, but he feels emphasize "feels" like she is on the other side of the world. Why was the bench still warm? Who had been there?

The bus depot line is hard to interpret, but I'll edit this when I figure it out.

Ana Ng is a song by alternative rock band They Might Be Giants. It was released as the lead single from the band's album Lincoln. Although the song was.

It's a very beautiful song. This might be a good direction to head in because the Giants, after all, are arts graduates. Has anyone, say, read the poem by Poe called Annabel Lee? Obviously the names of the loved ones to which each poem is written are similar, but there are some themes they share too: In the case of Annabel and the writer, they are prevented from perfect love by Anna's death naturally, with Poe brought about by God's jealousy at seeing two lovers so perfectly matched, while with Ana Ng, it's a constant, taunting interference involving near misses, bad weather, and the fact that Ana lives opposite him on the planet.

Further exploration may yield even more in common between the two and then between Ana Ng and other significant works. My guess would be Vietnam. If you watch the video it's on Youtube , you will notice towards the beginning a magnifying glass moving over a map of Mecombeoni, Peru Latitude: Mecombeoni's antipode is in the mouth of the gulf of Tonkin, about miles from the nearest large city, Da Nang. Or is that d A na Ng? I think this song is about the difficulty of finding a "soulmate.

She could be someone in the same town, but because he hasn't met her she feels like she is a world away. I don't think it is a literal world away like most seem to suggest. Think of the chorus. I would say if there was a me for you.

He's hoping that his soulmate will wait until she finds him rather than settling for someone else. I agree with a lot of the earlier posts about the "It's a small world" ride. The singer is feeling lonely, and he's in a ride talking about how small the world is, but he feels it is too big to find the one he is meant to be with, so he is hearing "small girl" Intersting side note, one other ride that Disney took from the 64 worlds fair was "Great moments with Mr.

Lincoln" connecting the song to the albums title. Also supporting the "soulmate theory" the Dupont Pavillion at the 64 world's fair featured music about "The Wonderful World of Chemistry," which could be an obscure reference to the "chemistry" that a couple has with one another but that might be a stretch.

I think the reference t the bench being warm is not ominous, as has been suggested, but rather shows the degree to which he is searching. The bench is still warm, perhaps I just missed an encounter with my soulmate. Similarly, there are many references to repetition. There's a little resemblance between the title of that song and the "I don't want the world, I just want your half" line in Ana Ng. It may even be possible that they played at the same shows.

The documentation for much of the work during this time from this scene is scant and probably only lies in the minds and boxes of the people that were there, maybe.

Anyone interested could start with On Edge: They aren't necessarily on opposite sides of the world the first verse is exaggerated since he's exasperated , but they have never "walked in the glow of each other's majestic presence" in their entire relationship. The bridge says that he doesn't want the world, he just wants her part of it. They both were at the '64 world's fair, but they just missed each other at the DuPont Pavilion. The third verse talks about how he's alone where he is, has no job, his family abandoned him, but knows that she's waiting with open arms where she is, in a paradise for him.

He knows he has a soulmate, and he knows that she is somewhere. His world is meaningless without her, and he knows he has another half in the world. Then I figured it out: He wants to be there, where time seems to stand still; he will be in that moment of love and bliss with his soulmate forever. He realizes he may be destined to be alone. It sounds almost defeated; it sounds as if our narrator has given up in some way. However, he continues into the chorus of his song.

The nearest land mass is Antarctica. Singing this line, John Linnell states that the hole would be made with a gun. Depending on the gun, the barrel size, the bullet size, the rifling in the gun barrel, and the tumble and spin of the round, and the size of the desktop globe, and how close the end of the gun barrel would be to the Globe, the exit wound could be so small as not to hit any land mass at all, or could be so large as to hit French islands in the South Indian Ocean, Australia or its outlying islands, or Antarctica itself.

The bullet could even shatter the entire Globe. For our purposes, let us assume this is a laser gun, firing a straight line axis through Brooklyn to the Indian Ocean.

This is likely not a place where anyone named "Ana Ng," much less anyone else, could live, because Google Earth shows that the "exit wound" lies more than 13, feet below sea level.

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Ana Ng could steer a boat there and possibly live on the boat, but that's about all that can live there except aquatic life. It's in the ocean. I went twice, coincidentally on the day when the fewest people were there and another time when the most were there, including Bobby Kennedy. The irony, of course, was that we all were singing this song in our little boats, watching all those dolls, while the US and the USSR were pointing ICBMs at each other, and the end could come at any moment, like when you were in a boat at the '64 World's Fair.

I was a little too young to appreciate the irony, but I was not too old to miss the thrill of seeming to see, and KNOW, the beautiful future that the '64 World's Fair promised all of us. That that future never came to pass is still, to this day some 49 years later, one of the disillusions I have had the most trouble accepting.

It's also the best poetry of the song, in the simple way it covers the whole world with "here" and "there" in one single line. It is lines like this, songs like this, that separate John Linnel from just about any contemporary songwriter. Ana Ng is real. The singer is Ana Ng's imaginary soulmate on the other side of the world. One that she imagines sat down at a bench in the '64 Worlds Fair just after she got up. I have always believed this song was about searching for your soul mate. She exists out there, but you miss each other every chance you get My all time favorite line is 'I don't want the world I just want your half.

Interpretation 31 I originally thought that it was guy who thinks his true love is on the other side of the world, taking it literally. But one night, I realized what it meant.

Ana Ng Lyrics: Make a hole with a gun perpendicular...
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They Might Be Giants - Ana Ng (Official Audio)

Make a hole with a gun perpendicular / To the...

{REPLACEMENT-(Зайцев.нет)-(}Make a hole with a gun perpendicular To the name of this town in a desk-top globe Exit wound in a foreign nation Showing the home of the one this was written for My apartment looks upside down from there Water spirals the wrong way out the sink And her voice is a backwards record It's like a whirlpool and it never ends Ana Ng and I are getting old And we still haven't walked in the glow of each other's majestic presence Listen Ana hear my words They're the ones you would think I would say if there was a me for you All alone at the '64 World's Fair Eighty dolls yelling "Small girl after all" Who was at the Dupont Pavilion? Why was the bench still warm? Who had been there? Or the time when the storm tangled up the wire To the horn on the pole at the bus depot And in the back of the edge of hearing These are the words the voice was repeating:

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