Live the Lavish Trainer Lifestyle!

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Completed Pokedex Reward in Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon for Girl & Ryuki Battle!

Collectibles Live the Lavish Trainer Lifestyle! It'd especially be true if you've completed the Team Rainbow Rocket episode after becoming Champion, where one reward is a massive haul of Big Nuggets. If this sounds like you, congrats! Now the question is, where are you gonna spend all that dough? Fortunately, we have a few ideas on where to go on a shopping spree.

And, if your wallet is starting to get a little thin after all that buying, we'll finish off with some suggestions on how to make some quick money. Be Fashion Forward They say clothes make the Trainer Even though new clothing doesn't have any gameplay effect, they'll definitely encourage pride in your look and envy in your friends.

Each Apparel Shop has a special set of clothing that they sell, all in various Female Hair Alola Sea Tank, Shirt, , Hau'oli City Apparel Shop, Ultra Moon.

Fortunately, there are plenty of apparel shops around the Alola region where you can personalize your character however you'd like. From cool shirts and hats to hip glasses and backpacks, you can come up with a look all your own. Buying clothes won't always be cheap! Sure, you can find some decent deals out there, especially in the apparel shops in Hau'oli City, Heahea City, and Konikoni City.

They have simple items for both male and female Trainers to get you started on your new clothes-shopping binge. But when it's time to step up your fashion game, head straight to Hau'oli City's shopping mall, where only serious Trainers shop. There you can drape your male Trainer in a Kommo-o outfit or your female Trainer in a Luran outfit for just over a lofty 2,, in cash. If you're looking to spend on clothes but all those zeroes are a little too scary, head to the Malie City Flea Market to pick up some sweet shoes and hats you won't find anywhere else.

There are far too many different clothing items and accessories for sale around the Alola region to list them all, but you can try on outfits in store before you buy. So grab the gear that looks good to you! For example, use a Nest Ball, with its green-and-yellow decoration, to snag a similarly colored Alolan Grimer, or throw a cute, pink Love Ball at a cute, pink Morelull to catch it.

Will other Trainers be jealous of how much time and effort you've spent preparing for battle when you face off?

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Now there's something else you need to think about:

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Pokémon Sun and Moon - All Hairstyles (Male & Female)

{REPLACEMENT-(Зайцев.нет)-(}Collectibles Live the Lavish Trainer Lifestyle! It'd especially be true if you've completed the Team Rainbow Rocket episode after becoming Champion, where one reward is a massive haul of Big Nuggets. If this sounds like you, congrats!

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