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Jukebox the Ghost - Time and I LIVE

A talk with Jukebox the Ghost April 12, In an art and industry as volatile as music, it can be very difficult to remain relevant for more than a few years, but Jukebox the Ghost has stood the test of time.

Over the past decade, the band has been relentless in their touring, playing thousands of show, and continually evolving with their sound, as their fanbase has steadily grown. How are the dynamics of the three cities different in terms of music and how have they affected your band? We started in DC, so our DC days were spent being a college band, playing a lot of shows. That was our world in DC until at the end we broke out of it. Now Philly, we were touring out of here. We were parts of the lots of bands playing in warehouses scenes, and everybody hoofing it, doing the dirty Philly musician thing.

New York is too big to have a music scene. There are little bubbles like the Ridgewood punk scene, but there are too many to count.

In Philly I remember distinctly feeling like there was a music scene. At the beginning you were sort of a sci-fi pop band. It was a unique blend for sure. We were just trying to figure out who we were in college, and figure out what our sound was. Ben was writing a lot of quirky almost Vaudeville sort of pop songs and I was writing a concept record about the apocalypse. So that first record is just those two put together.

What was inspiring or influencing you guys at the beginning? I actually started listening to a lot of old music in college. That was also timing-wise, not to date us too much, but we had our fresh iPods, and it was really convenient to be listening to lots of music, like the indie rock of the time.

I was getting a degree in Classical Music and Composition. I was listening to tons of Shestakovich, and jazz progressions, and really modern classical compositions. So all of that stuff was seeping in and coming out in weird little ways. Tommy and Jesse, what did you guys study at university?

Your sound kept evolving over the years but kind of stayed true to your roots.

30 Mar Time And I Lyrics: Time and I, I, I / Don't see eye to eye / Try as I might / It ain't no friend of mine / As I get older / Time rolls forward / Never.

Self-titled in particular was a leap into a new territory. What spurred the transition to take an outside the box approach with that album? I think up until that point we had done a lot of records how the three of us sound playing live, and that record was a conscious effort to let the studio guide the arrangements. You guys were on a major label for like fifteen seconds.

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Through a series of comedic errors, it all fell apart really quickly. We signed to them right after we released our last record. They re-released that last record. Right when we were getting ready to make what would have been this record, number five, something happened to the label, and the label itself disappeared. Cherrytree and Interscope stopped working together, and when that happened we got let out into the world. And no hard feelings! It ended up working out great.

We had lots of time to make the new record. It gave us some freedom. We actually just had a year where we thought we were on a major label, and it was over.

There was really no collateral. They let us go, which was great. I think relying on anything else in this music economy is a little risky.

What was the mentality like? These things keeps changing every few years, so we have totally put our eggs in the basket of ticket sales and t-shirts. We love putting on a good live show. They represented a time in our lives, and at the time were the records we wanted to make, always.

I think you get things right and wrong, but you only learn that in retrospect. I really love the imaginative rock opera thing on the first record, and really like the retro Beatlesy thing on the second record. Third record, I love the way it sounds. Fourth record I think is just really tight arrangement-wise. We had never had songs that were mathematically precise pop songs.

I could put one of them on and have a totally different opinion tomorrow. How have you guys kept things exciting with having the same lineup for so many years, and having the same circuit of clubs you play, while being an indie band?

There are a lot of constants. Is it as simple as you just love it? And we love eating old bananas at truck stops. They stay the same age. What a rush to write that song, and a year later play it to people who are singing the words.

What a crazy thing. How have you maintained such a loyal fanbase, and is it still your favorite part of being a band? Which will breathe a whole new life into the shows. In we had a stretch where we did a full US tour, a European three week tour, back to a seven week American tour. These are in a little van, and you get one hotel room, sleeping on floors.

Does the whole normal people job thing ever look enticing? They get paid no matter what they do. They have somewhere to go. Health insurance, my God. So this new album. You spent a lot of time working on it. It seems to be cumulatively linear with every other album so far. I think this record plays like a Mixtape almost.

Each track calls back different elements of our discography. Tell me about the process. A beautiful old piano, gorgeous drum rooms. Very organic, lots done to tape. No one was breathing down our necks. We got to spend a year on it and make good creative decisions. It was a blast. How long had you been writing songs for this album, and how many did you have to pick from? So it ends up being choosing from demos. And this record in particular.

If you think about the timeline between this record and our last. Self-titled was released on two different labels. As soon as self-titled was done, these guys were writing songs. But recording costs money, so. And then you always hope the songs you write, no matter what, find a home. What are some of the aspects of your life and being as a band that have inspired the songs on this album? I think getting older. This is record five so that speaks to age.

There are a fair amount of songs on the record that are about the implications of getting older. Any hopes, expectations, etc.?

I think just to play the new songs, and feel the excitement of the audiences. Any 80s covers coming up? Worst cover is easy. Yeah, that was really bad.

That was my choice. It really did suck. That was so bad. What about the best one? I love doing that one.

A talk with Jukebox the Ghost April 12, In an art and industry as volatile as music, it can be very difficult to remain relevant for more than a few years, but Jukebox the Ghost has stood the test of time.

Jukebox the Ghost is an American three-piece power pop band...
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Jukebox the Ghost is an American three-piece power pop band...
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Jukebox the Ghost - Simple As 1 2 3 (lyrics)

12 Apr In an art and industry as volatile as...
17 Oct With Off to the Races, Jukebox the Ghost...
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{REPLACEMENT-(Зайцев.нет)-(web-climat.ru)}Jukebox the Ghost's latest record, Off To The Races is a giddy, vibrant collection of Jukebox the Ghost's most bombastic, colorful songs to date. Though it's the fifth studio outing from this long-running trio of piano pop wizards, it plays like an energetic debut album:

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