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Kenny Garrett solo w/"For Miles" @ Blue Note - Chick Corea 75th B-Day


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As a bandleader for the last two decades, he has also continually grown as a composer. With his latest recording and second for Mack Avenue Records , Seeds From The Underground, Garrett has given notice that these qualities have not only become more impressive, but have provided him with the platform to expand his horizons and communicate his musical vision clearly.

15 Aug Tickets and RSVP information for Kenny Garrett's upcoming...
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Tickets and RSVP information for Kenny Garrett's upcoming concert at...
Studio albums. The Record (, Slash Records); More Beer (, Restless Records); Have Another Beer with Fear ( Read more...

Kenny Garrett Quartet - Ja-Hed

{REPLACEMENT-(Зайцев.нет)-(web-climat.ru)}News Kenny Garrett is a jazz saxophonist. He was born in Detroit, MI in His father was a tenor saxophonist.

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