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Lake Street Dive - I Can Change - 4/18/2018 - Paste Studios - New York, NY

Sold Out Friday August 28, 7: This show is SOLD OUT - In the event of heavy rain, the show will move to our indoor location at the seat Lowell Memorial Auditorium which would give us more capacity and more tickets will go on sale. Submit your email info if you would like us to contact you if tickets become available at the last minute. Bhi Bhiman Lake Street Dive find themselves on the cusp of stardom, though they insist they will always be the same people whose stage outfits once consisted of matching sweater vests.

We want to continue to do this for a long, long time. This is what we love. We just want to make sure we keep enjoying ourselves. The first four years of rehearsals were more like glorified dinner parties.

Boch Center Wang Theatre (formerly Citi Performing Arts Center), Boston, MA.

It took a casually made video featuring the band gathered around a single mic, performing a cover of Jackson 5's "I Want You Back," shot on a Brighton, Massachusetts, street corner to grab the public's attention-its YouTube views now hurtling past 2. What followed was nothing less than a modern-day music business success story-T Bone Burnett tapping them to perform on the Another Day, Another Time show at Town Hall in New York City featuring music from and inspired by the Coen brothers' Inside Llewyn Davis, taped for an upcoming special on Showtime.

The New Yorker raved of their Town Hall performance: While "I Want You Back," a track from their six-song Fun Machine EP, which included five covers and an original track, was spreading like wildfire on the internet, the band had little idea what was happening. That's how we've honed in on our sound. We had the whole world of music at our fingertips, and we were unsure of what direction to take, but now we're zeroing in a little closer.

The Bridget-penned title track is a wry commentary on how those selfie iPhone photos are just a cover for loneliness, but it could also refer to the rest of the album, each song a polaroid glimpse of a band that is constantly evolving.

12 Sep Then, the group heads to Boston's Wang Theatre for a New Year's Eve performance. Lake Street Dive released the studio album Free Yourself.

That determines the stylistic direction more than anything else. When we record a song, that's just a snapshot of where it was at that moment.

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And it continues to grow as we perform it. Whether we're playing for 10 people or 10, we want them to have that feeling. Bhi Bhiman The son of Sri Lankan immigrants, one-of-a-kind folksinger and songwriter Bhi Bhiman he was named after a character in the Mahabharata spent his childhood in St.

Louis, Missouri, and began playing guitar when he was nine years old. As a teen he fell under the influence of bands like Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Alice in Chains, but as he began to write his own songs, full of joyous wordplay and sharp humor, he began to sound more like Bob Dylan or Woody Guthrie, and he developed an utterly unique, Americana-fueled style that turned on his remarkable, Nina Simone-like voice.

Relocating to the Bay Area, Bhiman began to establish himself on the local circuit, and released an album, Cookbook, in His songwriting style, which ranged from political to personal, continued to evolve, and his second album, simply called Bhiman and released early in , marked the arrival of an artist fully formed and drew comparison to songwriters like Randy Newman, Dylan, John Prine, and Phil Ochs, although his sharp observations, puns, characters, and approach were wonderfully his own.

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Sold Out Friday August 28, 7: This show is SOLD OUT - In the event of heavy rain, the show will move to our indoor location at the seat Lowell Memorial Auditorium which would give us more capacity and more tickets will go on sale.

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13 Sep The following night, on New Year's Eve, Lake...



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