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Cruciate victim Paul Browne believes 'born winners' are poles apart from past Limerick teams Independent. Sportspeople, by their nature, are poor spectators as they've spent their careers operating between the white lines rather than outside them, but in his 10th season on the Treaty panel, Browne worries little about how success arrives, as long as it does.

As I said to the boys there lately, we'd a bit of a meeting the Thursday night after I had the operation. I hobbled into it. I said to the boys, 'I don't care that I'm not playing, I just want us to win the game,'" Browne says. That's the truth of it. I wish now, looking back to when I was younger, I wish I had the same outlook on hurling that I have now because I'm absolutely enjoying… I used to hate going to winter training. Togging "I didn't enjoy the gym too much.

Now I love going training, I love togging out, togging in, taking my shake, small simple things like having the craic with the boys.

The young fellas are serious craic altogether. Just having a bit of banter with them, watching the carry-on in the dressing room, soaking it all in.

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I wish I had that outlook then because I would have enjoyed my hurling 10 times more. It would be easy to feel sympathy and pine to play, but as vice-captain he has a duty to himself and his team-mates to keep morale high.

Now the girlfriend at home might tell you otherwise. The day after the surgery was tough going, I won't lie.

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You are lying at home trying to do your exercises and you are telling your leg to move, and it won't move. Kiely and his backroom team allow Browne to play a part on match-day and while it's "a strange sensation" to not go through the meticulous personal preparation that he has gotten used to as a player, he still has much to offer.

Keeping an eye on lads. All I've been trying to do over the last couple of weeks is trying to keep the lads in good spirits," the midfielder says. You don't have to be saying too much to them. Just trying to keep positive, keep passing on as much knowledge as we can. I go in to the boys at half-time. His pride had to be swallowed with the greater good in mind.

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I came on in a few games, did a few things, but nothing major. That's the smallprint of a panel, especially the panel we have. There is a chance you won't play," he says. I remember John Allen said to me one time that you have to make it impossible for them not to pick you. If you can't answer that question honestly, you can then have no qualms. The attitude of the boys is different to any hurlers who have come through before. There isn't a bad egg among them," Browne outlines.

They work hard and you see the result. They are able to do everything and you see that in the way we are playing right now.

Cruciate victim Paul Browne believes 'born winners' are poles apart from past Limerick teams Independent.

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Missing the All-Ireland Final, Limerick's hopes, Galway Challenge - Paul Browne

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