Red Steppes

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Aliens descending to Earth?

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Your Will

{REPLACEMENT-(Зайцев.нет)-(}What Have You Become Suffer, die, dissipate away Life is fucked you made it that way You're a waste you've always been that way Thought you changed you stayed the same You ruined yourself with everything you've done Threw it all out, what have you be come I dont even know you Track Name: Room To Breathe Trying to own up to what I have done But you just don't care I tried, I tried, I tried I tried to change Why can't you fucking forgive me Give me just one more chance Why can't you fucking forgive me Guess I'll give up All they want is more Never satisfied More money more power more lives Never satisfied More money more power more fucking lives Stepping on you on there way to the fucking top Track Name: Bridge will fucking kill you, DIE! Let Me Go Waiting for the end.

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