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"Suerte/Whenever, Wherever" (Shakira) Latin Cover by Robyn Adele Anderson

The idea of taking modern-day music and turning it into a vintage style was prevalent all over Bradlee's early works, but this was his first true viral hit that included a vocalist. The Age of Robyn Feb. The video was an instant hit, and quickly gained over one million views on YouTube.

After the video's release, Bradlee posted quite a few more covers of modern hits in older styles featuring the same four musicians, as well as some occasional guests. The Mashup posted at the end of the year foreshadowed some of the upcoming singers who would eventually collaborate with PMJ.

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The Golden Age Feb. Videos were uploaded much more regularly, eventually becoming weekly occurrences, and Bradlee started to experiment with more styles than just straight jazz, as well as more singers, creating a much more unique variety of music on the channel. This age boasted some of the most originality and creativity when it came to the covers, featuring everything from doo-wop to French pop to torch songs to authentic Jewish klezmer music. In addition, many talented new vocalists were featured - despite a couple misses such as Ashley Stroud, who may or may not have vanished off the face of the planet , names such as Cristina Gatti, Von Smith, and Ariana Savalas became channel mainstays, in addition to the videos featuring Robyn that were still posted regularly.

At this point, PMJ got itself into a great groove, and produced some of its greatest material the "Drunk in Love," "Talk Dirty," "Rude" and "Sweater Weather" covers immediately come to mind. A Brief Slump Aug. A new singer, Morgan James, was introduced to the channel, and Bradlee proceeded to post four videos featuring her in the span of around a month. Vocal ability aside, all the videos were in the same Motown style featuring the same person, and stopped feeling special after a bit.

Even the videos featuring other singers were overwhelmingly homogeneous and there was a shockingly low amount of variety on the channel.

Robyn Adele Anderson (born February 19, ) is a vocalist based in New York City. She is a cast member and featured artist for Scott Bradlee's Postmodern.

It all culminated in the channel releasing a trainwreck of a "Waterfalls" cover, and proceeding to get reamed in the comments. There were a few diamonds in the rough, however - the "All About That Bass" cover featuring bassist and singer Kate Davis captured YouTube's hearts and became the channel's biggest hit yet, being covered in a variety of media and currently boasting almost 15 million views, and the "Stay With Me" cover featuring Cristina Gatti was obviously amazing.

The move did not originally affect the group, as they continued to produce their quirky weekly covers. In addition, the group worked on a Christmas album, which was partially funded through Patreon and turned out well, featuring a good combination of the trio at the time and a couple others who tended to appear more sporadically.

In the last few months of the year, it became evident that the venues were becoming more elaborate, with Bradlee moving from shooting in his apartment to various fancy setups in bars and houses.

In addition, due to being in LA, PMJ discovered some "bigger" names, most notably former American Idol contestant Casey Abrams, who brought with him some talented instrumentalists as well. Sure enough, Reinhart arrived in January for a cover of "Habits," which naturally became extremely popular. Anderson's leaving was speculated to be due to a potential breakup with Scott Bradlee, though she ended up returning in later videos after the new year but much more sporadically , while Stroud's leave remains shrouded in mystery to this very day.

The channel's renaissance continued through the new year, bringing in new stars and posting great, creative covers, eventually finishing off with a bang with a Roy Orbison-style cover of a Kanye West song and a near-flawless take on One Direction's "Steal My Girl.

The idea of taking modern-day music and turning it into a vintage style was prevalent all over Bradlee's early works, but this was his first true viral hit that included a vocalist.

Jazz singer whose repertoire includes a mix of classic jazz...
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"Helena" (My Chemical Romance) Cover by Robyn Adele Anderson



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