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Mix - Upon A Burning Body

September 11th, 10 replies Release Date: The whole package came together as an adrenaline-pumping, badass album, loads of fun to listen to. Although the sound was different than the last outing, it still seemed to possess the passion of their previous CD.

Gone were the groove-oriented breakdowns or the guitar duals, and went for a more forward deathcore approach, "Sin City" especially. Although it was not as original as before, I was still excited.

discography, line-up, biography, interviews, photos. logo Upon A Burning Body . prev. next. Also known as UABB. Style Deathcore. Status Active. Formed In.

Then it was released. Right off the back, it becomes clear that this five-piece would like to replicate almost the exact same structure as their first album. Track 4, "Texas Blood Money" is another watered-down track, essentially trying to replicate "Intermission" from the first album almost exactly.

There's still the boasting about how much they can drink and party in context of how awesome Texas is ; there's still the two guys yelling profanities about how they're back and will tear us a new one and such; and there's still breakdowns, but lamer this time.

Genocide (Reissue). EP; Release date: August 29, ; Label: Self-released. — , —, —, —, —, —. The World Is Ours. Studio album.

The second half of the disc thankfully improves. Starting off with a slow buildup of guitar and intense drums, it morphs into a huge adrenaline-pumping song. Danny's vocals here are fierce, and his shouts are chill-inducing. The breakdown at the end of the song is one of the highlights of the album, simply by how defiant and crushing it is: The guest vocalist for "Predator" is Jonny Plague from Winds of Plague, and he makes a great appearance.

Apparently, Chris Fronzak from Attila is featured on "Mimic" but honestly, I cannot tell where he shows up. This track is similar to "City Hall" from their first album, but in a positive way. What we do in this life will echo in eternity. So the album closes on a positive note. Other than the watered-down fashion of the aforesaid songs, "Red. While most songs have profanity in them, it is a hit or miss in regards to the language. One of my biggest problems with this album is the production.

Last time, the drums ran rampant, and the guitars hit every rhythm, successful due to the gritty and savage yet polished production. The rhythms and guitars playing them off of each other is virtually gone despite some attempts every now and then and therefore the sound can be overwhelming and do not compliment the drumming at all.

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It seems to lack the conviction and passion they so powerfully held during "The World Is Ours," and therefore the album lacks substance. However, it is still an enjoyable album with quite a few redeeming qualities.

This is exactly the kind of band that I would have easily skipped over as just one more mediocre metalcore act instead of taking the time to really listen to them. Enough so that I just might go dig into their previous discography.

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UPON A BURNING BODY - B.M.F. (Official Music Video)

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{REPLACEMENT-(Зайцев.нет)-(}The genres in this album are Groove Metal and Metalcore. Also this album was ranked much higher on the billboard , it was ranked

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