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Broadside 25mm mech mod from BJ Box Mods - The Vaping Bogan

Are mechanical mods right for you? Mech mods are not as popular as they once were, due in large part to the modern technology of box mods having more universal appeal. Most online vape shops no longer even have a section for mechanical mods! Designed by Stan aka TenaciousTXVapes, the Dreamer features a hybrid connection and a reversible tube for customizable grip. It is 27 mm in diameter tapers down to 25 mm and can be used with an , or Its multipoint contact pin provides maximum conductivity.

The Thunderhead Creations Tauren is a 24 mm tube mod that comes with a hybrid connection. It is compatible with s, s or s. An affordable and versatile device for mechanical mod enthusiasts. The 25 mm mod uses silver plated contacts and interchangeable sleeves. Powered by s via a hybrid connection, it features a copper locking switch and automatic battery adjustment. It features a clutch-style switch that ensures consistent firing response. It runs on either an or a and makes contact using a floating pin.

The adjustable battery contacts are made from copper-plated silver for maximum conductivity. Powered by a single battery, the device has an ergonomic feel and dependable performance.

Broadside/Admiral Contact Kit. $ Broadside/Admiral replacement contact kit Info. Category:Replacement Parts Broadside Replacement Button. $ .

The switch uses a self-cleaning collet connection for a smooth and consistent throw. Featuring a comfortable Delrin grip exterior and a self-adjusting battery ring. The TriCon carbon fiber switch ensures increased contact with your battery. Mechanical mods demand user knowledge of ohms law, lithium-ion battery safety, and electrical conductivity. A mechanical mod is a simple yet advanced vaping device that delivers raw battery power to an atomizer without electronic regulations, safeguards or protections for the user.

For knowledgeable hobbyists, this allows for a wide degree of customization depending on the batteries used, the build of the atomizer and the materials used on the mech mod itself.

There are just a few parts to a mech mod: Most often in metal tube form, though mechanical box mods are also common in wood or plastic. Tube mechs typically only take one battery where boxes can house one or more cells. Positive and negative contacts: The positive connection is in the top cap and the negative contact is in the button which is typically spring loaded. A button or switch: The button completes the electric circuit when pressed. Built into the top cap of a tube mod or on the top of a mechanical box, the connection is a type of threading that electrically connects the atomizer and mod.

An atomizer has the male end of the , and the mod has the female end. Unlike the industry-dominant regulated box mods , mechanical mods will send battery current to an atomizer regardless of its resistance. That means that even if your atomizer has a short or a dangerously low resistance for your chosen battery, a mechanical mod will still power it and continue to power it if the button is pressed, which could lead to catastrophic battery failure.

What is a hybrid mech mod? A hybrid mech mod is a mechanical metal tube mod with serious and inherent risks beyond the typical mechanical mod. A hybrid mech mod differs from a traditional mechanical mod in one way: The danger with hybrid mechs is that almost all atomizers will fit, but very few were designed to work safely on them.

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For this reason, it is strongly recommended to steer clear of these devices. There are no advantages to using a mechanical mod over a regulated mod that warrant the risk for the average user.

Are mechanical mods right for you?

Info. SKU:N/A Categories:Broadside Mods, Replacement Parts This is a replacement...
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China Broadside Admiral, Broadside Admiral from China Supplier - Find...
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New Edition for the Broadside Admiral with the
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The Admiral Mod by Broadside Mods is a tubular meca...
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