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Calpurnia - City Boy (Official Video)

Check out what they had to say below. That was the hardest song to record I think because we wanted to record it live. So we kind of recorded that acoustically, but it was the hardest to get because the other songs were recorded in pieces, but this one we had to get as a solid take — which is fine, but we had to get it perfect. This could be something pretty groovy. It was pretty cool because it happened so fast. Then grand piano got added over the solo and slowly it started as two guitars and it builds and builds and builds.

We were listening to The Stones on the way to the studio. We were listening to Some Girls a lot. Subconsciously, we were going through that energy. The ending definitely, I hope, takes people by surprise and hypes them up. It slingshots you into the rest of it with that ending there. We had a long, long, long rehearsal session from like 11 in the morning to midnight and right as we were leaving, I was driving Finn home and Finn started playing those chords and the progression of it and we recorded it as a voice memo and it kind of went from there, that little last minute idea as we were leaving.

We forgot that we put ASMR at the end!

19 Jun EP REVIEW: 'Scout' by Calpurnia. It'd be misleading to call Calpurnia a prominent band, but even at this stage, they've been on the receiving.

Whispering and crunching in the microphone. I remember I sent it to the group chat after I finished mixing it a little bit. I think the whole idea was just to make the whole record sound like we sat down and played. I think all of the guitar tracks for me were just one continuous take. I wanted it to just be one take. The whole idea is to create something human and live and just us. We are playing the Neptune.

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Everyone just sitting in my basement throwing ideas around. The lyrics definitely are a little dark too. I wrote them when I was 12 and they were very sadboy, edgy, starting puberty. I think the lyrics definitely touch on that but also, specifically we had in mind is someone losing someone to a drug overdose. The emotion can be similar I think… I think the original ending, we sort of built up on an E chord and just ended and let it rang out.

It felt like there should be something that people could hang onto as a sendoff. We changed that in the studio. From the beginning, we all thought it was the best first single. The energy is very youthful and fun.

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Josiah Marshall, number one best-smelling man. We thought someone was recording footage just to look back. I can imagine years from now looking back on that video really fondly because it pretty much sums up our experience — we were just having a good time recording music.

We were in my basement when we were first running what we had initially in terms of the arrangement. I remember we were recording and I was sitting in the booth and he recorded a few takes. We want it wispy sounding! We want Stan gets wispy, walking down the streets of New York. All of those guys are very close-knit and stuff and they all know each other very well. He just showed up at 8: He recorded it in six minutes. I think creative limitations and pressure is super important.

Most tracks in total took a day and a half. I think it was laying down the initial groundwork that took the most time because obviously there are some tempo changes and groove changes. You have to build a really solid foundation.

I think for me, the music I love a lot is the music that just… makes you feel something. What if we tried these nice chords, do they make you feel something? When we were recording that song, we were thinking of Tame Impala, Grizzly Bear, and bands like that. The only thing I play in that whole song is the Fender Rhodes. There was a giant box of percussion instruments from the upstairs fancy studio. We were just mucking around with it in the studio and unbeknownst to any of us, Colin recorded it.

Check out what they had to say below.

15 Jun EP Review Calpurnia - Scout. Calpurnia - Scout....
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11 Jun Calpurnia will release their debut EP Scout on...
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Calpurnia- Waves

15 Jun Finn Wolfhard of Stranger Things and his Vancouver-based...

{REPLACEMENT-(Зайцев.нет)-(}Published Jun 13, 7 Anyone who's been referring to Calpurnia as "Finn Wolfhard's band" is gonna change their tune after listening to Scout. The members range in age from 15 to 17, but they're clearly old souls, with plenty of classic rock influence; the Rolling Stones and the Beach Boys are the main points of reference here.

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