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Cut Worms interview - Max Clarke (part 1)

In these images you can see the two 'bent' trees mentioned above. Using Wander I measured these trees to be 20m high. In two of the art book images you can see these two bent trees in relation to the Phoenix. One image has it standing very close to the trees, so this is the image I used to determine the height of the Phoenix.

Base of bent tree is 24m above zero - which we start at the Shrine of Worship Top of tree is 44m - makes the bent trees 20m tall Phoenix size chart - is 34m high - 1m taller than Gaius 3 The Roc The SotC wiki names this one Avus, but again a fictional name. It's actually another bird type colossus but with a head that resembled a frilled necked lizard. Originally, the battle took place on land, instead of over a lake. It was a battle that primarily focused on using Agro. You had to chase it, and try to shoot it down out of the sky using your bow.

It was scrapped for two reasons; first, the development team felt that the battle was too similar to the battle against Phalanx, and second, they were having a lot of trouble with the collision detection between the colossus and the ground.

A myth has arisen about this colossus called 'The Black Bird'. But when they look up, nothing is there! Sadly, not a single image or video ever was produced to confirm this myth, and as we know from the SotC viewer, there are no extra colossi models in the game data. So I think they are mistaking hawks for this so called 'Black Bird'. Perhaps someone was just in the right place as the shadow of a hawk flew past, there a lots of hawks in the southern regions of the map, sometimes you can have as many as five or six hawks following Wander and Agro.

This the myth gained strength until it got out of control.

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You can read more about this myth here: Fought over a dry lakebed Starts out like Avion perched on its tower H4 comparisons between versions It seems the Roc was another flying colossus that was included in the game along with the Bird which later evolved into Avion and Phalanx.

So it appears at one time there were three flying colossi instead of two. When the map was reduced they scrapped those colossi that were proving troublesome, and sadly the Roc was one of these. E4 mountain matches art book image I went looking for a mountain that matched the one in the above image, I thought I would find it around 9's area as it has some triangular shaped mountains there but none of them matched It's in E4 right above the cave you enter to approach the forest from the north.

You can see in the image above the mountains look similar but not identical in any way, it's probably just a coincidence as it seems clear that the entire arena that the Roc existed in was deleted.

If you recall from my 'More map mysteries' video I found a previously unseen map square at B3 hidden away in the OPM demo program code.

It is the only one of its kind across all the versions of the game we can access, and being the earliest build of the game we know of it appears to show an early colossus lair that was removed from the game see video here: Of course, all we have is this one low res map square to base any evidence on, but if we are looking for a wide flat plain with low profile hills surrounding it and a mountain in the distance, it fits. In the center is the Roc's pedestal just a small black dot.

Wander's path in shown in purple. I've had to rotate the map to match the art book image as perspective can be a tricky thing, but from what we see here it matches quite well. The other thing to note is the soft hued mountains in the background of the art book image, these appear as a washed out green colour, and beyond these are clear skies. The area surrounding the B3 map square is empty, so this is consistent with the art book image.

There appears to be only one entrance to B3 marked in purple as with most of the colossi we see today, but this path would lead to the flat plain instead of the low profile hills surrounding it. But we can surmise that there was a path leading up to these hills that would have provided a wide view of the plain. So in the final analysis, I am confident that B3 is the best candidate for the Roc's lair.

This is the only unused colossi that we have any video footage of, just a few precious seconds that was released by Kikizo.

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I wish I could find out where they got this footage as it's not on their website anymore. Perhaps if we could find out who originally posted it we could track down some others?

I just received a rare promo video disc from Mexico which has the original video file of the Roc. So finally we know where Kikizo. So this video has never been seen before until now! Note the file date is 24th August at 8: Rare video promo dvd from Sony circa Inside video case with unique printed dvd You can see this dvd in the interview section of the official art book - a rare find!

Start of Roc video segment showing its strange stone pedestal This is from the raw video file The original video file is only x p - in this was the norm The Roc is bearing down on Wander Much closer now!

Perhaps some of these ruins have fallen off the main pedestal structure over time? See my Rare Promo video here: In the final version you use an arrow to gain the attention of Avion, but it seems they played around with other ideas, so the long tail is an unused remnant of an earlier Avion.

It's not clear when the water was added to Avion's arena, perhaps Wander had to swim to the colossus perched on its column in order to grab hold of its tail? If not, and the area was devoid of water see H4 map comparisons above , Wander could ride Agro towards the colossus then leap off to grab onto its tail? Check out my NICO development builds video here: The art books gives little information except that it was scrapped because it didn't work very well in execution, 'the way to defeat it just wasn't turning out'.

But it was obviously a fast moving colossus and if you look carefully there is a clue in the art book about how you fought it. This also raises the question did Sirius exist at G7 where the Stonehenge rocks now stand, or were they in some other location? There's no way to be sure, but at least the Stonehenge rocks are still in the game, recycled from a beta colossus ; Stonehenge monument at G7 in the game Sirius stuck between Stonehenge rocks montage Sirius at Stonehenge montage Wander being chased by Sirius montage Here you can see these other stacked rocks next to the stonehenge structure Here they are again images from the NICO dvd So I went looking for them and found these similar rocks as D5 A screenshot created as a mock-up Above we see an image that is shown right next to the G7 rock formation shot in the art book.

It looks similar to the G7 rocks image, Wander is resting against them with Agro standing attentive nearby. So the questions is: There's no way to tell but my guess is that G7 is the more likely location. Team Ico didn't completely delete Sirius from the code it seems, there are a few animations left and this one texture found by HyperSNES.

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If the model still existed I could watch those animations, but sadly it's doesn't. I used Cenobia as it's also a four legged fast colossus as Sirius appeared to have been, yet much smaller in size. But I wondered how much bigger Sirius was to Cenobia as opposed to Wander's size I also wanted to know just how wide Sirius would have to be to get stuck between the Stonehenge rocks. So I measured the gap between the Stonehenge standing stones, then made Cenobia run between them.

Cenobia between the Stonehenge standing stones You can see, there is still a lot of space left over, so this tells us that Sirius would have to be much larger and wider if its purpose was to get stuck between the stones. For instance, we could imagine Wander trying to hide behind the rocks to keep out of sight of Sirius, but any large free standing rock could serve the same purpose Sirius stuck between the Stonehenge rocks From my calculations based on the width between the Stonehenge standing stones and the approximate size of Sirius based on the art book images I determined that indeed Sirius was wide enough to get stuck.

So we can imagine a scenario where Wander dismounts from Agro and has just enough time to run around behind Sirius, jump on its back and start stabbing it! It seems from the front its head may have been too high to reach, but from behind you could presumably jump onto its leg fur then climb onto its back, where a glowing sigil would be waiting again sheer speculation.

I used another colossus model Celosia 11 to view the animations, but all it did was walk backward three steps. So at least we know for sure that at one time Sirius walked backwards, perhaps it was afraid of something or this was how it removed itself from the Stonehenge rocks? The only images we have of this colossus are three found in the art book. It had 6 legs so not technically a spider which has 8 legs , each with a vulnerable point which was like a metal blade, its main weak spot was on its body high above you.

You had to ride around on Agro and swipe at each leg with your sword. Once each leg was hit, it would fall to the ground giving you access to its weak spot.

You then ran up to its body and jumped into its mouth, which was slack jawed at the time. Presumably you would get a couple of sword stabs in before it got back up again, so you would have to mount Agro and start the process again Note: For instance Valus or Phaedra.

In these images you can see the two 'bent' trees mentioned above. Using Wander I measured these trees to be 20m high.

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Cut Worms - "It Won't Be Too Long"

3 May Max Clarke balances vintage recording methods with expressive...

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