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Activity Listings Airline ticket, issued: States that he is extremely sorry that LP cannot accept the appointment at Harvard.

Wright to LP RE: Thanks him for his letter, and states that they are pleased to receive his report as chairman of the Editorial Board. National Academy of Sciences, , Box University of Hawaii, , Box 2. Notifies him that there has been nothing in the papers about his disputes with the University of Hawaii Board of Regents. Compliments him on his letters to the board, looks forward to seeing him at the American Philosophical Society meetings.

Pay to LP RE: University of Hawaii, Thanks LP for the letter and explains why he sends LP the newspaper clippings. Capsin, Joseph , Invites LP to speak before the club during his visit to Honolulu. Says that the students of the university realize the injustice that has been done to him and hope that he will be able to dedicate the new chemistry building.

Concerns the Spitzer affair and publicity it received. Tells Gregg about his protein structure project. Correspondence, , Discusses his problems with the Regents of the University of Hawaii, who withdrew their invitation to LP to dedicate a chemistry laboratory.

States that he has decided to fight this and that he hopes they will reconsider their decision at their next meeting.

Encloses copies of his correspondence with the Regents. Aydelotte, Frank, , 6. Stareck, United Chromium, Inc. Says that he has read the manuscript but that he will not have a chance to study it. Suggests he contact Maria Mayer at the University of Chicago because she knows a great deal about the topic.

Apologizes for the delay in his reply and states that he has gotten behind in answering his mail. Writes that he was an initiating sponsor of the American Peace Crusade but that he has not been an active member since then because of the distance between the East and West Coasts of the country. Encloses a statement that he issued a few days ago that will answer the question in his letter.

Assorted Peace Groups Am , Box 4. Says he is pleased to learn that Eichinger is using his text, College Chemistry. I thank you for your illuminating letter of April 6. I am sorry to read your statement that you will vote against the reissue of the invitation to me to speak at the dedication of the chemistry building. May I ask that you reconsider this matter, and be guided by your judgment at the time of the meeting of the Board of Regents, after all of the facts relating to the situation have been presented to you.

Let me say a few words about the three reasons that you give in your letter for the action that you contemplate taking. I do not see any way to interpret this "reason" except to conclude that you believe that the University of Hawaii should invite only speakers whose political beliefs are approved by you and the other Regents, and, in particular, only those who have pronounced a strong censure of Communism, rather than a lame censure. I may say that I myself believe that the regents of a university should not use their official position in this political way.

It may be that I put myself in danger of citation for contempt of the Committee by this action.

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The fact is, however, that the Committee did not cite me, nor have I been accused of illegal action of any sort. You suggest that I might have been accused of illegal action, but I do not think that your opinion to this effect constitutes a sound reason for the action of your Board of Regents in withdrawing the invitation to me. May I also say that the matter on which I was asked to testify before this State Investigating Committee, that of the value of the loyalty affirmation that had been imposed on the faculty of the University of California by the Regents of the University of California, has been the subject of a decision by the appellate Court of the State of California, announced last week.

This decision was reached unanimously by the three judges of the Appellate Court who rendered it. The third reason that you give is that I am not a great citizen, and that my demand that the University of Hawaii reissue its invitation to me is as absurd as it brazen. I think that my demand is a just one.

As to whether or not I am a great citizen, I would say that the University might well invite ordinary citizens as well as great citizens to speak at its functions. I may not be a great citizen, but I believe that I am following the example of our great citizens of the past.

A great citizen does not remain silent under pressure; he has the courage to support his convictions, even though they be unpopular at the time. A great citizen does not abandon his support of the fundamental principles upon which our Democracy is based for the sake of expediency. A great citizen does not allow people in public office, even in the Department of State, to make up his mind for him; instead, he acts upon the basic principle that it is up to him and his fellow citizens to make the broad decisions about policy, by expressing their opinions, and that it is the duty of men in public office to act upon these decisions, to carry out the wishes of the people as a whole, rather than to force the people to accept their own decisions.

I have looked, at the essay entitled "World Revolution: Marx to Stalin," by Dean Bachman. I think that Dean Bachman has the right to express his opinions of political questions, and that I also have the right to express my opinions. Sincerely yours, Linus Pauling: W Letter from LP to M.

Expresses his disgust that the West Virginia Academy of Science decided to withdraw its invitation to LP to give the principal address at the annual meeting of the Academy.

Discusses the matter in great deal, emphasizing that he restricts his speech to scientific matters when he has been invited to speak about scientific subjects. Says that he is sorry that Dick is having trouble. States that does not think his character reference will be effective because he does not have any special knowledge but that will do anything he can to help. Thanks Noble for writing to Mr. Sinclair, University of Hawaii, RE: Thanks Sinclair for his April 5th letter and says that he is glad to know that the delay in his writing to LP was due to clerical error.

Says that he will do his best to prevent the University from being embarrassed during his visit to Honolulu. Says that he will visit Honolulu also to speak before other scientific groups. Asks if he may offer any information that Sinclair can use at his next meeting of the Board of Regents.

He asks for a number of reprints from the April and May issues fo the Proceedings. He instructs how he would like the covers and where the papers should be billed and shipped to. Thanks him for informing him that the letters had gone out to press. He writes about different ideas and styles of punctuation and editing. Thanks him for his letter and says that he has already met with Harrison Brown, but has heard nothing about Leo Szilard yet.

States that he hopes that LP will be able to visit as he mentioned in his letter.

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Says that the two authors of the papers on hydroxyproline should discuss the possibility of joint publication while in Stockholm. Returns the material that DuBridge sent him sometime ago. Says that the February 2nd letter signed by Cloyd H. Marvin describes the American Chemical Society as a commercially sponsored organization and LP thinks that the Society would object to this description. Discusses the questions connected with the activity of the Committee on Professional Training of the American Chemical Society.

California Institute of Technology: University of Hawaii incident, Scrapbooks, , Box 6.

Activity Listings Airline ticket, issued: States that he is extremely sorry that LP cannot accept the appointment at Harvard.

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{REPLACEMENT-(Зайцев.нет)-(web-climat.ru)}Writes that he has been offered a job in the Chemistry Department at USC, and asks LP for his confidential opinion of the department there, and whether he thinks he should move to the States. Riley March 13, ].

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