Handsome Jack (Borderlands 2) 7" Figure McFarlane Toys

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McFarlane Toys Borderlands Handsome Jack Figure

Well it's a video game series. All of that is set over a zany outlandish tone with a good amount of humor and cultural references which keep things weird.

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The first one honestly wasn't that great but still good, it had its charm but the world was kinda dull and got boring pretty fast. The second one though was pretty awesome, the world was much livelier and far more colorful especially with regards to the cast of supporting characters.

The bad guy especially in Borderlands 2, Handsome Jack, put it on a much higher level than the first with his bits of humor and flare all while being a despicable villain that you really wanted to kill. There was a third game which acted as filler for the events between 1 and 2 that was pretty much just more of the same stuff from 2 and then there's also a story-driven player choice oriented game from Telltale the people who make the great Walking Dead games, etc.

NECA was actually making Borderlands 2 figures when the game was new but the first two figures they made were drastically different in demand levels, the one was the franchise's sorta-mascot robot character Claptrap and the other was a psycho the basic grunt level enemies of the world.

The psycho didn't sell very well while Claptrap sold out and so retailers then on only wanted NECA to make Claptrap variants. So flash-forward to now and we get another go at the franchise but this time from McFarlane so while they won't probably be nearly as articulated as NECA's stuff at least it's an opportunity for more.

SpasticPlastic says , As far as games go, anything that I have to play with other people on is an instant no-go for me. En Sabah Nerd says Quote: Originally Posted by SpasticPlastic As far as games go, anything that I have to play with other people on is an instant no-go for me. It can be played solo but it definitely encourages and favors playing with other people.

I loved it because I could actually play it couch co-op as opposed to having to play online like most every other game. The run I'm on currently is solo. The story is 2 is really good, much better than the low-brow but great humor would make you think. The game is also challenging.

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It's not for tourists like Skyrim or other games that hold your hand. If that sounds cool, then try it. It's cheap, no matter what console you get it on. Like I said it can be done but at the same time having more players will increase the rarity drop-rate which makes the pursuit of better gear easier so in function Gearbox is promoting multiplayer, in addition of course to the initial benefit of getting to play with friends.

I'm not surprised that McFarlane isn't even indicating they'll do vault hunters, besides the overwhelming popularity of characters like Claptrap and Tina in comparison apparently when NECA had their Zero and Salvador prototypes at conventions retailers showed no interest.

It probably doesn't help matters that since there are multiple playable characters you are going to be dealing with split audiences, again this is where Tina and Jack will come out on top because no matter who someone plays as they will be forced to interact with these characters. Originally Posted by SpasticPlastic Thanks for the explanation. It's easy enough to solo apart from one or two missions not essential missions, just extras for achievements.

You should give it a shot on solo, as already been said It's cheap to pick up now and well worth the play-through If your a PC player, you can pick all up for next to nothing during Steam sales - money well spent if you ask me.

McFarlane Toys Borderlands Tiny Tina Collectible Action Figure $ McFarlane Toys Borderlands Claptrap Deluxe Box Action Figure $ After taking over the Hyperion corporation, Handsome Jack declared himself dictator of Pandora, and takes full credit for finding The Vault.

Anyway, would be nice to see some of the main characters come to this line! Joe Moore says Quote: Originally Posted by protostar8 So for the life of me I can't spot the 12 points of articulation on Tiny Tina? The image is just the initial 3D render for publicity. They don't usually show all the articulation cuts in those. Ventus says I also hope for a good Articulation on the Figures. Not just Arm up and down.

So i hope the 12 Points are distributed well on the Figures! Tiny Tina looks very cute. I also hope for a Gage or Maya Figure. I was so sad when Neca cancelled their Figures Years ago. I always wanted a Handsome Jack Figure, so i really hope he is well articulated with the 12 Points on his Body. Ventus says Can someone tell me what to expect with 12 Points of Articulation??

Looks very good so far.

Well it's a video game series.

Highly detailed sculpt of the Handsome Jack modeled from in-game...
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The Handsome Jack figure comes with Hyperion assault rifle and...
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borderlands 2 mcfarlane toy review

Highly detailed sculpt of the Handsome Jack modeled from in-game...

{REPLACEMENT-(Зайцев.нет)-(web-climat.ru)}Well, in our own odd way, Super Awesome Girlfriend and I are celebrating the holiday by sitting down and reviewing some action figures from a property we both love: These two were originally meant to be part of the overarching Color Tops line that McFarlane had running, where each figure was given a number, but it appears that whole idea was dropped in favor of just doing a bunch of dedicated lines. Borderlands already has two more series confirmed, so that seems to have worked out alright. Jack stands 7 inches tall and he has 22 points of articulation.

Sensational video:

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