Johnny J Remembered-by S-Endz (Part 1 of 2)

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Johnny J (R.I.P.) on the Wake Up Show (The Last Interview)

The table ordered a bottle of wine.

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But Johnny, who had his troubles with alcohol, drank only a little more than a glass. Johnny was in a good mood that night, and before departing, he left two glasses of wine on the table in memory of his friend Tupac Shakur. He then drove off in his Range Rover with his wife.

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On October 3, , with his release from prison only two months away, Johnny J died from injuries sustained after he fell at least 14 feet at the Twin Towers Correctional Facility. He left behind a wife, Capucine, and three children. But his death went little noticed in the public sphere—and remains, for some, a source of mystery.

His wife has said that in the moments before Johnny killed himself, he called her to tell her he was going to commit suicide. His father, John Sr. Defense Department; his mom Lidia taught at a bilingual school. Johnny was spoiled as a kid. His family bought him a drum machine, built a home studio, and even made a break-dancing floor out of tile for him to practice on.

His first car was a yellow Camaro. The song went platinum and reached No. Such achievements proved tough to match. The partnership was briefly derailed when Tupac was sent to prison in February A where they knocked out seven, sometimes eight tracks a day. Whatever Pac requested, Johnny could do. It was a perfect fit. Just as Johnny was becoming one of the most successful producers in the music industry, his personal life began falling apart. Some blame his wife, Capucine Jackson, for creating the rift.

All of his real homeboys and family, he kicked them to the curb. After a minute conversation during which she asked most of the questions, she declined an interview. At the time, Jackson was rumored to be working on a book and documentary. Capucine, who recently launched a gospel singing career under the name Coppe Cantrell, did not respond to queries following our first conversation.

On July 27, , Johnny J was arrested in Los Angeles, California for DUI, and sentenced to 3 years in prison during a.

Throughout his life, rumors had swirled because of his skin complexion: When Johnny finally learned the truth, from a male cousin, he was irate. Johnny was in his mids.

6 Oct Friends and family of producer Johnny

The Jacksons never planned on telling him. But there were even more difficult circumstances surrounding his adoption. But in June , Nickie denied it. She called back the next day. It was a brother-in-law. At other times, he just ignored them. Do I know you? He wanted to keep the integrity of that sound alive. A manager Jerry Heller. Once that situation imploded, Johnny grew withdrawn. There were certain codes he had to follow, such as not using the upstairs toilet because it was for Mexican-mafia-affiliated gang members—the notorious racial tension in Los Angeles between Mexican-Americans and African-Americans is exacerbated in prison.

He asked a supervisor for permission to make a phone call from a prisoner personnel office. This is reportedly when Johnny called Capucine and told her he was going to kill himself. She called the prison to warn someone, she says. After Johnny hung up, two custody assistants witnessed him leave the office, walk to the balcony, climb the metal rails and jump. Still, speculation ran rampant. The most popular theory was that the was murdered by Mexican gang members.

The feud even carried over into the comments section of a Johnny J post made on the hip-hop blog Cocaine Blunts. Nickie cries when she talks about him. We shared a bedroom together—me, him and my little brother. I never had anyone close to me die.

I had to be the one who called my parents and tell them that Johnny was dead.

The table ordered a bottle of wine.

11 Apr On October 3, , with his release from...
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Tupac Producer Johnny J Dead of Apparent Suicide. posted Saturday,...
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Johnny J was born on August 28, in Juarez, Chihuahua,...
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The truth about Tupac death

{REPLACEMENT-(Зайцев.нет)-(}The source confirmed reports that he died after apparently jumping to his death off an upper level at the jail. One jail spokesperson has not yet returned MTV News' phone calls, while another was trying to retrieve information on the incident.

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