How Lake Street Dive freed themselves up for their ambitious new album

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"You Go Down Smooth" - Lake Street Dive (Count Basie Theater, Red Bank New Jersey, June 29, 2018).

For their new album Free Yourself Up however, Lake Street Dive both welcomed a new member and decided to self-produce in studio.

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The result is an album closer to their live shows than ever before, while bringing a deeper collaborative spirit. You named your new album Free Yourself Up after the fact that it was your first time self-producing, what led you to do that, what did it offer you and what unexpected challenges did you face trying to do it?

Olson trumpet, guitar, vocals: We had a long list of potential producers and we were planning on hiring someone to help us make the record. We even tried out a few in the early stages of the record. Then we went down to the studio to practice and make some demo recordings for the album.

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Over the course of that demo process, we had such an amazing time that we were saying we should self-produce our record. We were all heavily involved in helping Rachel with performances and helping one another, rather than having an outside voice dictate the entire band. It just ended up meaning that we were on all the time — compared to the previous album, where I brought a book to the studio and took breaks.

Akie kicked off his touring schedule playing keyboards and providing backing vocals for veteran indie multi-genre band Lake Street Dive's national concert.

You increased collaboration on the writing side more than before, what prompted this change and how did it affect how the music turned out? The musical side is way easier for me than lyrics, so I always have this musical fallback that I hate, and we all have our strengths and weaknesses. Having a political side to the songs is also a reflection of that.

Akie Bermiss has become an essential part of the band recently, how did he come to join and what difference does he offer to the band? Akie is a friend from New York, and when he came out with us it was like meeting your truelove. It was so complimentary that it took pressure off of us and the rapport was so good we brought him on more tours and eventually in the studio for the new record.

He was contributing ideas and played parts that were indispensable to the songs. The only change has been the emphasis we put onto our studio records. Back in the day we just wanted to capture what we did live as best we could, and our first few attempts fell flat on that. It was disappointing to us to not have records that reflected our live shows, but now we embrace the studio as a completely different side of music making.

We embraced the differences on this new record more than ever before, without sacrificing what makes the live shows so good. A live show is two hours but a record is a legacy, so we want to make something that people will appreciate for years to come.

Advertisement Bridget Kearney, who plays bass, took their cosmic ambitions one step further. There was some disagreement among the band members regarding which song would be the first they'd play for extraterrestrial beings — "Piano Man" and Beethoven's Fifth Symphony were tossed out as ideas — before singer Rachael Price's suggestion seemed to hit on a consensus:

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Keyboard dude for lake street dive

{REPLACEMENT-(Зайцев.нет)-(}ABOUT Akie Bermiss with his affable disposition, glasses, and healthy do of cascading dreads that drape down to his shoulders, is unabashedly a self-professed nerd to the nth degree. Since early childhood Akie has been an obsessed science fiction aficionado. Akie is a Brooklyn native raised in a musical household full of jazz and politics fueled by his former- activist mom and dad. He began singing in church, moved it to school for a while, enroute becoming somewhat of a musical chameleon.

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