Light distribution

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Learn how to use headlights - high beam, low beam lights & dipper

On rural and mountain roads. On narrow two-lane highways. When road signs indicate a daytime headlight zone. Just after sunrise and just before sunset. During these periods, it may be more difficult to see other vehicles. Turning on your head lights will also turn on your tail lights, reducing your chances of a rear-end collision.

You pull out on to the street into a thick white-grey fog and reach for the headlight switch. High beam? Low beam? Sometimes, when you're driving in unusual.

At this point, you'll need to determine which lights are most appropriate for your specific environment: High Beams In some instances, using the high beam setting on your headlights will make it easier to see the road. If there are few or no streetlights on the road, high beams will help you see farther down your path, preventing you from hitting any animals or pedestrians crossing in front of you.

Always use your high beams according to your state headlights laws, such as: On rural or mountain roads. Be sure to switch off your high beams when you see an approaching vehicle. High beams make it difficult for other drivers to see the road.

On open highways when no other vehicles are present. Low Beams You'll want to use the low-beam setting on your car headlights when: Poor weather limits visibility during the day.

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Driving in the fog or rain. Using high beams is more dangerous because of light reflection. City driving at night when short-range light is sufficient. Another vehicle is approaching in the opposite direction. Each state may require you to switch from high beams to low beams when you are within a specific distance from an approaching vehicle.

8 Jan Weather, location and time of day all affect your vehicle's visibility. Learn when to make the switch between high beams and low beam.

Check your local headlight laws for more information. Road signs indicate a daytime headlight zone. Following another vehicle at night. Tips for Using Your Headlights Here are a few additional car headlight tips to help you stay safe and avoid a collision when driving at night or in adverse weather conditions: If an approaching vehicle is using high beams, keep your eyes to the right edge of your lane.

Reaction time will be slower at night even when you use your high or low beams.

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If you notice your car headlights point in different directions, you may need to have them serviced. Clean the glass covering your headlights often. They can quickly become dirty or cloudy in the winter or rainy weather. Braking early over an increased distance will give the vehicles following you more time to react.

Use your turn signals earlier when driving at night.

The essential purpose of the low beam is to provide safe lighting of the roadway at close range in front of the vehicle without dazzling other road users.

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Dual Beam LED vs. Halogen in Reflector Headlights

Light distribution. Here you will find useful information and handy...

{REPLACEMENT-(Зайцев.нет)-(}On rural and mountain roads. On narrow two-lane highways.

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