Inside Rita Moreno's Colorful, Contemporary Bay Area Home: 'I Love This House'

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Rita Moreno and Fernanda Luisa Gordon on red carpet at the Industry Dance Awards and Cancer Benefit

Share this article Share Their intimacy did not lead to mutual respect, however, as she writes that Brando cheated on her frequently in order to try to meet his 'insatiable' sexual appetite. In order to stand her ground, she would date other famous men in order to make him jealous, including future Oscar-winner Dennis Hopper.

She tells a story about how a man that she didn't know made aggressive eyes at her while his 'regal' wife sat beside him, only to later learn it was then-Senator John F.

The lowest points of their relationship came when Brando 'forced' her to abort their child and she tried to kill herself The paramour that drove Brando the most insane, however, was when she went on a number of dates with pop star Elvis. Little did he know that Elvis and his famous pelvic thrusts did not match up to the sexual chemistry that she had with Brando. I could feel him thrust against my clothed body, and expecting the next move No matter the emotional toll, she kept coming back to Brando.

Moreno was driven crazy when Brando left openly took other lovers while he was with her, so she did the same by going out on dates with stars like Elvis Presley right Two of the lowest points in their torrid affair came when he pressured- and paid for- her to have an abortion when she became pregnant with their child.

Shortly after that, he flew away to film Mutiny on the Bounty and she was left heart broken when he fell in love with his new co-star. This sexy still of Moreno and Brando during their film The Night of the Following Day was found hanging above Brando's desk when he died After he returned and he picked her back up, she was left alone in his house at one point and she took the chance to attempt an overdose on pills. A therapist told the lovers to keep away from each other for their own health and finally, they relented.

Moreno went on to have a successful and made records for being the first Hispanic actress to have won an Oscar, Tony, Grammy and Emmy.

6 Apr Rita Moreno and Marlon Brando in The Night of the Following Day, . with her husband of 45 years, Leonard Gordon, who died in

She is still working today at the age of years-old, most recently appearing in the television series Happily Divorced. Her romantic was also far more successful after she finished her affair with Brando, as she was set up with- and ended up marrying- a doctor named Lenny Gordon. Good Housekeeping, although I love to cook, bake, even iron, but only because it's not mandatory.

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Moreno won an Academy Award in left and at the current age of years-old, she still has an active acting career pictured at right in Looking back on the suicide attempt, the prospect of ending her life as there was so much left to come- including her daughter Fernanda- leaves her filled with regret.

But not for long.

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I can't dwell on past mistakes,' she told the magazine. Marlon Brando left me a suicidal mess: Claims of actress Rita Moreno who carried out 8-year affair with the actor as her career took off after starring role in West Side Story.

One notable guest appearance was a three-episode arc on The Rockford Files in as former call girl Rita Kapcovic. She was a regular on the three season network run of 9 to 5 , a sitcom based on the film hit , during the early s.

Leonard Gordon (m. ; d. ). Children, 1. Rita Moreno...
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5 Mar Rita Moreno, at 81, says she might return...
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6 Apr If you were to visit Rita Moreno's multilevel...
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Chita Rivera, Rita Moreno, and Bette Midler do AMERICA

8 May See how the
6 Apr The legendary actress reveals romantic tributes to the...

{REPLACEMENT-(Зайцев.нет)-(}Rita Moreno Legendary star Rita Moreno talks about her journey to fame. On September 2, she stars at Berkeley Repertory Theatre in what could be her most significant show ever: When she sat down for an interview with Diablo about Life Without Makeup at her spectacular home in the Berkeley hills, Moreno had just returned from a Hollywood gala at the American Film Institute, where she honored her former Electric Company costar Morgan Freeman. The next day, she would fly to New York to promote her new sitcom, Happily Divorced, which she has been filming in Los Angeles over the summer.

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