Architects, Stray From The Path, Etc. Cover Slipknot & Deftones For ‘Rock Sound’ Compilation

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Deftones mix new album – Stray from the Path, Eavesdropper - Team Sleep update – Good Tiger

You're currently on tour with Otep and it's pretty obvious that this tour line up is different from what you guys are used to, including the demographic that you play for. What was the motivation for taking on this tour and how are the Otep fans receiving you? We never thought about hitting this kind of audience until Otep was interested in us coming out with them so that was what kind of sparked it.

We started looking into it and from the beginning we always wanted to play to every crowd as much as we could and this is something we've never done before so it's very cool that they wanted us on the tour.

The shows so far are good; it's only like four or five days in. Last night was 21 and older, no matter who you play with its gonna suck. But usually it's been good we've been selling a lot more CDs than usual which is cool because a lot of kids will just download it and buy shirts and stuff which is good, but you know, these people all come here for the music so they buy a lot of records.

Which is good because selling CDs isn't what it used to be. Have you sold more CDs on this tour than on a typical metalcore tour? The first night we sold like 40 CDs which is, for any band, that's a lot of CDs. What's cool about these people, you know, they want to come have a good time. They're not looking for anything special, they just want to have a good time and be entertained and hear heavy music. So you know, we go on stage, we give them our all, and they've been into us so we've been selling a lot of CDs which is good too cause they want to hear the music.

I guess this one's for Tom. Your songs are written for two guitar parts but you've been playing as a four piece since the beginning of this year. How do you play both parts live? Our old guitar player Justin left the band for whatever reason. We were always skeptical about being a four-piece, especially myself. Then I noticed all of my favorite bands like Deftones, Rage Against the Machine, Converge all those bands have one guitar player and do it.

Even my current favorite bands Tony Danza and Veil of Maya, they all did it too. I figured we can do it too so I looked into it. I have a switch that I can do two amps on both sides and I can go on and off and switch back between both of them like to guitar players would, trading parts off.

I have a harmonizing pedal so all the harmonies are there. I have a loop pedal which I can record parts and play parts over, which Veil of Maya help me out a lot through because they're really good with the four piece stuff. We weren't sure if we were sticking with it but it's been working out really good since we started doing it so we're going to keep doing it.

So it's safe to say that you're not looking for a new member? No, no not at all. You all had a part in writing lyrics for Make Your Own History. How did that idea come into play and how did effect the overall outcome of the record? The way the record started was we were writing most of it in the studio, at least half of it was written in the studio, so we really couldn't write the lyrics till the songs were done. We had a long trek to California so we pretty much used the time on our way out to California, to record the vocals, to write lyrics.

We kind of all had a hand in it. I had maybe four or five songs written and done by myself and then we kind of took a new approach on writing lyrics with new members so we were all just like, "Yo, lets just all write lyrics together.

Is this going to continue? Are you all going to contribute lyrically? It depends on how we start writing the next record. I already started writing lyrics for it. I have almost two songs done. Whether or not they're going to work out and work out for the songs I don't know. We all wrote stuff for the record that didn't even get used. I wrote stuff that didn't get used. It'll probably work out like that too. Even the music was everyone too, like it wasn't just me writing guitar riffs. To top that record Make Your Own History, which to me I felt came out great, to top it I think the same formula which is like all the experience we have playing these songs, to make it the same exact way would be the best.

Who knows, we won't tackle that till we get there. Who knows what we'll have ready. As a hardcore band what made you want to work with Misha and on the contrary what made him want to work with you? Bulb is what made us want to work with him.

When it came time to find someone to record it we were like "Yo, why don't we hit up this dude and see if he wants to record our record. Actually we hit him up and he heard Villains and didn't like it.

He wasn't really that into it at first and then we were just like "Yo, let us come and do a song to see if we like it too," cause we weren't sure.

We actually went and recorded a demo for the song Manipulator and us and him were so excited right away and we were just like "Absolutely do this, no problem. It's funny cause to this day he still doesn't like Villains laughs. What was your experience working with a "djent" and progressive metal producer? It was cool to actually have a producer on this one cause the last one, we recorded with Kurt Ballou but he didn't really give us any insight with the music or anything.

1 May Stream Stray From The Path - Back To School (Deftones cover) by hxclife from desktop or your mobile device.

It was cool because there was so much stuff we think sounds awesome to ourselves but we had a guy on the outside who is not used to this kind of music but liked our sound and so he gave us his ideas too, which worked.

He gave us a lot of ideas. We used some of them but still it was just good to have a different mind. We could've brought someone in that was just like us, listened to the same shit and it would be different. What's cool is that our playing style, no matter where we record it, we could record it where Celine Dion records her records that are insanely produced, and it would still sound raw just cause that's how we play.

Recording with him even though his is very djenty or metal or whatever you call it, progressive metal, still sounds like Stray, at least it does to me. With just the rawness of the way we play our songs and it comes out very powerful. The transition from Villains to Make Your Own History shows a lot of structural maturity and a stronger sense of musicianship.

I read somewhere that you guys are shooting for a late summer early fall release next year for your next record, right? Have you started writing or put any thought into the next CD? We're going to be taking some time off to start writing. We have pretty much all August off besides a couple festival shows. I've already started writing now and sharing my ideas with the band but we're not going to fully hit it until August.

We gotta get started soon. Like I said before I started writing lyrics for things that I think might be cool. If I have an idea I'll write it down, that's actually how I write the songs, I'll have an idea and then I'll branch off of that so I have some cool things going through. Tom has this thing we can record on our computer now so while we're out on tour we can still be writing. So yes we have started writing.

Can you tell in the early stages how different it's going to be from Make Your Own History? You were recently in the studio recording some cover songs and there were hints of a split release. What songs did you cover and how or when will they be released? That's a good question because we've been waiting awhile for them but uh… Drew: I think this split release thing was an idea more than… Tom: We toured with Stick To Your Guns and we both brought it up, we told them "We're going to do a cover CD," and they were like "That's awesome maybe we should do one too," I was like, "We should do a split" and it was "Cool.

So it's like impossible to get it together but I hope it will someday. But we just recorded two with a friend of ours we did "Bulls on Parade" by Rage Against the Machine and we did "Burnout" by Greenday and they should surface soon if we ever get them. How did you come up with the idea of Alternative Hardcore and why do you think this genre or label is necessary for your band?

I think we came up with that because hardcore, especially now a days, it's kind of a very loose term. A lot of people have a different idea of what hardcore really means.

People think that a band like Have Heart is the only hardcore band but a band like Stray From The Path, we all have those hardcore ideals we all grew up on Long Island where that was extremely prevalent in the way we grew up but we don't necessarily play that old school, more like super dirty style.

But we don't want people to think that we're not like that. That's the way we all are, we all grew up that way, we play a little bit of a different style of what most people would consider a hardcore band so we just coined the phrase alternative hardcore. We think it fits pretty well. What is your response when people call you a metalcore band? The genre is just so dumb. Do you like the fuckin music we play or what?

If it's metalcore they want to call it nu-metal, they want to call it hardcore, alternative hardcore, I don't give a fuck. You know what's crazy too is how the genres have changed over the years. I remember when I was in high school my friends would listen to post-hardcore stuff and now people consider… what do people consider post-hardcore? I don't even know.

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I never even knew what that meant. I got Opposite of December from Poison the Well, I was like "This is sick hardcore shit," my friend used to be like "That's not hardcore you don't know what you're talking about! The genre thing is just retarded. Like who's post-hardcore, who's metalcore, who's metal, who's black metal.

You're currently on tour with Otep and it's pretty obvious that this tour line up is different from what you guys are used to, including the demographic that you play for.

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