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Alien Ant Farm - Whisper


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It's my arms that wrap you up nice It's my arms, it's my arms, baby Small rooms with record exec types Whisper away my future lately I'll introduce you I'll write your songs and make them way damn shorter Chorus: This industry has made me cold you'll find I trusted you to make me shine bright This is almost getting old Shock me with fear it's taking longer Blood, sweat, and years will make me way damn stronger It's my words that fail to give insight I blame you, blame me, baby Chorus It suits me just fine This is the package I'm sending These are the clothes that I'm wearing These are the words that I'm saying These are the notes they're playing I'll introduce you to producers I'll write your songs and make them way damn shorter Chorus And it suits me just fine Share this song with someone!

It's my arms that wrap you up nice. It's my...
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Lyrics to 'Whisper' by Alien Ant Farm. It's my arms...
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Whisper. Alien Ant Farm. It's my arms that wrap you...
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Mix - Alien Ant Farm - Whisper Lyrics

Read or print original Whisper lyrics updated! It抯 my arms...
It's my arms that wrap you up nice. It's my...



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