We Will Rise

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We Will Rise - ARCHENEMY - Lyrics - 2003

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We had a heavy touring schedule for the first time in our career, so it was a shock when management told us that we needed to start thinking about making a new album.

3 Apr Michael Amott explains the birth of Arch Enemy's...
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Lyrics to We Will Rise by Arch Enemy from the...
We Will Rise Lyrics: Tear down the walls / Wake up the world / Ignorance is not bliss / So fed up with second best / Our time is here and now / I am the enemy / I. Read more...

Lyrics to We Will Rise by Arch Enemy from the...
Arctic Monkeys' daring sixth album is a left-turn if ever there was one, but the way Alex Turner swaps witty sleaze for absurdist suave makes it a totally bemusing. Read more...


We Will Rise lyrics by Arch Enemy - lyrics explanations...
We Will Rise / Tear down the walls / Wake...

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