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Bishop Briggs "The Way I Do" Official Lyrics & Meaning

A photo posted by Bishop Briggs thatgirlbishop on May 17, at 7: The clomping track, a mix of trap-indebted drums and vocals burning with the fire of Dusty Springfield, has the numbers on its side, nearing seven million plays on Spotify and more than a million plays on Soundcloud. Born in London, she moved to Tokyo with her family when she was four and then, six years later, Hong Kong, where she remained for eight. When it came time for college, she chased her dream to Los Angeles to attend the Musicians Institute, gigging around town, and building her acumen as a live performer.

Briggs talks about growing up in Japan and her name change in her first ever interview below. I went to a psychic on a random Tuesday evening with one of my close friends, and she happens to also be a musician, and we go to the psychic and the psychic turns around to my friend and says, "I'm getting the energy that you want to quit the music industry and pursue other options. You'll never know this love.

You'll never feel the way I do. That's where the whole song began and it's just about the ache that comes with all of this, and the whole point is sticking it out. Of course there are moments when you have doubt. Every time I sing this song, sometimes we start the set with this song, it always reminds me of how thankful I am that I keep going.

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Tell me about your musical upbringing. When did you first become aware that music was going to be a part of your life? Living in Japan, there was always a karaoke bar party that was going on. Whenever anyone turned six or seven, you'd be doing karaoke.

I saw my dad singing Frank Sinatra, and I just saw this light in his eyes and this joy he exuded and I wanted a piece of that. I think having those influences just made me so inspired.

Along with that, I had this gospel choir teacher in the middle of Japan who taught me so much about soul. That was always something I had a passion for. I was always writing very emo lyrics, emo poetry, and whether I had rebellion in me or not, or tragedy in me or not, it always came out on the paper. I've always been playing piano.

25 May Bishop Briggs Way I Do premiere and interview. “It's because our whole goal is to make people really listen to the music and the lyrics and.

That's still something that I really want to incorporate into the set, and it's something I've always used as a tool for songwriting. What made you want to move to Los Angeles? I think for me, Los Angeles meant opportunity and to pursue all those dreams. For me, it was a no-brainer and it was something I really wanted to hit the ground running, and made me want to perform every single day and build up my craft.

The coolest part about being in L. I would play to audiences with three people, sometimes five or six. But it's what gives you experience and really makes you appreciate everyone. The things you sing about seem to be romantically inspired. Is that what you turn to look to for inspiration? For me, the most tragic and tumultuous love affair I've ever had has been with music. So if people interpret the music as romantic with a partner or with a significant other, I really appreciate and respect that.

But for me, it really has been a lifelong tragic love affair with music. Your music pulls from a lot of influences, very heavy drums and then a soulful vocal approach. When you go into writing these songs, how do you go about creating them?

It changes every single time, which is what I like about this writing process. No matter what, it always starts from scratch. But I think it's whatever inspires us at that time.

One of the songs that we wrote a couple of weeks ago started in the far background is a Baptist choir congregation just getting set up and ready, and you hear the echo of them talking and getting excited and preparing for the service.

It became the intro to one of our newest songs that has tons of gospel influences. It changes every time. May 21, at 7: What was the reason for that? I'm kind of learning it's a little bit of a rite of passage to change your name, but this is really how the name originally was on paper. It originally was Bishop Briggs but we thought it would be simpler to just say Bishop, and yeah, that's basically how it came about.

We just kind of ran with it and took the name how it was. So it didn't have anything to do with another band named Bishop threatening to sue you or something? I think it was the best option to take the name as it was, and hopefully in the long run, wishing all the best to the other band that has that name.

With your third song out, what's the plan on releasing music in the future? All I can say is we have a lot of songs that are recorded and finished that I'm really excited to share, and I really hope that when the time is right, we can put out a really cool body of work. For the time being, all the songs that are unreleased are heard at the shows.

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It's kind of exciting building up this little core group of people who have heard the music that's unreleased. Does it feel like all of this is happening really quickly? I don't think I'm at the point yet where I feel like I've reached "it," and that's something I'll always keep on striving to reach, to just work my hardest. My whole thing has always just been tunnel vision. All I can say is that I'm just so thankful and hope to keep writing music and being able to share it with others.

A photo posted by Bishop Briggs thatgirlbishop on May 17, at 7: The clomping track, a mix of trap-indebted drums and vocals burning with the fire of Dusty Springfield, has the numbers on its side, nearing seven million plays on Spotify and more than a million plays on Soundcloud.

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U.K.-born, Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Bishop Briggs first broke out with...
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Lyrics to 'The Way I Do' by Bishop Briggs. Lay...
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Bishop Briggs - River

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